• Since there was zero interest in replications we are continuing to work on our commercial devices that are unrelated with Mizuno work.

    People unfamiliar with the story might interpret your comment wrong. That there was NEVER any interest in replicating Mizuno. But there was. Actually, quite a bit of interest...in the beginning over 4 years ago. This was the abstract that started it all:

    "We have developed an improved method of producing excess heat with nickel mesh coated with palladium. The new method produces higher power, a larger output to input ratio, and it can be controlled effectively. With 50 W of input, it produces ~250 W of excess heat, and with 300 W it produces ~2 to 3 kW. This paper is a comprehensive description of the apparatus, the reactant, and the method. We hope this paper will allow others to replicate the experiment."

    With those kind of results from a respected old guard researcher, it was no surprise that quite a few of our members, and others around the world, jumped on the replication bandwagon. As I recall, none here were successful. However, there were at least 3 elsewhere who were (successful), but their results did not come close to what Mizuno reported. Nothing that would move the needle in terms of public and scientific opinion.

    So, understandably, interest all but disappeared. Then you came along. Hopefully we can lay this rest when/if magicsound gets around to trying the new mesh you sent. If another dud like the last, then this officially becomes yet another win for the skeptics. Unless of course, you for once come forth with the proof to back up your claims.

  • Shane D. said: If another dud like the last, then this officially becomes yet another win for the skeptics.

    You are the most experimented in my mind, especially this experiment, and, i think the only variable is the Pd deposit method.

    Do you think that other variables could have occured to explain replicaion difficulties ?

    Regarding the Pd spots what kind of parameters could play, height, space between them, others ?

    The mesh is stored in a sealed metal container filled with nitrogen, so it should be fine.I will open it for loading the reactor in a glove box with argon cover gas.

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