US Navy new LENR patent application (25/03/2021)

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    Barsoum’s RG page:

    One paper on post ballistic impact analysis at molecular and atomic level has a retraction note, it might be a LENR relationship as we know of ballistic impact induced transmutation. Its a long shot, but wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case. Paper is not open access tho.

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    Here it is a presentation on ballistic impacts shocks and the Observation of Cherenkov and X ray emissions associated, so my intuition wasn’t that off.

    And also, from the prior paper and this presentation, we get to know that the guy can actually make good quality stuff.


  • Now, regardless of the lack of quality of the paper and the obscure publication venue, the claim is quite bold, as this would turn any battery in a indefinite power source. Electric vehicles would become infinite range overnight.

    Too good to be true?

    I think the sulfuric acid electrolyte would etch the zeolites beads (?) and eventually be neutralized, and the beads damaged. Acid etching is a commonly used treatment to alter the porosity of molecular sieves.

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    If he did not work for the Navy, I would think so. Same goes for Pais. Not that being employed at a government lab makes them more personally credible, or guarantee what they claim is not some made up fantasy, but the military does have an effective check and balance in place to weed out nut cases.

    Looking at what I have been able to find as background for Barsoum, I think the guy is actually a devoted materials scientist, and his scipedia article might have been either hastily made on purpose or due to time constraints. The work on high energy ballistic impacts and the observation of related Cherenkov and X ray emissions from specific materials being subject to those impacts clearly is the link to LENR.

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    Barsoum was also director of program of an effort devoted to study cavitation resistant materials for high velocity vessels. I know most don’t agree this is a way to do LENR but I would be surprised if after doings so much cavitation testing they wouldn’t have found any anomaly.

  • I can't imagine that this paper from Barsoum is intended for external publication. It looks like a very hasty composed laboratory note that may be part of other notes related to internal LENR proposals.

    It's full of spelling mistakes and false statements.

    The claims are rather bold. It's not clear what type of car light bulbs have been used either (they can be any wattage between 2 and 70W). There are no energy measurements included.

    I only see some possible LENR components:

    - Hydrated Alkali Aluminum Silicates are also known as zeolites. Zeolites can be used to free alkali ions.

    - Discharging a lead acid battery releases Hydrogen ions.

    Alkali ions are often applied in battery technologies. So adding zeolites to a lead acid battery could just extend the electro-chemical capacity of a lead acid batterij. Barsoem should at least analyze the chemical options to verify his incomplete observations before suggesting infinitive energy caused by LENR.

  • Another fact of possible interest: a common ceramic combining alumina and silica ("Mullite") is used in high-temperature labware as a lower cost alternative to pure sintered alumina. In early Glowstick tests (GS3) we found that reactor tubes made of Mullite became electrically conductive at as low as 500°C. While that is much higher than typical battery temperature, it shows the complex ionic behavior of the material.

    A report from 2012 also shows strong catalytic oxygenation properties for Mn-doped Mullite:

  • 99.8% pure fused alumina shares the same behaviour as mullite, becoming conductive at 400C+ At 900C it was conductive enough to blow up a large HT PSU.

    I did an extensive study of the problem, following a failure similar to yours in GS3.2. I found the conductivity of high-density sintered alumina to be fairly benign up to ~800°C, when it increased abruptly as shown on the measured data below. My complete report is at:…gbmLq83w/edit?usp=sharing


  • An old presentation from Louis DeChiaro, courtesy of Ruby:…phenomenon-well-attended/

    And some notes from DeChiaro here:…ing-pons-and-fleischmann/

    and a presentation from ICCF17:

    both of which were discussed here:

    (apologies if I'm rehashing things that everybody else is already au fait with.)

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    Sunset dinner at Skates with friends, Golden Gate smiling across the waters.

    I celebrated my first appearance as a scholarly footnote in the DeChiaro/Hagelstien 2015 IEEE presentation, slide 21.


    Conclusion: The patent door is no longer slammed shut upon inventors, even in USA.

    Sources: and - end quote

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    I wrote an e-mail to Dr. Barsoum, I hope to get some feedback from him. His work in cavitation suggest to me that he has had plenty of opportunity to bump into anomalies that should have called his attention, and the fact he mentions the Cherenkov and X ray radiation in his paper, using an image which comes from his work in hyper velocity impacts into powdered ceramics, makes me think there's a good chance that he has been working into this for a good while.

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    The paper from Barsoum claims that what can be observed in the hypervelocity impacts (10 km/s) is directly scalable to the nano scale (or even atto scale) , where a fraction of particles can be expected to be at relativistic speeds. He claims that the mechanims generating the electricty in this ceramic when exposed to normal battery electrolyte, is explainable by conventional quantum mechanics, and he provides such an explanation. The explanation of the ceramic structure references a "figure 6" that is absent in the published version. He has based all his analysis in the scaling down of the macro effect seen in the hypervelocity impacts:

    From the paper:


    Using Einstein’s approach of thought experiments (Ref. 2), let us assume a hypervelocity moving at 10km/s impacts the ceramic, and creating a hole in the ceramic of diameter 4 mm. The total energy of the hypervelocity impact is about 40 Joules, and the energy density of is (Joule = 6.2 x 1018 eV). That is 2.5x1020 eV concentrated in less than 10 mm diameter at the front end, and 0.3 x 1020 eV at the back end. Since, Cherenkov Radiation results from abundance of relativistic velocity charged particles and high-energy electrons to generate Gamma Rays at the front end, and X-Rays at the back end. (Ref. 2). As discussed below the same CR process happens inside the micro pores of the ceramic, hence the thought experiment is duplicated in the Cold Fusion process, and it is only a matter of scaling, which is governed by the laws of thermodynamics.

    Cold Fusion in the Microstructure of the Ceramic due to Chemical Reactions

    Chemical Reactions at the molecular level have significant contribution to the Energy Density associated with cold fusion. The electrolyte in both Lithium Ion and Lead acid batteries is the same –sulfuric acid (Fig. 3, 4). In Cold Fusion, the electrolyte strips the oxygen from the Silica SiyOx (see Ref.1, for the same process with Soda-Lime Glass-SLG). The positively charged Alumides in the Ceramic behave the same way as the Si in Soda Lime Glass. These chemical reactions, further contribute to the ionized particles in the electrolyte inside the microstructure of the ceramic. These reactions generate free electrons moving at relativistic velocities in the pores, which result in Cherenkov Radiation. Cherenkov Radiation is a runwayprocess that generates more free electrons and high energy Photons of X-Rays and Gamma Rays in the plasma at extreme pressure and temperature, in the microstructure of the ceramic. In addition, each individual molecular event could result in approximately 0.5eV in an attosecond, which can be measured by Transition Spectroscopy (Ref.7).

    Cherenkov Radiation causes Cold Fusion in the micro pores of the Ceramic:

    The interaction of the electrolyte with the ceramic microstructure results in extreme temperature plasma (at the Angstrom and micro dimension), which releases more ionized particles in the electrolyte. This also results in an abundance of very high velocity ionized particles and relativistic velocity electrons, which intensify the Cherenkov Radiation and high energy photons resulting in Gamma Rays and X-Rays in the electrolyte. As the condensed electrolyte exits the pores, the pressure drops suddenly to ambient pressure; it accelerates the ionized particles to the usual blue color of Cherenkov Radiation. The extreme velocity also ionizes the electrolyte, leading to well defined Cherenkov Radiation plume (Ref. 2, 29), as hown in (Ref. 1, see images Cherenkov Radiation and X-Rays and Gamma Rays).

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    It's worth to keep Cherenkov Radiation in mind as an option of LENR processes occurring in electrolytical setups.

    My current impression is though that Cherenkov Radiation can only occur as a result of LENR phenomena rather than causing them. Barsoum in fact also confirms this the abstract of his paper:


    We discuss in this paper how Cherenkov Radiation (CR), which results during Cold Fusion processes.

    This contracts however his statement further down:


    The positively charged Alumides in the Ceramic behave the same way as the Si in Soda Lime Glass. These chemical reactions, further contribute to the ionized particles in the electrolyte inside the microstructure of the ceramic. These reactions generate free electrons moving at relativistic velocities in the pores, which result in Cherenkov Radiation.

    Maybe worth keeping an eye on his future papers, but right now I am not convinced due to a lack of confirmations by fundamental measurements and contradictions in this current 'paper'.

  • United States Government funded LENR research, market entry and applied engineering is an interesting subject. The US works with corporate and or university partnerships when developing new technologies at National Laboratories. These partners share costs, contribute monies and resources for technological developments in return for patent rights and market opportunities. Technology Readiness Level TRL and Technology Transfer for CMNS energy systems is another interesting subject.

    Army, Air Force, Navy, DoE, NASA, GEC, Google CMNS energy tech development is all in US funded National Labs.

    The following document was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act suit by Government Attic .Org and contains a number of Army records from 2008 through 2010. These were requested in 2016, declassified in 2017 and finally released for publication in 2021. In short, this gives insight into Army viewpoint of LENR in 2010, their analysis and recommendations for future research. The first Navy patent (GEC) filed in 2007 granted and published in 2013 is not mentioned, yet the Navy Co Dep research is. They talk about the E Cat, Mizuno, and a few others. I expect the Army wants to stay ahead of everyone on this, I'd be unhappy with them if they were not.

    I wonder what they are discussing now. We really won't know the depth of these discussions till documents are released years later. Nor do we know how far along they are in applying CMNS energetics.

    I look forward to more disclosures.

    Description of document:

    United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) records concerning Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) 2008-2010

    GovernmentAttic GovTribe link

    Requested date: 04-August-2016

    Release date: 11-May-2017

    Posted date: 15-November-2021

    Source of document: Freedom of Information Act Request

    Commander, INSCOM


    2600 Ernie Pyle St.

    Fort Meade, MD 20755-5995

    Preferred during COVID-19 pandemic:

    Email: [email protected]


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