Rossi vs. Darden developments [CASE CLOSED]

  • Rossi had backup systems alright and fluid temps might have been able to remain somewhat constant in the system, even during the "down" days, very possibly because of certain "other systems" on the "customer" side that have recently been discovered.

    Did someone recently visited the Plant? I thought it has been sealed. As IHFB reminded us, we all were warned that there was anything significant over the wall ("I.H. people and others have now seen the customer facility. They now know there is nothing but a radiator and fan"; "IH has 3rd party proof that the "customer" side just contained a large radiator"; "Govt agencies witnessed the "customers radiator and Rossi I his attorney will have some explaining to do in front of the judge very soon"). Can we assume that someone has recently made a stroll from the Customer's side?

  • Hi, can,

    Basically, are you suggesting that the E-Cat and some of the key people involved with it are or have been part of a PsyOp campaign?

    No, I'm not looking for a specific name to propose. For my experience, giving a specific name to an initiative like this could be misleading. Because you start mixing up the characteristics of both. I prefer a generic name such as bluff, and defining better the role and awareness of people and organizations involved.

    Anyway your link is interesting, I didn't know this kind of military operations. It reminds me the initiative in the French Africa of Voice Of America about the Cold Fusion, which talked about the Ecat 1 MW plant too (1).

    (1) La voix de l'amérique - Afrique : Les industriels s'intéressent de plus en plus aux réactions nucléaires à basse énergie

  • @Dewey

    "page filler ploy underway"

    I'm pretty sure those who are interested go from start to finish on this thread. No worries about having your jewels of insight buried by other, shall I say, disturbing behavior.

  • Dewey Weaver wrote:

    "Rossi had backup systems alright and fluid temps might have been able to remain somewhat constant in the system, even during the "down" days, very possibly because of certain "other systems" on the "customer" side that have recently been discovered."

    The correlation coefficient (Google sheets CORREL function) for ERV daily supplied energy and customer daily energy use is -0.28. On the right side of Dewey's statement for sure. By customer daily energy use, I mean the FPL daily usage (reverse engineered from the graph in Court Document 129-01 Exhibit A) minus the ERV daily supplied energy (Court Document 128-01 Exhibit 1).

  • Hilarious! The ONLY believable accountable measurement data in the docket comes from FPL. Just saw the weather for Planet Rossi - 10 day forecast looks rough. You boyz should start battening down the hatches.

  • @Dewey,

    Just know that you will be taken to task as a weather prognosticator, you may want to ensure you manage expectations. It was sunny and 70F in the Nations Capital yesterday we had a light dusting of snow tonight a low of 24F, not a good time to get a cough. 8)

  • Ok F7 for the planet-rossifarians. You will get F10, unless exception id: 5c98e470. I can not speak rossifarian well but I am quite honest and will admit when I am wrong.

    I will ask you to step up if you are surprised by anything, dealy-o?

    You can stay in the dialogue, may I ask the in and out for trial? 2 days 2 weeks? Nah better not.

    Edit: working..... working....

  • The "story" doesn't fit well....if that would be true why in heaven AR did sue IH? He would have clearly violated the terms and conditions of the 1st "deal" (IH8 paid 10Mio$ for his IP...)

    I can see an out of court settlement now where AR hands over the final formula that makes it all work and IH hands over a significant portion of the 89 million, all under an NDA.

  • Option #1 Settlement (ref. POSTUS 25mill for T. University)

    Option #2 A split on the suit, involving a dismissal then IH decides how much more to spend to recover.

    Option #3 Total victory on both cases, Dewey dances the happy jig, no surprises but in 1 year time Rossi still is walking around on appeal.

    Option #4 Suit gets split up, and still continues in the coming year.

    Option#5 Either side appeal.... and continues.... and cont....

    Option#6 The suit continues in a new form (ref. In 1982, IBM claimed that Fujitsu had illegally copied IBM’s mainframe software wins but is still in court years later)

    Rigel is not a lawyer, and understands this is fictional (hat tip to Mr.SS) And throws Option: F10, IRS driven fraud recovery suit (ref. MaryYugo)

    /\ Hey I gave it a shot, your pick sir?

  • I think there's an implicit social responsibility not to give deliberately misleading information to the public and to observers taking interest in a story. That's why in other contexts fake news is not only something to be careful about, but something that is reprehensible as well. A wily, unscrupulous inventor may choose to give out misleading information for his own reasons. But if he owes us nothing, neither do we owe him anything in pursuing the story with a little more gusto in order to get the facts straight.

    Eric, I agree with your posts more than I disagree. In a perfect world I agree with your statement 100%. But again lets be realistic. Our world, and humanity as a whole, is anything but perfect, and especially when this much money is at stake these high ideals almost always go out the window. People will scratch, bite, lie and brawl to protect what they believe is theirs by right of creation. Others will do the same out of greed. Again AR owes us nothing.

  • Rigel,

    The only single absolute truth that I'm convinced of -- for a number of reasons and from a number of sources that don't rely on "Rossi says" -- is that the E-Cat technology, as a whole, works. Virtually everything else is non-certain. Due to Rossi's secrecy and the tiny percentage of evidence (relating to the Doral incident) we have seen so far, I feel it is almost irresponsible to make proclamations or declarations of guilt or innocence for either party at this time -- even though speculation is very tempting. From time to time I dabble on this forums and share my thoughts, sometimes more than I should. Other times I read about specific issues and scream inside wishing that that we had more specific details so we wouldn't have to regurgitate the same issues repeatedly: the inner diameter of the steam pipe measured, the whole schematic of the the plant (on both sides of the wall) with the position of all components labeled, etc. I think about these issues and then it strikes me that it is pretty silly to waste time on these matters when we have a lot of knowledge about the Rossi Effect -- at least more than we did a couple years ago. Rossi alleged that he was capable of producing self sustaining reactors from the very start of his early work with Focardi in 2007. If we could get a solid, continual replication program going (continually running tests every single day Me356 style) then we should be able to obtain similar results! Then the court case would become less interesting and less relevant, because a set of guidelines (the guaranteed to work formula) could be distributed across the net for researchers everywhere to reproduce! But since so many replicators seem to be struggling right now with a lack of funds, family members with issues that require their time, health problems of their own, or are so busy trying to keep a roof over their heads I get depressed about the overall situation. Then I sometimes return to this forum and dabble in the discussions, trying not to let myself get carried away.

    Anyone, to get back on topic, I think that if push comes to shove -- unless Rossi thinks doing so would give IH leverage to (from his point of view) snatch the technology away from him -- will demonstrate the reality of his technology. This will not instantly negate many of the issues that IH has brought up. He still could have been far less than honest about many aspects of the Doral test -- to an extreme extent or a lesser extent. But if he finally yields under pressure to demonstrate his technology in a manner that removes all possible mechanisms for doubt even by the staunchest of skeptics (the pseudoskeptics will never be convinced), I think the whole case will be seen in a different light by most people.

  • I don't think so. If you think for a moment that IH never wanted to pay for the test in Doral, you can easily realize why they began asking so many questions about the ERV data just approaching the end of the test. They created a justification to be used in the lawsuit to come, since it was now clear to both parties that there would be a complaint. Maybe this is not your point of view, but I think that it was Rossi's point of view. So why answering the questions if you think that those questions are just a way to create an alibi for not having to pay

    Not answering the question is what created the alibi for not having to pay.

    If Rossi had good and valid answers to the questions I think he made a big mistake not answering.

    Edited once, last by DNI ().

  • I will say that if they had big questions about the setup, steam traps removed, measurement devices, total heat dissipation, heat transfer through an allegedly small tube, lack of supplies being transferred, no real connection to Johnson Matthey, and lack of manufacturing they would have saved everyone time (regardless if they were right, wrong, or somewhere in between) if they had told Rossi early on that they would not pay for the results the way the test was being conducted. Someone they *seem* to trust, Barry West, was (as far as I know) working there on a regular basis. Via what he witnessed and observed and reported back to Darden, IH should have had most of the same information after a few months -- that made them object to ERV reports -- as they had near the end of the test. If they thought the whole thing was a scam early on, they should have called out Rossi immediately and at least told him they wouldn't pay. For the sake of the whole LENR community -- if that was their conclusion at the time -- they should have made sure the test was ended ASAP. If I held their opinion, I would have told him to show me a test of a truly self sustaining system like the ones you claimed to produce in 2007 or our relationship is over. They may have sincerely hoped, though, that by the end of the test Rossi would show them *something* that worked. That is a legitimate possibility. But if they shared my sense of *urgency* to get results that could be repeated, they would have given him an ultimatum as soon as they were convinced it was a scam. If he wouldn't cooperate, they should have cut all ties forever, publicly and openly disclosing everything. Without factoring in distrust, paranoia, or Patterson Syndrome, there is ZERO legitimate reason why he couldn't demo a self sustaining system then if he had already done so years previously. But I'm not Industrial Heat, and they had their own reasoning for their behavior and waiting until the end of the test, whatever it may have been.

  • MrSS - nice try. You left out some minor details including removal of IH accountability measures, wrong / wrong side flowmeter, fake customer, fake invoice requests, fake plant manager, refusal to admit top IH engineer, figurehead company presidents, refusal to support IH Ecat replication efforts in Raleigh because someone was too busy with the fake test, the faked test failure with Hydrofusion, etc...etc...etc.....etc..... Why would one stop running out rope with a person who has an almost 40 year history of deceiving people, including getting caught/doing prison time, if you're the one who can get to the bottom of his gig?

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