Safire eyes commercialization within 5 years, with launch of new company Aureon Energy!

  • Ah back in the good old days when people could be in large meetings together!

    It seems Dr Clarage presented an either / or scenario. I would opt for an 'and' scenario. Sure, conventional fusion occurs in the dense core (there are neutrinos produced after all), while the 'surface' - which is much wilder and energetic that it should be - has huge magnetic, electrical and probably LENR and hydrino effects occurring.

  • Is there a conflict? SAFIRE produces transmutation; Mills' theory does not support transmutation.

    My point is pico-chemistry without breaking the laws of conservation of mass, and thermodynamics can cause transmutation effects. Mills' and Dufours' visualisations or at least something similar are not mutually exclusive! There isn't a conflict because SAFIRE produces energy, input/output ratios, spectrographic shifts and radiation flux/variety that doesn't fit the reactions that fit claimed purely nuclear interpretations. The claim is maybe chemical is the main reaction and the nuclear isn't the main energy source or proccess though it occurs as a side reaction.

    Ah back in the good old days when people could be in large meetings together!

    It seems Dr Clarage presented an either / or scenario. I would opt for an 'and' scenario. Sure, conventional fusion occurs in the dense core (there are neutrinos produced after all), while the 'surface' - which is much wilder and energetic that it should be - has huge magnetic, electrical and probably LENR and hydrino effects occurring.

    Seconded the electric interesting affects happen on the surface and genuine conventional fusion should happen in the core.

  • Yes, a tiny amount from cosmic rays. And occasionally in the very biggest flares. There is no gamma showing fusion in the chromosphere, as suggested by the SAFIRE clowns. To account for the observed neutrino production, you need precisely the amount of fusion required to power the Sun. We know what that is, and that amount of gamma would fry the planet. Fact. And the neutrino energy spectrum tel8ls us what is being fused. And the vast majority of it comes from the first step in the p-p chain. As predicted. None of it comes from the ridiculous suggestion of titanium nucleosynthesis!

    Something similar to the Safire reactor maybe possible if you consider that fusion gamma rays don't occur in it, other hydrogen/metal energy results or the Suncells. Most of the radiation is in the X ray and ultraviolet spectrum with thermal and electromagnetic affects. Meaning this would be a super-chemical low electron orbit bond effect, almost like two nuclie in one atom.

  • We know what that is, and that amount of gamma would fry the planet. Fact. And the neutrino energy spectrum tells us what is being fused.

    Astonishing: Dilettantes do know how to measure neutrinos. May be you tell us their mass and how you calculate it.

    Nobody scientifically literate takes Mills' rubbish seriously.

    I would check a doctor. You certainly have a medical problem. Physics is a science that does not work the Trump/Breitbart way. You are not even funny or ironic just a waste of forum space and time.

  • ianw16 You are totally right about everything you say according to the standard model of nuclear physics and the most widely accepted astrophysics theories. However in order to account for LENR phenomena we've had to question these theories and take on alternative ways of looking at the universe. So we have taken on a lot of non -mainstream thinking from theoreticians like Mills, Santilli, Holmlid to name but a few all of who are regarded with either total of partial scepticism from conventional scientists. The SAFIRE crew are jumping onto the same bandwagon and so have made fantastic claims about solar physics which have to be taken with a large pinch of salt. Yes we all know it's a fabrication but they are doing some plasma based LENR which is off the wall too and coming up with some interesting (to us anyway) results. All they have to do now is run their reactor as they have done before showing transmutation et C with deuterium gas and demonstrate to us that they obtain more energy out/energy in at a useful levels say (10X) then we from that point on know that they have a functioning cold fusion reactor. They have not shown any clear data yet in this regard and have not yet had any of their work replicated by a responsible third party like NASA or SANDIA labs. If they don't do this soon then they lose all credibility and we're yet again back to the drawing board! Well it's good to have a sensible astrophysicist on board and look forward to further interesting discussions.:)

  • Ianw

    You appear have made two assertions that were flat wrong..within minutes of your inglorious debut

    1. there is no titanium in the solar wind

    2 the sun emits no gamma xrays

    please explain... how these bloopers indicate any in depth expertise on astrophysics

    spare us the trollish language

    such as clowns rubbish scam cranks woo ..nutter

    this forum has seen quite enough of vituperation reveals only truth about the emitter

    please find another forum to attention seek on

  • spare us the trollish language

    such as clowns rubbish scam cranks woo ..nutter

    this forum has seen quite enough of vituperation reveals only truth about the emitter

    He is almost all the way through the Thesaurus, so maybe soon we will be spared the adjectives. Although, I think that "nutter" one is cute, and may use it against Rossi.

  • Dr. Michael Clarage presents a simple overview of two possible models for the formation of stars

    The BGM to the Netherlands video was a bit like treacle.. very heavy.. and a sweet overlay to not much data

    I realise that the GlobalBEM conference was to a largely non academic audience..

    but eventually it would be nice to see some more stuff in research journals or at least on researchgate

    the main relevance of Monty Childs and the SAFIRE teams work to LENR

    is the preliminary unpublished work which shows production of new atoms of Ti/Mo among others, in their small reactor

    which may indicate proton fusion at relatively cool voltages/temperature

    eg Fe+ H ->> Co, Ca + H ->>>Ti X + H->>> ? ? Mb

    The electric Universe / plasma astronomy theory may have some truth in it.. maybe not much

    ... the sparse experimental/observational data is very gradually accumulating..

    besides it requires lots of reading to get on top of it.....

    and there is not a lot of numerical datasupported evidence

    there is a book by Donald Scott and an article about the electric double layer model

    but it is not so relevant to LENR..

    There is an unrhetorical review of the book by an astrophysicist at…tion-of-plasma-astronomy/


  • This new preprint proposes an explanation for the solar corona temperature --

    "A possible explanation for the mysterious hot solar corona"


    The coronal heating has remained a puzzle for decades since its observation in 1940. Several

    space missions have been planned to resolve this conundrum in the past and many more intend to

    target this issue in the future. The unfolding of this issue will not only advance the fundamentals

    of astrophysical science but also promise an improvement in space weather prediction. Its origin

    has been debated without complete convergence; the acoustic waves, magneto-hydrodynamic waves,

    and micro/nano-flares are the strongest candidates so far to explain the mystery of coronal heating.

    However, none of these processes significantly justifies the million-degree temperature of the solar

    corona and the problem remains unsolved to date. Here, we propose a new physical mechanism to

    explain the observed heating of the solar corona. The statistical energy created during the interaction

    of the spin magnetic moment of the plasma particles with the turbulent and continuously evolving

    coronal magnetic field could substantiate the observed million-degree coronal temperature.

  • Someone in the Rossi thread was talking about how potencially dangerous and in need of rigorous testing something like his "nuclear" device would be. In counter point, there has been 2 positive trends in theories that are within the realms of the laws of physics. Either it's picometric chemical phenomina fundamentally or nuclear fundamentally. The evidence in my eyes seems to point to the former.

    If it and many mostly neutron/alpha/beta/gamma free low input attempts producing energy work, it isn't what we would call nuclear. But a manifestation of some form of picometric core electron chemistry, unique to transition (transmuting?!) metals with atomic H isotopes. Also would work when single electron atoms form an unusually close bond, atomic hydrogen isotopes with other atomic H. Releasing nothing more dangerous than X-rays and trace, way less than expected, nucleon products from few interaction. Just thinking hopeful.

    Of course the exact organisation or structure of electron orbit debatably can be represented in other more accurate forms. The point is this would work in the Standard Model as well as GUT-CP and maybe SO(4) ( tbh since this theory is based on the assumption these are genuine nuclear interactions idk).

  • Further to this, a paper on plasma 'bunches'...not strictly related to Safire, but interesting anyway.…files/HEACC59_199-205.pdf

    Much attention has recently been paid to the
    problem of the electrodynamic acceleration of plasma
    bunches. It has been suggested that deuterium and
    tritium plasma bunches, at a sufficiently high velocity,
    may be used for high temperature plasma formation
    in some thermo-nuclear devices1-8). In addition,
    the possibility of using this type of acceleration as
    a means of jet propulsion has often been suggested9).
    In this paper, the results of experiments on plasma
    acceleration in two types of accelerator, co-axial
    and induction accelerators, are presented.
    In the co-axial accelerator, a plasma bunch is
    first produced by means of an electric discharge
    struck between two co-axial electrodes. The acceleration
    is caused by the self-magnetic field of the current
    passing through the plasma bunch. In the induction
    accelerator, a plasma bunch is produced by induction,
    and is accelerated in the inhomogeneous magnetic
    field, so that a faster rise time is achieved than in
    the other type of accelerator.

  • Also not strictly related to Safire but when you mentioned propulsion you got me thinking about rotating detonation engines. Imagine one augmented by a similar energy source😋.

    From Wikipedia...

    "A rotating detonation engine (RDE) is a proposed engine using a form of pressure gain combustion, where one or more detonations continuously travel around an annular channel. ... It is theoretically more efficient than conventional deflagrative combustion by as much as 25%."

    The pressure fed hollow metal anode technic could be adapted with the reacting self containing plasma/anode replacing/supplimenting the detonation in some air breathing configoration.


    I wanted to be an aerospace engineer or an astronaut as a teenager so I like to see those kinds of peaceful applications for anything relatively safe and energy dense. Being directly electrically stimulated the safire aproach might work for a pulsed airbreathing set up. Although the engineering implimentation would have to tweak and unravel extensively.

  • I came across a patent and a paper which might be of interest to those following the Safire/Aureon story.

    1. HOLLOW-ANODE GLOW DISCHARGE APPARATUS Filed: Aug. 13, 1992…0f28067ff60/US5248371.pdf

    2. ON THE ANODIC CURRENT OSCILLATIONS IN CONSTRICTED HOLLOW ANODE PLASMA SOURCE M. A. Mujawar1 , S. K. Karkari1 , 2, M. M. Turner. 2011…85.1623&rep=rep1&type=pdf

  • Cell-like space charge configurations formed by selforganization in laboratory
    Erzilia Lozneanu and Mircea Sanduloviciu

    A phenomenological model of self-organization explaining the emergence of a
    complexity with features that apparently satisfy the specific criteria usually required
    for recognizing the appearance of life in laboratory is presented. The described
    phenomenology, justified by laboratory experiments, is essentially based on local
    self-enhancement and long-range inhibition. The complexity represents a primitive
    organism self-assembled in a gaseous medium revealing, immediately after its
    “birth“, many of the prerequisite features that attribute them the quality to evolve,
    under suitable conditions, into a living cell.

  • The Ballerina lives, and Rossi the evil genius is trying to drain the life force from her!

  • UCLA - Plasma Physics Lab - nice clear read.

    Free Plasma Expansion with Double Layer Formation

    The free expansion of plasma into vacuum is a topic of interest to space plasmas and laser produced plasmas. The main point of interest is the continuous acceleration of ions at the expansion front where a space charge electric field is set up by the faster electrons. The expansion front is essentially a moving sheath where the ions are accelerated on expense of the electron energy.

    We have studied the free expansion of a pulsed magnetized discharge plasma containing two populations of electrons, a cold Maxwellian and an energetic shell of primary discharge electrons. A weak magnetic field confines the electrons radially which results in a preferentially axial plasma expansion. Neutral gas is puffed radially into the discharge source thereby achieving a plasma expansion into vacuum.…lasmaExpansion/index.html

  • How about inserting one of these plasma devices inside a Mizuno R20 reactor with pretreatment of the D2 gas with KFeO2 as it passes through the supply pipe. Or supply it via a hollow anode as in the Safire set up. That is simply replace the heater with a plasma double layer UDD generator? It would run quite nice!y on 3 kV power supply taken out of a cheap plasma globe.:)