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  • Alan - why do you guys keep falling for the deception of Planet Rossi? The UK Citywire article was from May 2016 and was featured then by Rossi on JNOP by one of his socks. The guy is a master and keeps getting away with it in part because of the inattention to detail by the remnant of those whom he has deceived.

    Eric - $250M is a total Planet Rossi fabrication. The actual raise is still 8 figures and sadly, a meaningful percentage of those funds that were intended for CF research now flows into the coffers of the law profession.

  • So weak Alan.

    Ahi - I see that the Planet Rossi escape / excuse PR plan has been put into motion. Needed that a little ahead of schedule I see.

    You'll now only be able to fool your remnant with that one. Looking forward to the entertainment and please don't be so predictable.

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    Looking forward to the entertainment and please don't be so predictable.

    I'm only predictable because I have said the same thing many times. You are so near the edge now you can no longer even see where the middle is.

    And btw, as for your complaint about my link to a year-old Citywire article about Woodford, I was not aware there was a statute of limitations. It doesn't seem to apply to Rossi's past.

  • Speaking of amounts obtained by IH, from the article:

    We really need someone OCD to clear up the question of how much IH raised from various parties. My guess: not anything even close to the $250 million claimed by ele, except possibly in assurances.

    I think the confusion has to do with the Chinese investment. There I have seen the $200 million figure thrown around (no I don't remember where but I'm pretty sure it's correct). However, that money was not a (direct) investment in IH per se, but rather a commitment from the Chinese government to fund an R&D program with some (unknown) degree of collaboration with IH. I don't know how much of that was predicated on IH's rights to Rossi's IP in China. I also don't know if they followed through with that in light of the lawsuit and IH's newfound position regarding Rossi's IP.

    I assume this joint venture is related to the Nickel-Hydrogen research center that Tom Darden was involved in:…-center-in-tianjin-china/

    However, I also assume that the $200 million investment figure is icing on that cake, because the court documents show that Darden was wooing Chinese investors well into the second half of 2015 while the test was up and running (and they visited the Doral site more than once).

    But it would be wrong to say that the Chinese invested in IH. However, it would not be wrong to say that IH used the Doral site operations to raise substantial investment money -- even if that wasn't money invested directly in IH. And if it's still in operation, then that means that IH has two ongoing R&D operations related to LENR -- one with the Chinese and one with LaGatta. Damned curious to know what they are working on if Rossi's tech is bunk.

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    Alan - The entire rig was a trick by Rossi and Fulvio. We insisted that they isolate the reactors for individual measurement and that is how we caught them. The reality is that all of the cars on Planet Rossi get 3mpg while the sales sticker claims 27mpg. TD out-tricked the tricksters. In a separate previous incident that I witnessed, R was showing 450C or so for a reactor test on his control box when a temp gun showed something like 275C. I was close enough to sense the heat, had my doubts and put a temp gun on the device out of curiosity. R saw me do this, flipped a couple of switches and claimed possible runaway then emptied the room. He then told T Barker to "keep those lawyers out of here" which I, as a polite civilian and not a lawyer, was happy to oblige.


    That is interesting. That all would have taken place in the fall of 2013. After catching Rossi/FF with their hands in the cookie jar so to speak, Rossi called his old friends (the professors) for a helping hand, and the profs obliged with Lugano...which took place during March 2014. IH built the reactor for that test and shipped it to Lugano. You (IH) even improved on the earlier Hotcat from Ferrara, according to the report.

    I am curious; did you guys take steps after seeing the Rossi/FF "tricks" in NC, to make sure they could not do the same thing in Switzerland? TD informed us in his depo that Rossi/FF were there most, if not the whole 32 days, so I would think that after NC, he would have been very suspicious with those two characters being so heavily involved? Yet, in reading the depos's, all of IH appeared to be impressed by the Lugano results...or were they? I would even go so far as to say that were it not for Lugano, TD never would have signed the Term Sheet allowing Doral.

  • Err.....Alan - you're not having the best day. I guess you just plain missed the "Ahi" at the beginning of that part of my post.

    Ahi is on a mission for Planet Rossi and, if possible, you should try to separate yourself and begin the trudge back to middle ground as a LF moderator.

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    With it being known now that Fabiani (Ecat control box expert) is working with the Swedes, along with Deweys revealing today the "tricked out control box" in NC, and combining the two into Alan's rumor that the Swedes are now having some "positive results" replicating Lugano...

    Hopefully it was not FF's magic box that brought them success?

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