• Thank you for patience. I had wedding and busy time last few weeks.

    We have meshes prepared and ready for shipping. During next week we will ship. I think I have over 100 in stock with much better parameters from what was shipped previously.

    Now 8 weeks later?

  • We shipped and delivered 10pcs prepared meshes month ago with our new processing method. Performance is significantly improved so that there is no need for other transition metals. We are waiting for evaluation.

  • I dont understand what is wrong. Now we are waiting for MFMP to tell us when/if they can start testing. We can't do more about it.

    We are spending thousands of USD just for this side project and not asking for anything from anyone.

  • Well, there is unfortunately very small interest in replicating Mizuno.

    Nobody except MFMP was able to perform a test.

    Not exactly. ..... it is my understanding that a Mizuno replication only focuses on temperature as an output parameter.

    No gamma flux or other parameters?

    It is our approach, that in order to better understand what is going on, we need more parameters. Besides of course temperature and pressure .... gamma spectroscopy is important. Which makes the setup more complex. A full stainless steel setup is therefore not really helpful.

  • Lugano was much simpler and only maybe four groups made any serious attempts, and maybe only one that was actually close to the original in design.

    Although I am not surprised that so few are working with the published Mizuno Recipe, I am somewhat disappointed that there are so few, considering the original excitement.

    It is complex to do, and there isn’t really much for shortcuts. I don’t see how people expect to improve it without making the original design and protocol work a couple of times first. And if they can’t get it to work, fine tuning should be impossible. Maybe there are better ways to build and run a Mizuno type experiment, but it would be very lucky to add a customization that was beneficial without first understanding the prototype. Those are great shortcuts when it works, but not very reliable as a scientific method.

  • I did receive the mesh samples a few weeks ago but testing was delayed by some modifications and maintenance chores in the lab. I also had some other non-lenr projects to finish up - an actual paying customer in my studio.

    I've now finished rebuilding the test cell to add a proper gas sampling port for the MKS mass spec I had it serviced and certified at MKS over the winter (took 3 months), so its data can now be trusted. Last week I did a full set of calibrations and the system is ready for the next experiment. The meshes were shipped in a meta paint can with N fill, so I will need to put together a way to handle and transfer the material under Argon cover gas. Probably a pair of glove bags taped together will be large enough to hold the container. That is planned for next week, reality permitting....

  • If you were referring to my work, I put it aside for the summer to work on other things. But I will get back to it in a while. Definitely not done yet...

    Yes, partially. Thanks. But also referring to me356. This has been going on a long time, and wondering what he has to add?

  • Since there was zero interest in replications we are continuing to work on our commercial devices that are unrelated with Mizuno work.

    I represent that remark. That is correct. Represent NOT resent. I have a non-zero interest in replications. So, whence comes your data supporting "Since there was zero interest in replications ..."?

  • I tried to replicate Mizuno's work 3 years ago but failed to get positive results. I used static air cooled calorimetery where I calibrated the vessel with heat pulses from a resistor and then compared that to nickel mesh/deuterium with palladium rubbed on the mesh according to the protocol. I won't say it was a perfect replication but I tried. I didn't have the funding or time to try lots of iterations. The measurement accuracy was better than +/- 10 percent I would guess (well, maybe better than +/- 15% since I really should have done more calibrating after I changed things slightly).

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