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  • Yes, that's Russ George - he will be with us (hopefully) till late summer. He's a huge help to us, and since Martin and I can provide him with the technical support that he has not had for a long time, it seems we are a help to him as well.

    Russ (as you know) is a highly skilled and careful experimenter - already the LENR fairy has shown herself a little under his guidance in a 'non ;LION' test, and if she moves in on a regular basis, I'll tell all about it.

  • Here's that fairy doing a few twirls. This is the data on 'Androcles 2' that has reached me via email a few hours ago in W. Texas so far- the radiation data. I don't yet have the temperature overlay, but this (I am sure) shows the repeatable spikes in the count when the heater is totally powered down and the cooling test sample hits the 350-300C zone. Right now that's all I know.


  • The web shop is no longer open for new customers, Now the lab is running I just don't have time to service it properly it any more- and my colleague moved away, so all down to me. Existing customers are still welcome to contact me for help or supplies via the LFH Gmail postbox. Not true to say it didn't work, perhaps more accurate to say it worked too well.

  • Hi Alan; I wondered if the H-cat work was worth pursuing any further, or do you think the heat production was all chemical HHO recombination, no LENR involved? I was thinking of setting up several catalytic converters in series possibly with extra Ni added to the system and pumping through Hydrogen and Oxygen initially to heat the system up, then switching to pure Hydrogen alone. If the high temperature persists then this would suggest some degree of LENR. The whole system including the HHO generator will be housed within my wood/pellet burning stove, the H-cats residing inside the flue pipe to safely generate the heat, with waste gases going up the chimney. Rather like Brillouin's Hydrogen Hot Tube (but without the electrical pulses!)

  • Hi Alan; I wondered if the H-cat work was worth pursuing any further, or do you think the heat production was all chemical HHO recombination, no LENR involved? I

    I'm certain that it was all chemical energy. Good calorimetry was very difficult, but we managed it in the end, and found no difference between burning the HHO as a flame, or simply recombining it via a car catalyzer. I got a lot of abuse from one of the main promoters of the idea for saying so, too, who accused me of wanting to steal his ideas.

    Have fun with HHO by all means, but I should perhaps mention that a 2:1 mix of oxygen and hydrogen is more explosive than Jane Russel's brassiere and more dangerous (for that reason) than a month old pie made from dingo testicles. It is in fact damn dangerous stuff, even enough to fill a beer glass in free air will go off with a bang like a pistol shot. Pure hydrogen is a pussycat by comparison.

  • Thanks for your quick reply: well I'll probably just carry on burning good ol' fashioned wood. You are right to stick to your principles in the face of any unfortunate abuse, thanks for your advice. I worked as a physicist/physiologist in vision at UCL for many years, now a retired scientist. I have been following the LENR story and would be interested in aiding the research effort (too far from your lab in Essex unfortunately, now living in Cornwall) But maybe I'll start up something here, any analyses or writing up research data etc I could help with from here?

  • Why not email me via the forum (initially). If you click on my name here it will take you to the page where you can organise that. Otherwise click on 'Conversations' in the main menu and we can begin a private dialogue. I am travelling to the LENR conference in Greccio, Italy starting sparrowfart tomorrow, so my reply may be slow.