Blue light from LENR

  • Longview wrote:
    Darden nearly a year [or more?] ago, he indicated that Rossi had a surprisingly good grasp of theoretical aspects of his work

    Does Darden have any qualifications in the field of theoretical physics to make a judgement? Or was this just a salesman's flattering?

    It is diffcult for me to say... now. Perhaps it is more of the latter. But, billionaires seem generally to somehow evade credential or qualification issues, as we have seen in US politics for a decade or more, and even more so recently.

    But, Darden seems to have some genuine affinity for science and particularly environmental science, some quotes in italics below taken from this likely somewhat self serving source link:

    "Beginning in 1984, he served for 16 years as the Chairman of Cherokee Sanford Group, the largest privately-held brick manufacturing company in the United States and previously the Southeast's largest soil remediation company."

    "From 1977 to 1978, he worked as an environmental planner for the Korea Institute of Science and Technology in Seoul, which he was a Henry Luce Foundation Scholar."

    "Mr. Darden serves on the Board of Governors of Research Triangle Institute in Research Triangle Park, NC."

    "Mr. Darden earned an MRP in environmental planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a JD from Yale Law School and a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he was a Morehead Scholar. His 1976 undergraduate thesis analyzed the environmental impact of third world development and his 1981 Yale thesis addressed interstate acid rain air pollution."

    No "theoretical physics" evident there. But maybe someone can show us his college course work and summer experiences. Certainly his experience and comments this earlier Fortune interview give us some of his claimed motives in the LENR field:…-energy-nuclear-reaction/

  • Ovidiu Herlea
    July 8, 2016 at 3:59 PM
    Dear Dr. Rossi,

    It seems that a commercial development of the QuarkX for lighting will be closer than for electricity.
    Can you tell your followers if you made progress in selecting a phosphor, like a YAG working at high temperatures,
    to convert the mostly blue light to broadband light?

    Also, if have considered the use of a high precision 3D printer to experiment with different shapes for the QuarkX “core”?

    Best Regards,
    Ovidiu Herlea

    Andrea Rossi
    July 8, 2016 at 4:07 PM
    Ovidiou Herlea:
    Thank you for your suggestion. The blue halo has nothing to do with the illumination produced by the QuarkX. Besides: light, electricity will be produced at the same time, without particular privilege.
    Warm Regards,
    The cause of the Quark light emission and the blue light emission come from two separate and distinct mechanisms.

    This Rossi reveal implies to me that the blue light is coming from a halo of light the surrounds the Quark and is caused by some sort of charged particle emission that is energizing nitrogen atoms in the air to emit blue light.

    The sub atomic particle cannot be neutrons, so the charges particles must be electrons. High energy electron excitation are the most probable way that nitrogen can become excited enough to fluoresce in blue light. This is aurora like light.

    High energy electrons are coming off the Quark in such high numbers that the air is glowing blue. The metal cover of the core collectes these electrons. This may be where the practical electrical production of the Quark comes from.