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    Peter Gluck has been very ill. He has been a mainstay in LENR for decades. After a lengthy stay in the hospital he has this message on :

    Tuesday, March 27, 2018

    Home again

    Dear Friends,

    I am temporarily able to think and I want to tell you the following:

    I am unable to get and send information because I cannot read or write. My daughter helps me and my blog partner, Georgina.

    I fear that there will be no energy revolution as it was the information revolution which is a great success. I fear that LENR will die and disappear. Nothing is certain regarding LENR-technology, even that it does NOT exist. I am desperate. The Miamy Trial - Rossi vs. Darden is a complete mistery, but it seems Rossi has not lost the trial. What will bring the future to LENR? In this blog I have told many times what I think about Pd/D and Ni/H etc., and I have not changed my opinion.

    What have we to do? Is any hope lost?

    Thank you!

    Your old friend,

  • With sadness I read that Peter have left us (March 23, 2021 at the age of 83)

    Peter Gluck was a man who spread joy. He has done a lot for the field and I have learned a lot from him.

    For several years we talked sporadically over video calls. He had very weak eyes during his last years, despite that he often called me when he found exciting news to announce.But in the end it became too difficult for him to use a computer and our contact became less frequent.

    He told me that the field needs something that I think is similar to LENR forum.

    Without him, I might not have started the forum. I always get happy when I think of him.

    My thoughts go to his family.

    In memory of Peter

    In Memory of Peter Gluck

    Peters blogg


  • Really sad to hear of Peter's passing. Not sure why it took this long to be given the opportunity to give him his due respect, but my hat is off to the man. Very pure of heart, brilliant, and committed to CF/LENR.

    I have been addicted to LENR far longer than I will confess here, but will say that he is one of the reasons I am still here.

  • Oh my God! What sad news! I had felt a sense of dread for not knowing about him for so long, I kept regular emails with him until he was unable to use a computer anymore some years ago. What a tremendous loss.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Peter was so nice and willing to help, and make ir happen.

    Too Sad.

    My Condolences to his familly.

    “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
    twitter @alain_co

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