Плазменно-электролизный LENR парогенератор с ограниченной горячей зоной, опытный образец.

  • Peter Gluck have found this site published by an experimenter in Russia.
    He describe some experiments inspired by Bazhutov and Mizuno experiments.

    Maybe someone can tell us more who his "the mouse"?

  • Machine-translation from the website.

    Plasma Electrolysis LENR steam generator with limited hot zone, a prototype.

    There are experiments T.Mizuno, VG Grishina, Zh.L.Noda on plasma electrolysis of solutions of alkali metal hydroxides (K, Na) from the arc discharge on a tungsten cathode. These authors excessive heat dissipation and power conversion rate has been fixed in their experiments did not privyshaet 1.1 - 1.6.Also known experiments Irkutsk O.V.Sevostyanova Physics engineer who managed similar to plasma-steam generator electrolysis cell using as an electrolyte lithium carbonate, and tungsten as the cathode rods doped Th, to achieve the formation of superheated steam flow with temperatures in excess of 773K and COP> 1.

    Previously, I have carried out experiments on plasma electrolysis LENR on 0.1-5M district tures LiOH, some of which was recorded SOP> 2.

    Based on all the above described, I have improved plasma-steam electrolysis Limited "hot zone" was designed and built.