The Long Awaited Dec 9th 2021 Ecat SKLed and SKLep Presentation Thread

  • For one thing the regular LED is well behind where the SKL ED was placed. How far behind is anyone's guess. One can't even see the boundary of the light cone. It's cheating, plain and simple. Also, how Rossi can still claim his light is 10,000 lumens is beyond me. I've given him the benefit of the doubt before, even excusing his blog sock puppets, but this (among other things at the demo) is so blatantly wrong that my confidence in Rossi delivering a revolutionary device has about disappeared.

    Fixed it for you :)

  • The Univ of Bologna report has enough info to calculate the lumens with reasonable accuracy - a quick ballpark result at the 200cm distance would be the illuminated area about 1.77 m^2 with an average / representative illuminance of 180 Lux results in ~320 Lumens. That's only equivalent to around a 40 watt incandescent bulb. This is also about 65 Lumens / Watt.

    Thus the SKLed seems to underperform. In contrast the SKLep appears to do better as advertised.

  • Thus the SKLed seems to underperform. It's up then to the SKLep to see how that performs.

    Underperforms by over an order of magnitude! It's so obvious, yet Rossi continues to say it's 10,000 lumens. About the SKLep, I was glad the Rick 57 asked a question on the blog that I had been wondering : is the $250 price tag of the SKLep inclusive of the controller, and thus subsequent SKLeps after the first will be cheaper? (Rossi has said previously that the controller can operate one hundred Ecats iirc.)

    Rossi has not yet answered this very basic question.

    Frankly it gives the impression that Rossi is not actually intent on selling the things.

  • The intense danger implicit in LENR is now clear, following the 12/9 Rossi Revelations. No, it's not the impact this will have on the stock market and the United States government, that's small potatoes, going by vice presidential spelling.

    I am therefore founding CPEVO; the Committee for the Preservation of Exotic Vacuum Objects. Given the way society has fumbled fossil fuel, it is not too soon to worry about exhausting the vacuum.


    I accept all donations, until the CIA, NSA, or MI6 freezes my bank accounts.


    Do you think Dyson will become a sponsor?

    P.S. Apologies for my past complaints about humor attempts.

  • It seems trivial for Levi to have calculated Lumens, so why did he not? I can tell you why I think he did not.

    Rossi paid him for the "study" and told him not to do it. Levi needs to do the calculation and publish it if he wants to maintain any semblance of competence.

    Even Matts is totally bashing this 10000 Lumens claim now, saying he told hum before his calculations were bogus, and that is the reason he was not involved in this fiasco.

  • The Q&A actually was posted on the ecat site :

    I'll post snippets here that interest me - done, up to Part 4.
    His SKled numbers are so wrong I'm not going to comment on them.

    Does the SKLep switch off automatically when the temperature exceeds a maximum value? At what temperature does the SKLep switch off automatically?

    The SKLep is always intrinsically cold

    That doesn't compute with Levi's comment that RossiSez(tm) it uses a solar cell with 40% efficiency - ie 60% thermal loss.

    Which organisation has done the CE certification?

    this information is reserved to the clients and is contained in the manual

    Dear Andrea, So one Ecat SKLep gives 100 W? Is it easy to connect several? How is it done? / Best regards Lars

    they can be assembled without limits, in parallel and/or series

    How many units can you switch together?

    100 per control unit

    After it starts up and gets into self-sustain mode, will the SKLEP continue to run indefinitely if I unplug it?


    --- end of Q&A up to part 4 --

  • So the SKLep is the real deal? From the website there is this claim:

    “With a continuous output power of 100W, five Ecat SKLep would cover the electricity consumption of an average household in the EU, and three would cover the average electricity consumption of an electric car.”

    Anybody care to comment on these numbers? If they seem right to you, you probably are just the customers Rossi is looking for.

    Apartment -- not enough. My 2-bed house at night with about 10 lights, mix of CFL and LED and a lot of computers is running at 500W. Add in electric hot water, electric range ... no way. Maybe 10 SKleps with a battery handling transients like cooking and hot water.

    Excludes heat ... but thermal SKleps might work.

    Car: Maybe. Average is 4kWh/mile. 3 SKlep = 0.3kW -- lets say 14 hrs charging and 10 hrs driving/parked = 18 miles/day round trip. If you can plug the SKlep in while parked, 22 hours charging = 26 miles round trip.…-it-cost-to-charge-an-ev/

  • A Tesla will get you 4 mi/kWh. I’m guessing you mistakenly inverted the numbers. With your numbers, the 75 kWh battery pack would get you less than 20 miles of range. Anyway, say you drive 30 mph for 20 minutes. So you go 10 miles. That uses up 2.5 kWh. Using 2.5 kWh/20 min requires 7,500 Watts. A 300W power source ain’t driving you anywhere. BEVs are high-powered systems. Your fictious Rossi gadget could only power the lights and sound system. Three of them couldn’t even run the air conditioner.

    Added: Looking at your post again, I see what you are proposing is not to run the car on the SKLep but just to use it as a trickle charger, much as you could with a solar panel. Pretty much the same result for about the same price. Of course, you can actually buy a solar panel. Pretty pathetic way to keep a BEV running (for short distances) but technically it could be done.

  • It seems affected by a chronic disease and by delusions of grandeur plus persecutory mania.

    A good psychiatrist may give a better diagnosis.

    Edited once, last by truth ().

  • Maybe time to look ahead? What possibly could come next? No way in heck does Rossi get any SKLed orders now. My guess is he will once again do the switcheroo, and abandon the SKLed completely for the SKLep. But of course this will need more hard work from his team for another year, for 5 sigma etc.

  • Maybe time to look ahead? What possibly could come next? No way in heck does Rossi get any SKLed orders now. My guess is he will once again do the switcheroo, and abandon the SKLed completely for the SKLep. But of course this will need more hard work from his team for another year, for 5 sigma etc.

    I think April has Rossi’s trial

  • He is kind of right with his 500W for household and 300W for an electric car. The calculation is quite tricky. Considering that the E-Cat runs 24 hours a day, it produces 12 kilowatthours, which is the average energy consumption of three people per day. 300 Watts make 7,2 kilowatthours, that is equivalent to the energy consumption of an electric car for the average mileage per day of around 20 miles. What he leaves out is that you need quite expensive batteries, charge controller, inverter etc.

  • Given that probably all of the electronic boards composing the "IA" were sourced from online stores, what is this one in particular? Those gray connectors (how are they called?) are often seen in fluorescent lamp ballasts, but I don't know where else they are typically used. The blue heat sinks have been placed there by Rossi.

  • That looks like a specific function type of mass manufactured board, as opposed to some of the other DC voltage ebay converters. He may have just placed that in there with a load of wires not connected to anything just to throw people off the scent, I think a couple of the red/black long cables just link from one part to the same board.

  • The bigger one is a sla05vdc-sl-a relay, found on automotive charge controller like this one:

    Walfront 12V 24V 48V Lead-Acid Battery Charge Controller Protection Board Auto Start/Stop Module
    Features: If set start and stop voltage to a minimum (< 6V), it can be used as a voltmeter  to measure 7 to 60V voltage. With energy saving mode and restore to…

    The whole electronics setup looks like a dummy to me, and there certainly is no "AI" involved, it's just a handful of stuff from car supply.

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