QX Concepts - A less critical Rossi thread.

  • This thread is NOT for individuals who think Rossi is nothing but an all out hoaxer who has NEVER had ANY working device. If you are in that camp, your presence in this thread will not be helpful or wanted. Instead, it would only cause conflict. However, I invite everyone who is open to the possible reality of the E-Cat technology and is willing to discuss the QX in a civil and open minded manner to post here. It's fine if you have some doubts: as long as you mind hasn't been made up that, "he never had anything and doesn't have anything." In fact, I agree that we don't have absolute proof (or close to it) that the QX performs anywhere near how Andrea Rossi describes. But my personal opinion, which could be wrong, is that it is an enhanced version of the Chernetsky and PAGD technologies described in my article below. What's exciting, if this is the case, is that the QX should not be absurdly difficult to replicate. In fact, the principles in simple form have already been laid out for us.


    If there's even a small chance we could successfully replicate the QX (if it works to begin with which we don't know for certain) then the implications would be enormous. As George Egely described in his ICCF presentation, a whole realm of lost science would be opened up to us!

  • This thread looks like a one-way road...replicate will mean, you know what to replicate, how and what the result will be. So far Rossi didn't reveal anything that would allow anybody to replicarte what he claims to have - despite he said he found the holy grail and had a certified reliable product. Don't forget that he dropped his previous" product" in favor of his new one..... Already the "normal E-cat" would have been for all mankind a new cheap and portable energy source, and hew ould have been awarded with the Nobel prize. But doesn't seem there was a product, at least nobody can find out anymore.

  • Zorud,

    This thread isn't to discuss Rossi's previous technologies. It's purpose is only to focus on the QX.

    I also admit we cannot do a pure replication of the QX. However, we can do something that's roughly similar to a replication. We know a fair amount about some of the components, the fuel that is claimed to be used, the regime (abnormal glow discharge) that the device probably works in, what to look for when it comes to overheating of the power supply, etc. If we build something very similar and it produces significant excess energy, I'd call it something roughly close to a replication. And even if it wouldn't be an exact replication, it wouldn't matter. We would have built a powerful LENR/ZPE device. However, I understand some users on this forum hate the thought of any of Andrea Rossi's technologies being confirmed as legitimate. Quite frankly, I don't care what these people think!

  • Shane,

    Thanks for the support.

    I really think that replicating the QX is a good path to follow. If we can generate the basic effect, the sky is really the limit on how many ways such a system could be modified.

  • If Bob Greenyer happens to be reading, we do have an idea of the internal configuration of at least one version of the QX. There is a photograph in the paper that Rossi and Gullstrom released, and we have a witness that saw the system up close. Literally, the two electrodes appear rounded at the ends (the smaller the sharp tip the better so it may not be easily visible with the naked eye) and they are facing each other only perhaps a centimeter or so apart. What makes the system work is probably the fuel mixture which allows for a resonant transfer plasma to be created (allowing a plasma to exist at low voltages so that high voltage spikes are not required to constantly re-initiate the plasma). Also, what's also critical is keeping the discharge in the abnormal glow discharge regime. If an arc discharge is produced, nothing significant will happen and the tip on the cathode could be damaged. Finally, I do not think that an external magnetic field is required, but I think it may be useful in helping produce vortex structures.

    I don't think that attempting to replicate the QX would be a shot in the dark. We'd have a modest amount of information about the QX to lead us and a lot of information about the PAGD. I do agree that the device also has elements of Kenneth Shoulders system. In addition to producing a back spike into the power supply that could be harnessed to produce excess electricity, the device should be producing longitudinal waves as well that could be harnessed.

  • Also, what's also critical is keeping the discharge in the abnormal glow discharge regime. If an arc discharge is produced, nothing significant will happen and the tip on the cathode could be damaged.

    I think at least at the beginning of each "cycle" the device did indeed produce energetic arc discharges, during the Stockholm demonstration. At the time I transcribed some related exchanges from the full-audio video of the event (which I can't seem to find again on the Internet).


    [1:17:05] [Levi] *gets close to E-Cat*

    [1:17:08] [Rossi] Non toccare, perché se ti becca, questa, è pericolosissima. (?)

    [Levi] Lo vedo… L'ho visto, qui, c'è una scarica che viene giù…

    Also see:

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  • We certainly need a thread free of the endlessly repetitive babble of the doubters.

    This might also be a good thread to follow the run up tthe Jan31 demo of the SK too. We already know Rossi has said he will demonstrate the "overall" COP. including the power supply. Also that his large client is in a position to continue the work should he become ill.

  • December 5, 2015 New theory regarding reaction between nickel, lithium, hydrogen weak interaction energy and in a mirror effect reactor

    This is the reason I'm so interested in the QX using magnetic fields.

  • Wouldnt you need details of the waveforms Rossi uses to drive the reactor? Rossi seems to think they are so critical to it's operation that he'd rather be critisised for not measuring the input power at Stockholm than give away this info.

  • Shane,

    It looks like those interested in considering LENR and Rossi's reactors to be real have been driven away by the hostile environment here. Th Director's piece on ECW has attracted 56 comments compared to just a couple of relevant ones here.

    I would still like to use this thread to give updates on the demo. (Or start one for that?)

    How do I find it once it has scrolled off the front page?

  • Adrian, most people are here on this forum because they think or want LENR to be real or become true, incl. me.

    Only few here believe Rossi has the goods, but almost everybody over on ECW, I agree with you on this.

  • I was thinking a good title would be "Rossi Believers Safe Room" , or something like that

    Not quite what I was thinking. It should be a thread without the babbler echo chamber though, if I am to keep it up to date.

    How do I find a title that has scrolled off the page?

    • Official Post


    I can either change the title of this thread to be an all inclusive, Rossi protected safe space, or start a new one for you. Up to Director as it is his thread.

    Edit: I am on a trip, so when you decide I will get to it when I can. Or maybe another Mod could do it? I was thinking a good title would be "Rossi Believers Safe Room" :) , or something like that.

    I have changed it - as you can all see.

  • I have changed it - as you can all see.

    Actually I can't see it as the title has scrolled off the page and I don't know how to find it without making a post. (hence this pst.)

    Edit added. Thank you Alan. I will now try to put together what is known about the up coming demo. It may take a while.

  • So here is what I think is needed to build a QX.

    A high temperature transparent tube of quartz or some other material.

    Two platinum covered nickel electrodes with a field emitter tip on at least one of the electrodes or maybe both. (The size and geometry of the tip would need to be experimented with.)

    A small amount of LiAlH4, argon/neon, and LiH.

    A vacuum pump to lower the pressure in the tube before it is activated to make glow discharge happen at a lower voltage.

    Proper valves, clamps, etc.

    A power supply with software to prevent an arc discharge from occurring.

    Thermocouples at different positions to prevent various components from overheating and to be used during calorimetry tests.

    The good thing is that I think the cost for a replication attempt would not be insanely outrageous.

    The bad thing is that it would require someone skilled enough to fabricate components and build the power supply.

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