Energoniva-M experiments

  • What has been done:

    - Conducted surveys and placed upon the theoretical basis

    - Set up a framework concept of the new design of the cell devoid of
    the shortcomings inherent in the author's version, built a small
    experimental facility

    - Conducted initial experiments on a small installation (light-version) is no loopback on Power

    - Illuminates a plasmoid fairly stable, repeatable close to 99%

    - The device is easily derived for continuous operation

    - Failed to provide start-up and operation of the device in small 1.5 - 2.5 A, and the consumption of less than 600W

    - The problem of electrode erosion completely solved thanks to the new cell design

    - Managed to relieve the tension with a detachable coil without a drawdown of the entire system of consumption

    Pictures: 44dbdcea2213.jpg


    Operating device, as you can see the plasma shines even through an opaque body, the thickness of the power supply wires think it is clear that the device consumes little))))) clocked up specifically for this audience)))) In the operating mode is only noticeable glow in the dark ....


    The cell exploded. As
    you can see nothing complicated: two fitting with soldered to it with
    scraps of copper tube, electrodes, dielectric body with a through
    specially shaped "removable-crimped" form factor of the solenoid coil in
    Brooks. It's simple, even simpler than the Vachaeva. Thanks to my improvements could eliminate the use of side "set fire" electrodes ....

    What should be done:

    - To carry out a series of experiments on light-installation option
    for an attempt on the loopback device power supply, including the
    revision of copyright electrical circuits, if it will be looped on diet,
    start to build a more powerful unit.

    - Make an analysis of the produced powder and liquid using solutions
    of different inorganic compounds for possible transmutation of elements
    as a result of LENR

    - Explore the device for pathogenic fields and radiation arising during operation

    To begin work on the possibility of using such devices, based on my
    enhancements as a "working medium" not only liquid but also the gases
    that creating a purely gas-discharge device options - options plasma reactor.

    A little later -reaktor cell was developed, equipped with a viewing window, with copper electrodes are replaced with stainless steel.

    The appearance of the cell 465257be2080.jpg

    A series of experiments was carried out on the cell ..

    Video for "burning plasmoid" in one of the modes, survey was conducted through the upper viewing window of the cell:

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    Unfortunately we encountered a few problems

    a purely technical nature, decided to change the form factor of the device considerably - refuse to use solutions as the working environment and move to a purely gas-discharge settings, what I mean, in principle, and I wrote in the first post topics .....

    Currently developed version of the apparatus for the experiments in gases ... is the construction of the installation ...

    a source : http://globalwave.tv/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=485

    • Official Post

    I think this link (taken from you link directly above) gives useful background on your device. Google Translate works well enough on these papers....





    "This publication is dedicated to the memory of professor of thermal and power systems Magnitogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Academy Anatoly Vasilyevich Vachaeva. In the mid-nineties of the last century, in the course of experiments on the electrical discharge in the water, he found conditions for the occurrence of autonomous plasma formation, which resembles a small fireball. This plasmoid had absolutely fantastic properties. Firstly, it is excited in water a self-sustaining fusion reaction elements. Tap water is the raw material, the reaction product were stable isotopes of elements from helium to bismuth. Secondly, the response rate was accompanied by electromagnetic radiation from tens of megahertz and power to tens of kilowatts. In addition, during the synthesis formed the "extra" electrons, which had to divert to an external load. His laboratory setting Vacha AV He called "Energoniva". After start-up and stabilization of the plasma, it is disconnected from the power grid and worked day and night. Up to half of the mass of the incoming water was processed into powder elements. The experiments have been synthesized over a hundred kilograms of powder, developed hundreds of kilowatt-hours of electricity.

    The authors of this publication were directly involved in the experiments to obtain a powder, the study of its properties and the search for possible processing options.

    opening Author died in 2000, and then at the Department of the experiments were terminated. None of his followers, including the authors of this article, is not able to implement the process is quite stable. Some details about the experiments in Magnitogorsk can be found on the Internet using the keywords "Vacha AV" or "Energoniva". Described below technique allows the experimenter to verify the existence of the phenomenon of synthesis, using relatively simple means."