The Structure of Crystal - movie

  • I watched this movie tonight and absolutely loved it. Thought some here might enjoy it and so thought I'd pass it on. Made in 1969 in Poland, here's the synopsis:

    The protagonists of the film are two talented physicists – one of them leaves the city for the countryside and becomes a meteorologist, the other establishes a brilliant career in science. Both are bombarded by moral dilemmas regarding their choice in life.

    Here's the trailer:

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    It's got a beautiful soundtrack; the score is mostly minimalist jazz.

    Currently streaming on Mubi. They'll give you a 7 day free trial if you're willing to give them a card.

  • Wow, thanks! Hope it is working, I like to watch old films.
    Especially with De Niro and Pacino featured, wonder if there are any other 20th century great actors

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