Defkalion web site : account suspended... what is happening?

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    Today "LENR G" on LENR for the win, noticed that defkalion website, marked as under planned maintenance for long, announcing great results for this summer and no more communication, was currently showing "account suspended"

    This is maybe meaning less, but more probably maybe a sign of a terrible or good news.

    The beginning of defkalion have been very controversial.
    Initially in 2011 they were supposed to partners with Rossi to develop E-cat for Greece.
    in Summer 2011 Defkalion broke the partnership, accusing Rossi of proposing a prototype not working long enough.
    Rossi and his friend Stremmenos who presented Defkalion to Rossi, accused Defkalion of treatorship, megalomania...
    Then Defkalion made a dynamic communication, participating ICCF17 and 18, showing general papers on their technology, based on plasma and nickel foam...
    In 2012 they claimed they will publish test soon, but no clear test came until late 2012 though an unvolunteer leak of a test by Michael Nelson, working as independent consultant, but working for Nasa the rest of his time. I contacted him, and he confirm no less, but no more of his test, which was positive but needed more checking and confirmation.
    In summer 2013 for ICCF18, Defkalion organised a demonstration in the lab of Defkalion Europe, a partner (Mose SRL) with Luca Gamberale as CTO. Mats Lewan and Luca were present. the Demo run nicely, but was not at all an independent test.
    Few days after Luca Gamberale denounced some "Discrepancies", and since then many precises buzz describe a serious problem with the water flow measurement, fooled by the back pressure of the violent steam reaction. Luca did not confirm publicly that scenario, but defkalion never answered publicly about his questions, and since 2014 Luca is claiming on his Linked-In account that he is "independent".

    Meanwhile the director of international development "Symeon Tsalikoglou" left also.
    Seeing an insider, a partner, leave a startup is a bad signal, but it may also be the consequence of classic personal choice or business disagreement.
    I asked to different people about those concerning events, and I got very varied opinion.
    On vortex, few people like Jed Rothwell who approached them, clearly talk of bad feeling, bad behaviors. More than bad, for me they seems incoherent and irrational for good businessman or fraudster...
    I got reports from people who approached Defkalion recently, and they give possible explanation for all strange events, including personal choices, financial disagreement, industrial spying, and a current process of reactor commissioning with result this summer...
    For others I have serious accusations, and for some simply internal human problems ...

    This anecdotical web agency account closure, may , I hope, be the symptom of a structural change.
    There may be very bad news, following the bad feeling of some of my contacts, like a company shutdown.
    There may be good news, lire a revival of the company with good results, changing of web agency, launching a public relation ...
    It can also be simply a forgotten deadline, with a company working on others subjects.

    Until 2013, Defkalion team had a better image of professionalism, compared to the tumultuous Rossi, but they failed to deliver.
    the Test of Nelson transiently give recognition of their achievement, but facing the Levi&al test, Nelson test is insufficient, and ICCF18 demo is a pony show. The trouble with Luca (and Symeon, and Jed) finished to cast doubt on their image...
    Is it real ? It is hard to imagine that they are a simple con-artist, as they did not have the optimal behavior for that show-business. However failing to deliver and hiding it happens often for startup. Add to that internal human problems, financial problems, and you have many reason to fear a catastrophic end... In that scenario, it is also possible that after effort, serendipity , and luck, they succeed in delivering.

    Currently the emergency is to wait an see... Keep your lottery ticket, in case.

    I wish them to deliver as we expect, and also to explain us their problems later.
    Anyway even if the end is sad, it may not be the end, as competence, talent and technology may be recycled. That is life.

  • According to Murphy's Laws such troubles happen in the weekend. Probably an
    accountant has simply forgotten to pay a bill.
    DGT has honsestly presented its 2014 timeline; discussions with kibitzes have no high
    priority. Those colleagues having experience in D of R&D can easily imagine that the
    high energy density of the core of Hyperion R6 generates difficult problems.
    We have to import a few tons of empathy to our field.

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    I hope that what you hear is confirmed soon, or at least on-time.
    May problem is that I have very bad, very complicated and very good reports.
    None can be ruled out, neither the best, nor the worst.

    My hope is that answering to E-cat test to come soon, Defkalion get out of it's silent and start to communicate as seriously as Rossi, with third-party testing reports.

    Hearing more negative Cassandra, I expect else the end of the questions.

    That last hypothesis is not so comfortable, is that things continue without any news.

  • Peter, Alain....

    I have a question about timing. Defkalion indicated that they expected to be ready to commercialize in 3Q14, which gives them to the end of September to make some sort of announcement. But they also talked about independent testing by multiple groups.

    (According to your sources) Will we hear anything about those tests before 3Q? Are any tests already underway?

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    I have nothing more than what you say, and optimism, talking of "reactor commissioning".

    All moves that looks strange are explained by financial disagreement, personal choices, and desire to protect from industrial spies, without evidences.

    I have also some more negative position, without more evidence either.

    Basically i have nothing except fear and hope. Only rational position is to suspend our judgement until that summer/Q3.

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    It is clear that before a listing in a stock exchange there is a need of good undeniable testing report by third party.
    Given the most optimistic position by Defkalion itself, it cannot happen before that summer, after their "reactor commissioning".

    Xanthoulis have a long record of being overoptimistic and making unrealized announce to journalists.

    My only optimism today is that I was feeling the same about Rossi in 2011. Now he have a correct testing report, credible support by a national energy agency, solid funding by a mainstream energy fund.

    • One key to understand the situation is first that defkalion is a humans structure, made of various people : the prominent actors here are the CEO and the CTO, with very different characters. Many incoherence can be understood by admitting that a company is not a single being, a single voice, but a complex human structure.
    • Second, startup companies mostly crash, while only few makes a revolution. Often big innovation grow over the ruins of a dead startup.
    • Third point is that innovation takes much longer that even the inventors and investor, imagine. It is classical that innovators imagine it will take 6 month,while it takes usually 5 years. Rossi, if you add 1-2 years of more engineering, and sales, will reach that 5 years delay: 2015. Using the same rule, Defkalion could be ready no before mid 2016. Of course my gut feeling, is that it will take 6 month, which is the consensus of innovators, and always proved wrong. :/
  • In the bigger picture, when is anybody going to deliver? I haven't been on this forum in quite awhile, but I've been following lenr as closely as resources permit when Rossi first made his big splash. Was that about 5 years ago? And I've been watching cold fusion in general since 1989. I've been a believer, but now I don't know what to believe. Given the unimaginably huge impact this technology can make on betterment both for man and our environment, we should have been well on the road to commercialization of the technology quite awhile ago. To me, a possible scenario is that the Power bloodsuckers (the fossil fuel crowd, et al) have quietly managed to stifle it until they can either outright squash it or find a way to take control. If that's not it, then we're dealing with some kind of circus full of intrigue and mystery.

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    If Defkalion have definitively closed that is not a terrible news as it closes the uncertainty.
    There is good candidate to develop LENR.
    Rossi's test success is predicted from the delay.
    Brillouin is uncertain, but at least they are serious.

    As Dr Bob have leaked recently, I work on an interview about LENR-Cities.
    The huge impact of LENR on the organization of many corps, on their market, on their strategy, even if very good, is terribly frightening for corps executives.

    Imagine that I say to a restaurant owner:
    - there is a new commercial center with cinema multiplex with new shops that may grow bigger than your restaurant
    - your restaurant will collapse the day anyone in your neighborhood even say he will move to the new commercial center.

    what do you do ? stay in yours comfortable street, or prepare the move...
    rebuild your life from scratch ?
    build a new multiplex with friends ?

    this is not suppression, it is fear.
    LENR-Cities is just a way to have friend you can trust, because it is your interest, and their, you all grow.