China: The Detection of K-Ca Transmutation in the Mixture of K and Hydride Chemicals

  • seen on ECW open thread, an interesting China's (English) article nor far from Iwamura, in less evolved (maybe an artifact anyway).

    The Detection of K-Ca Transmutation in the Mixture of K and Hydride Chemicals
    LU Gong-xuan REemail.gif, ZHANG Xu-qiang , ZHEN Wen-long
    Abstract: Here, we report the transmutation of K-Ca under the negative hydrogen condition (NaBH4, LiBH4 and NH3BH3) at room temperature. In all reaction systems, the amount of K+ and Ca2+ concentrations were monitored by inductive coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) and inductive coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) techniques. The ICP-OES test results showed that K+ concentration was gradually decreasing, while the Ca2+ concentration was gradually increasing. In addition, by comparing the K and Ca concentrations and their isotopes from the ICP-MS results, we found the increase of 40Ca concentration accompanied by the increasing concentration of 41K in the presence of hydride under our "reaction" conditions, which implying 40Ca formation correlated to 41K.

  • Interestingly Louis Kevran somewhere is his (much criticised) accounts of experiments with chickens deprived of Calcium speculated that Potassium was being transmuted to Calcium in their bodies. Which are warmer than room temperature - but not known to contain hydrides.

  • 39K + 2H --> intermediate 41Sc that finally decays back to 41K .

    But the intermediate 41Sc state is much to energetic and possibly emits a proton. This is very likely because both 41Sc and 40Ca have strong magnetic states (4MeV) what allows to get rid of the excess.

    If this can be reproduced would be nice. Especially the branching ratio of 40Ca /41K would be nice to know.

  • I noticed they claim the ingredients are raw from manufacturer, not further purified.

    Since LENR is probably a subtle phenomenon involving minority element, it may not be easy to reproduce.

    About some missing radioactivity from expected, it seems both the problem for physicist, and the key LENR characteristic...

    LENR is dynamite burning without the bang.

  • Has anyone been able to understand what the Chinese have done? Why do they "uniformly dispersed by ultrasound treatment 5 min" for a weak solution of potassium chloride, which is perfectly soluble in water?

    Why is Figure 5 depicting an unreal isotopic composition of potassium? Calcium nitrate does not contain the main isotope K39, which in nature is 93.3%.