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    I fall on that patent application which is under examination by EPO, just having answered some critics...


    There is disclosed a method of generating non-ionizing radiation, non-ionizing 4He atoms, or a combination of both, the method comprising: contacting graphene materials with a source of deuterium; and aging the graphene materials in the source of deuterium for a time sufficient to generate non-ionizing radiation, non-ionizing 4He atoms. In one embodiment, graphene materials may comprise carbon nanotubes, such as nitrogen doped single walled or multi-walled carbon nanotubes. Unlike an alpha particle, the non-ionizing 4He atoms generated by the disclosed method are a low energy particles, such as one having an energy of less than 1 MeV, such as less than 100 keV. Other non-ionizing radiation that can be generated by the disclosed process include soft x-rays, phonons or energetic electrons within the carbon material, and visible light.

    It is the EU version of an US patent

    the inventors are : Christopher H. Cooper, William K. Cooper,James F. Loan
    They are inventors of some other patents about carbon nanotube...

  • Looking at this patent, there is a refinement of the first and hence most important claim, in which the following is seen in the Google patent database:

    "3. The method of claim 1 , wherein said graphene materials comprise carbon nanotubes that are functionalized and/or doped with nitrogen."

    This suggests some very interesting chemistry, nitrogen being the most polyvalent of all small atoms, up to 8 different valence states are possible, whereas carbon is generally only seen to have up to 3 valence states. Orbital transition surfaces and other orbital ambiguities are often seen in operable CF / LENR -- or perhaps best here to say CANR, for Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions.

    Nitrogen functionalization can take several forms, appended nitrogens, nitrogen azide like structures (triple bonds), primary, secondary and tertiary amine functions, pyridine like ring incorporation at one or more positions to form heterocycles. Nitrogen functionalization of diamond is a well known way to dramatically alter diamond color centers and conductivity, for example.

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    Well, isn't that strange? I mentioned in here last week that I had tentative results from carbon/hydrogen. I tried Deuterium (oxide) doping with carbon to no avail, and a colleague tried graphite powder (not graphene) and hydrogen with no other result than getting everything in his lab very grubby. So basically I believe they might have something. How useful it is is less certain.

  • This just sounds like what Holmlid is doing. He uses graphite doped with potassium to generate Rydberg matter, but maybe nitrogen will also work. Nitrogen was claimed to be a Rydberg element. Also, Graphene is a hexagonal catalyst like graphite.


    Rydberg matter is a phase of matter formed by Rydberg atoms; it was predicted around 1980 by É. A. Manykin, M. I. Ozhovan and P. P. Poluéktov.[1][2] It has been formed from various elements like caesium,[3] potassium,[4] hydrogen[5][6] and nitrogen;[7] studies have been conducted on theoretical possibilities like sodium, beryllium,magnesium and calcium.[8]

    S. Badiei & L. Holmlid (2002). "Rydberg Matter of K and N2: Angular dependence of the time-of-flight for neutral and ionized clusters formed in Coulomb explosions".International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 220 (2): 127.Bibcode:2002IJMSp.220..127B. doi:10.1016/S1387-3806(02)00689-9.

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    The EPO seems to be OK to grant a patent to Christopher Cooper, for LENR via carbon nanotube and deuterium.…P11808546&lng=en&tab=main

    I did not have time to read the detail, and maybe there are experimental reports in the files

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    We talked about this one before:

    Patent on LENR in Graphene+Hydrogen, examination iterations...

    Looked on LENR-CANR, and Googled Christopher/William Cooper, and James Loan, but found nothing about them. Anyone know of these people? Persistent if anything, as this was first applied for 8 years ago, and they kept it active, made the yearly payments, until now. Big London Patent Law Firm involved...must have cost them bundle$.

    Dig a little further, and they also at one time partnered with Seldon Technologies (now Carbon Block) for another LENR based patent:…60&KC=&locale=en_EP&FT=E#

    "There is disclosed a method of generating energetic particles, which comprises contacting nanotubes with a source of hydrogen isotopes, such as D2O, and applying activation energy to the…on-technologies/nanotubes. In one embodiment, the hydrogen isotopes comprises protium, deuterium, tritium, and combinations thereof. There is also disclosed a method of transmuting matter that is based on the increased likelihood of nuclei interaction for atoms confined in the limited dimensions of a nanotube structure, which generates energetic particles sufficient to transmute matter and exposing matter to be transmuted to these particles."

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    If what is claimed is confirmed, this push some theory where low dimensionality is key to LENR (no surprise for me), not far from Hydroton, TSC, SAV. However, I that case, it should not be SAV "à la Staker", but similar 1D structure.

    This assumes the claims are supported by experiments, which "seems" rational, but not proven here.

    Maybe it could be replicated (with due respect) by a nanotech lab?

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    I've just seen a change in applicant for a patent application on Graphene induced LENR, from initially Seldon technology

    now the patent is applied by "Deuterieum Energetics Limited"


    Deuterium Energetics

    PO Box 319 Creston, California, 93432-0319 United States

    Maybe does it deserve some more investigation

  • We see quite an increase of companies claiming Deuterium fusion technologies the past few years.

    This one claims heavy water (D2O) combined with (carbon) nanotubes and a electromagnetic source (e.g. light) to enable Deuterium fusion to Helium.
    In their claims they also include molecular Deuterium.

    Looks like the original company was converted into this new venture.
    (reading their research page)

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    Wow, thanks for sharing this!

    The issue of the anomalous properties of water within a nanotube had been known for several years and was a thermodynamics puzzle already. This is because since early in this research it was found that Water flowing through a carbon nanotube does at speeds that mean there is no friction whatsoever, the factor is of several thousands of times faster than “it should”. This was found by the researchers of Livermore, longer than ten years ago. I know about this because It was always a promising technology for Water desalination, which you know is my obsession and the origin of my interest in exotic energy technologies. There were some previous hints of “energetic anomalies” in water flow through cell membranes in plants, some people had concluded much earlier that the process was “non conservative” from an energy point of view, meaning that water “should not” be able to move through cell membranes as it does, so they found there must be some kind of protein that actively moves water (these were later found and are called “aquaporines” and are basically nanotubes, but they are passive, don’t spend energy, So the energetic aspect of the flow through was not solved) but as usual this kind of things is never dug further as it conflicts with “what is known to be true”.

    I always suspected that this had a connection with “cold fusion” and was not really surprised that nanotubes for water desalination had kind of stalled for years, as this seemingly unexplainable fact had to be removed from public eye. It was all blamed on the difficulties of Making nanotube membranes in significant amounts, which I think is still a challenge.

  • This company's contact location in Creston California is a pretty unlikely place for scientific research. It's a tiny village with pop. of 94 at the last census, founded in 1884 as a race-horse stud farm. Also worth mentioning is a well-known recent resident, L. Ron Hubbard, who died in seclusion there in 1986.

    Maybe they just picked the Creston post office address to be obscure. It's only 10 miles from Atascadero/Paso Robles, a substantial Cal. central-coast urban area.

  • Original applicant was Seldon Technologies LLC, mainly involved into drinking water filters.
    Seldon Technologies has been aquired by Carbon Block Technology.

    Carbon Block Technology's main business is also filters for drinking water.

    Seems that the staff of Seldon Technologies by accident discovered traces of Helium fusion back in 2005.

    Deuteriumtechnologies refers to an article by other researchers confirming their technology:
    “Visible-Light-Induced Water Splitting in Channels of Carbon Nanotubes,” J. Phys. Chem. B, 2006, 110, 1571-75.

    I've asked the authors to provide a copy of their publication.

    The question I asked myself is: would there be UDD involved, induced by carbon nanotubes?

    As Deuteriumtechnologies indicate it requires an electromagnetic radiation source to obtain the fusion effect.

    In other words: carbon nanotubes to create UDD and electromagnetic radiation source to trigger UDD. Does that ring a bell?


    Street Address: 830 LEIGH MILL RD


    State/Country: VIRGINIA

    Postal Code: 22066-2623


    Property Type Number

    Application Number: 61427140 > Provisional Application Expired

    Application Number: 13591162 > Abandoned

    Application Number: 13089986 > On Appeal

    PCT Number: US2011066992 > priority 61427140, WIPO…il.jsf?docId=WO2012088472

    Application Number: 16121568 > not yet available for public inspection

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