Improving Hydrogen absorption rate into Palladium

  • This isn't my field but I stumbled on it while googling for something else. It appears to show that you can speed up the loading and unloading of hydrogen into Palladium by using magnets. This isn't something I've seen discussed here. Sorry if Ive missunderstood or it's a well known effect.…Vaw33ltRe7jDPPs_VlhpYnex6

    Magnetic effects of hydride storage in Palladium - Jessica Jewett Reed - University of Iowa.

    Hope that link works ok.

  • Nice find! The benefits of magnetism during electrolysis are known to those 'skilled in the art', indeed we use them ourselves, and have been mentioned almost 'en passant' a few times in the literature, but this is a very well described series of experiments. Thank you.