NASA’s Lattice Confined Fusion (LCF)

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    Exterior similarity: right snap from a low level paper with rust [Fe2O3 H2O] resold to readers as elemental transmutation - CAVEAT: tricks for academic funding and errors are ever lurking

    Ahlfors , I really dislike those hints thrown to the air about the quality of a work published under peer review in several journals.

    I have read most of the papers of the ultrasound applied to steel bars. I have previously said, and I mantain the position, that proving transmutations in solids is a complex matter, specially because you can never know if what the process triggers is real transmutation or any effect that contributes to expose any previosly existing inclusion on the metallic matrix. That said, the pits in the steel bars exposed to ultrasound do have elemental anomalies, of course O can be result of oxidation, but other new elements are harder to explain this way.

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    Ahlfors, we are veering if topic here but I am well aware of the criticism to the work of the Cardone team, which, IMO is as dated as the criticism to Fleischmann and Pons. Anyway, the experiments performed on Mercury are quite conclusive in their findings of Transmutation, so no doubts about the validity of their work, and about the issue of neutrons or gamma, there’s enough evidence that we are dealing with a completely different kind of nuclear reactions and the absence of the expected ionizing radiation is a characteristic of this kind of nuclear reaction.

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    Are you serious? Peer review?? It's friends help friends! At least in most cases

    I am talking specifically of the series of papers by Cardone and Mignani, that got published even if their results are at odds with mainstream. This is not usual, and one does not get to choose who reviews the papers, so the fact that they got published even against the mainstream grain, is quite remarkable.

  • Ask ENEA, Rome, to repeat in house NASA experiences, if not already handled follwing TTU//Duncan/Bill agreements

    "The laboratory develops and produces metallic membranes (in palladium alloy) for the separation in the gaseous phase of hydrogen and isotopes. In particular, a technology for the production of thin-walled (50?) Pd-Ag tubes by means of diffusion lamination and welding has been developed and patented. As these permeators are completely selective, it is possible to obtain ultra-pure hydrogen. Also, the reduced tube thickness means contained costs and improved performance in terms of high permeation fluxes."…ec/mem/mem-detail.html.en

    [Vittorio Violante first at right in image.jpg]

  • Vittorio Violante, ENEA etc, patent examples for hydrogen purifiers at al. Apparently no link with NASA Glenn Research Center CF crew - a pity.



    EP1184125 - Method of diffusion bonding thin foils made of metal alloys selectively permeable to hydrogen, particularly providing membrane devices, and apparatus for carrying out the same


  • Not discussed yet on LENR forum

    LENR..= LC Fusion by Aikido


    we have deuterium in there which is a heavy isotope of hydrogen instead of one proton it's a proton plus a neutron

    and we can pack those in there with the density that is basically greater than solid matter if you would have solid deuterium

    what happens then is they still don't like each other positive charges so if you can imagine

    having two magnets with the pluses fitting each other when you squeeze them together

    they move apart because the inherent electrons from the titanium or erbium atoms present or in palladium there is a

    greater possibility that these two pluses get cancelled by the local negative electrons

    in fact the way i look at this is it's sort of like the difference between the hot fusion the cold fusion so to speak

    hot fusion is like karate you have to force the atoms close enough and the strong nuclear force   pulls them together despite those positive charges

    whereas what we're doing in lattice confinement fusion orthe misnamed cold fusion is more like aikido

    we're using the blending of the electron shielding to hide the nucleic charges from each other and blend them together

    and we get fusion out so what is the outcome of lattice confinement fusion

    and what has actually been demonstrated so far.....

    A question of money and time... like most things


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    I think they are approaching the PR campaign with some catchy wording and analogies. Taking distance but at the same time acknowledging a relation with “cold fusion”. I am happy they are doing this, as we discussed in the LENR-forumTelegram chat group today, while the forum was being updated, a very good opening of opportunities of being taken seriously to our field.

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    Curbina I would be very interested to know what the Cordone results were studying the transmutation of Mercury. Where was it published?

    Dr Richard , The link posted by Ahlfors is one of them, there are two others that are about the same experiment but different levels of evidence for the results (number of techniques for detecting the element reported). The last one was from 2018 in the JCMS, and is about rare earths elements, detected by only one measurement technique.

  • I was thinking in regards to the controller pulsing at light-speed in response to data received from many different types of micro/macro sensors operating superfast at once.

    An atomic symphony so to speak, playing the instruments of the Aether.

    The ability to take in data and respond/control/maintain parameters (more data) Is key ability to increase the density of the electrical output with confidence, i.e.

    Is proportional to the ability to handle an increased (dense) information load.

    In this manner, Energy Density = Information Density within the SKL.

    Just thinking...

    SKL stuff like Moon dust and Solar streaming winds...

    Following Developments in the LENR Marketplace

    PineScie and NASA have two contract items worth reviewing in detail. The first one, a purchase from 2008, is all about electro-magnetic control of plasma charged lunar dust under the influence of streaming solar energetic particles; which becomes a platform for theoretical modeling and construction of LENR energy devices. The second is a grant at the GRC Advanced Energy Conversion project. Experts knowledge able about various LENR theories and well versed in contemporary LENR research may understand how the ‘Scientific Analysis of Solar Wind Plasma Charged Dust on the Moon’ furthers our understanding and control of the nuclear reactive environments of LENR. For others, the fact that NASA views such analysis, modeling and control as essential to the AEC project would seem to prove the point. Further reading strengthens this supposition.

    Our Curiosity is Piqued at Times

    This is one of those


  • "Verification by independent sources was mentioned by a nuclear scientist friend as an important step in gaining acceptance of LCF"

    Frank Lynch, CEO (Hydrogen Components, Inc.)

    “Fun event

    Thomas Schenkel, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist, Physicist, Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics, DoE LBNL)

    Observed electron screened LCF, published in Nature and Journal of Applied Physics >>>>

    >>>> not found, see true paper here; Larry, as ever, is inaccurate in quotations - a true enthusiast, reality of phenomena [and literature] slide often in background.

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    Thanks Ahlfors . Have we heard of Curt Brown before? I don't recall his name being associated with LENR before. Of course,, we know Staker is a long time mainstay in the field, and Schenkel from Team Google (TG) is a relative newcomer. Good to see them communicating with the NASA team. Tells me there is serious interest in what is happening at Glen Carbon, as there should be.

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