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    massive industrial production.

    Of what, exactly? The Home Depot ecat?

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    You can understand what is happening inside the QX by looking at what is happening inside the SunCell

    Yup. They're somewhat similar. In ecats, a large heater is powered by the mains through some sort of power supply. In the SunCell, near as one can tell from the videos, a very large power source is shorted into some type of solid or perhaps liquid metal to make a huge bright spark. Either way, it's all from the mains so yeah, they are similar.


    The very small size of this volume is inherently safe from many angles. There is not much destructive potential is such a small amount of material.

    Large or small, there is no danger of any nuclear products from Rossi's ugly kludges. The only dangers are from electrical fires due to inept wiring or chemical explosions from mixing dangerous materials.

  • @MY

    As a responsible citizen and crime fighter, you might in conscience be compelled to go to the attorney general to clean these things up. I will be looking for your story on CNN: your first step toward widespread fame as a protector of the public interest. It will certainly be interesting.

  • AAMOI - how is this being spun on ECW? Do they manage to see this demo as something positive for Rossi? I don't read ECW much since they banned me for polite facts.

    I've been surprised by the poor reception of the demonstration. Of course there are a few diehards but many of those I expected to be totally on board are grousing bout what they saw.

  • Usually it takes several weeks to make it abundantly clear that a Rossi measurement is bogus. In the meantime, his fans would always cheer and declare victory. This time around, even that is not in the cards. So the fans can devote their considerable energies to concocting explanations for why Rossi would do a worthless experiment. Hearing those rationalizations should be most entertaining.

  • bang,

    Was the wire insulation large enough to protect for 200 volts

  • If they sat in Stockholm, You can be sure, this insulation is sufficient.

  • Bingo!!!

    Now, I guess, we can assume what was Hurely's roll in this demo.

    Watch the demo video from 2:29:45. As soon as Mats Lewan said "detach the device" to Rossi, Hurley stands up, takes the paper to distract Lewan, but Lewan went upstairs and Hurley drop the paper, but when Lewan comes back and was ready to follow detachment process, Hurley takes the paper again and DISTRACTS Lewan. For some reason, Rossi couldn't find the switch location and ask Fabiani about that. Pay attention, that control box ON/OFF switch visible on box open window and was not far from Fabiani's hand on control box (see attached control box picture), but look how far Fabiani starches his hand to get to the "Rossi TRICK" switch, up to the end of the box. There is no opening at that spot on the box, that's why Rossi has to lift the box cover in order to use "Rossi TRICK" HIDDEN switch.

    Also, look at 2:30:46, as soon as Rossi see that Hurley distracted Lewan, makes rapid move and puts down the item in his hand and immediately lift the cover. One time to open the "air window" and then for second time to use "Rossi TRICK" switch.

    Here is Rossi's another lie,

    Andrea Rossi

    November 26, 2017 at 4:04 PM

    " Fabiani says me to turn the switch, and at that point I go to the side of the box at my right, where the switch is, and make the switching action"

    In reality at 2:31:05 Rossi himself ask Fabiani question and Fabiani said "switch" and then Fabiani, not Rossi, stretches his hand and turns the "Rossi TRICK" switch. Listen to the click sound.

    P.S. English is my second language.

  • When a test is designed and latter agreed upon by the parties involved, a test plan is written where every step of the test is written down and the test observer verifies each step of the test plan that is carried out by the tester and the results that are documented in that plan by the observer are produced after each step of the test is performed. Nothing is done by the tester unless it is written down in the test plan. All actions are visible to the observer. In this way there is no explained and/or unobserved actions taken when running the test..

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    He is Willam Hurley, an engineer who works in the oil business. That's what he told me. At the beginning of the demo he was introduced as an an 'overseeing expert'. But he was pretty low key for that role. nodding now and then was most of it.

    He is probably a NATO Colonel customer representative, traveling incognito.

    (Sorry for newcomers, that's a bit "inside")

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    The reactor was of an older test from reactor similar to the E-Cat QX.

    Similar? How would one know that? Nobody has a clue what the "E-Cat QX" is. There isn't even agreement, apparently, on how to spell it.

  • lenr

    Good catches. And typical Rossi, that terminal strip inside the box looks like it is just hanging from the wires and maybe one screw. It doesn't line up with the box. Most terminals are unused. Looks like it's just the first thing Rossi found in the junk box. Rossi is still making nothing but junk from junk parts slopped together.


    P.S. English is my second language.

    No worries. You're quite clear.

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    Rossi said something like this: "I had to invent new materials", not: "I had to search for and use such new materials"....

    Yes he did. Or maybe "combinations of materials"... And when he defended himself against the mountain of evidence that his thermoelectric claims and DOD project was a multi-million dollar scam, he wrote that the prototype which vanished mysteriously in a fire, could never be replicated because to make it, he had to manipulate "individual atoms". Uhhun. Yah shoore. He manipulated atoms and invented new materials using the precision instruments in his usual toolkit:


  • Actually (my emphasis in bold):


    June 16, 2017 at 10:49 AM

    Dear Andrea,

    I see where you have devised new materials at where the Quark can operate somewhere around 2700`C.


    Andrea Rossi
    June 16, 2017 at 11:11 AM

    Dan C.:


    Warm Regards,


    And there is a pretty good chance that this is Rossi writing to Rossi anyway. Recently, a lot of the "content" of JONP is that.

  • Andrea Rossi
    September 29th, 2015 at 7:45 AM

    Jan Oersted:

    Now, at 08.46 a.m. of September 29 in the computer container,the 1 MW E-cat is stable. We are making the new materials necessary for the E-Cat X and I think by the end of next week we will have it again in operation.

    Warm Regards,


    1. Carsey

    November 23rd, 2015 at 8:31 PM

    Dear Andrea

    You said that the US Patent that has been allowed to you covers also the E-Cat X: how is it possible, if the E-Cat X is made with new materials?


    Tom Carsey Andrea Rossi November 24th, 2015 at 10:53 AM


    The US Patent covers well the E-Cat; for the new materials we are making new patents.

    Warm Regards,



    Andrea Rossi
    November 5th, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    Frank Acland:

    09.55 a.m. of November 05

    The 1 MW E-Cat has a problem that we are repairing. The E-Cat X is operating well, still very promising. The new materials resist.

    Warm Regards,



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