Peter Gluck Update

  • Peter Gluck has been very ill. He has been a mainstay in LENR for decades. After a lengthy stay in the hospital he has this message on :

    Tuesday, March 27, 2018

    Home again

    Dear Friends,

    I am temporarily able to think and I want to tell you the following:

    I am unable to get and send information because I cannot read or write. My daughter helps me and my blog partner, Georgina.

    I fear that there will be no energy revolution as it was the information revolution which is a great success. I fear that LENR will die and disappear. Nothing is certain regarding LENR-technology, even that it does NOT exist. I am desperate. The Miamy Trial - Rossi vs. Darden is a complete mistery, but it seems Rossi has not lost the trial. What will bring the future to LENR? In this blog I have told many times what I think about Pd/D and Ni/H etc., and I have not changed my opinion.

    What have we to do? Is any hope lost?

    Thank you!

    Your old friend,