Caveat Emptor (LENR investors beware)

  • The YouTube personality has announced

    (Russian) on Jan-25.

    Coming presentation of Sakhno-Kurashov. They are going to demonstrate significant amounts of trans-uranium elements proving beyond doubts that their transmutation tech works.

    Viktor Kurashov was one of the guys presenting in Switzerland along with current person behind Synteztech. Looks like that their ways split and now Kurashov is working out of Kazan (Russia).

    There are talks about recently filed patent. Not too many details are given on the process however in linked video.

  • First installment of presentation in Russian.

    Claimed that with bacteria they are able to switch off coulomb barrier. After that the chemical composition of the solution in the sample switches between restaurant like in


    Then goes over test result tables showing all elements from periodic table were there in large quantities.

    Tests were done on XRF at local uni.

    No word about tech. Maybe in next installment.

    Explained anti matter detection by the fact that same sample showed full set of elements on one test and then absolutely 0 on another.

    Claims that objects put on top.of the active substance loose 10 percent of weight.

  • Max sorry, i didn't understood well what you said about objects which lose 10 percent of weight ?

  • Second installment.

    In this unrehearsed presentation of globally important discovery, which often resembled bazaar, you can see the reactor on the picture from 30 sec and on.

    Kurashov claims it can already produce industrial quality of certain rare isotopes in milligrams equal to global production.

    Interesting is the answer about why they can't make a few million worth batch, sell it, repeat they are giving stange reason that special license is needed. Well in Russia probably but there are other nice places.

  • Positive thing I see is that they seem not giving a damn about researching deeper into the theory behind mechanism.

    The bad thing is that they are old school with certain patriotic twist and some degree of disfunction within the team.

  • mihel-mouse wrote:

    Это на 100% афёра, технология - фейк ибо практически любая описанная реакция трансмутации более тяжёлого элемента в более лёгкий сопровождается радиоактивным излучением которое убьёт клетку бактерии, возьмём к примеру ряд распада Th232 :

    тут испускается либо α-частица(ядро атома гелия) либо β− частицы(электрона). Если такое будет происходить в бактериальной клетке то заряженная частица просто её убьёт - это однозначно! Так что со всей ответственностью заявляю трансмутация элементов в биологических системах НЕВОЗМОЖНА!

    Вы будете говорить что там идут т.н. низкоэнергетические ядерные реакции (LENR) и они не сопровождаются излучением, так разочарую - даже при LENR ядерные реакции идут по тем же каналам что и при обычном распаде разница лишь в том что в некоторых случаях испускаемая частица имеет меньшую энергию(скорость), а следовательно и пробег, но этой энергии и пробега вполне достаточно для фатальных повреждений внутри клетки бактерии.

    Так что ещё раз повторюсь - не верьте жуликам - в биологических системах трансмутация элементов невозможна априори!

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • Gennadiy Tarassenko so I am not the only one who thought it was more like a bazaar. So the dude spends time on the internet and gets frustrated that he is being trolled there? Grow up. Don't like it don't go there.

    Sounds like they are going to start manufacturing something this summer. I bet that with such close -mindness and lack of marketing and other skills all they can deliver is bazaar - grade product.

  • Dear Max,

    Thank you for your message and information.

    I’d like to inform you that the attempt to connect Mr. Kuroshov with the Syntestech project is a mistake. He is not connected with our project. The direction of research of Synthestech is not based on the biotransmutation. However we believe, that transmutation in biological systems is possible.

    We would like not to give any avaluation of Mr. Kurashov’s speech and conclusions

    Best regards,


  • Infinite Energy Magazine gave a farewell tribute to Yuri Bazhutov:

    Maybe I was not paying attention, but I missed him being Synthestech's advisor. Those Russian names do sound the same to us in the west. Anyway, IEM linked to an interview of Bazhutov from Oct 2017. Granted, the article is a self promotional piece authored by Synthestech, but that does not detract from what he had to say:…civilization-a5a01dee77df

    Bazhutov built the Russian LENR movement. Great integrity, and when he says something, you have to take him seriously. That is why I find this one comment of his very interesting:

    What tasks do you set for yourself?

    In the near future, we expect to receive the Eurasian patent for building heat generators to heat small houses. These are houses, maybe, homesteads and country houses. For heat supply, we plan to increase the output power in our generators to 30 kW, this is enough to provide buildings with heat and hot water supply.

    In a year or two, we plan to proceed to heating larger facilities — multi-storey buildings. In each house there will be an independent boiler room, in which the conversion factor of electrical energy into thermal energy will exceed the consumed energy by three or more times. These small and medium heat generators are already providing with heat practically the lion’s share of residential buildings.

    If there is a need for more energy, for example, for submarines, or for remote areas or zones, then we will move on to the next stage — large energy scale at the megawatt level. The obvious advantage of this type of heaters is that they do not spend energy on transporting heat from the thermoelectric power station, for example, to residential houses.Therefore, it is called energy-saving power engineering. Soon it will be possible to transform thermal energy into electrical one. Then we get a closed-loop cycle, where we get an excess of electrical energy at the beginning of the first stage, the input, to the output energy, which exceeds the input several times.

  • Synthestech is working the Bitcoin market with an ICO, which is their version of the more traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO):

    Being reported here:

    With Synthestech sweetening the offer:

    And interviewing their new adviser:…n-is-possible-b646763206e

  • He asserts that some crops, such as cereals, put phosphorus into the soil and that this must be created by transmutation. Not being a farmer myself I tried to find another reference that said cereal crops increase phosphorus but wasn't able to find one. Some crops do move phosphorus within the soil making it more readily available to other crops but I couldn't immediately find a reference saying it actually increased phosphorus. Anyone else got such a reference?

  • CW,

    I was not endorsing any of what I posted. That said...yes, I agree. This new adviser lacks Bazhutov's credibility.

    No matter, as Synthestech says they are on their 3rd ICO. So if they are scammers, the investors do not know yet they are victims. And if Synthestech is legitimate, they should have enough financing now to prove their technology.