The Totally Civil Covid Thread. (Closing 31/05)

  • PayPal Demonetises the Daily Sceptic
    If you're a regular donor to the Daily Sceptic and got an email from me in the small hours of

    "...There are five issues in particular where it’s completely verboten to express sceptical views and if you do you can expect to be cancelled, not just by PayPal but by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

    : the wisdom of the lockdown policy and associated Covid restrictions, the efficacy and safety of the mRNA vaccines, Net Zero and the ‘climate emergency’, the need to teach five year-olds* that sex is a social construct and the war in Ukraine

    Dissent from the prevailing orthodoxy in any of those areas is no longer permitted..."

    * five year-olds

    Parents’ horror over boy, three, sexually groomed by his school - The Conservative Woman
    Parents’ horror over boy, three, sexually groomed by his school

  • FDA to Vax Injured: We Got Nothin’

    FDA to Vax Injured: We Got Nothin’
    Twenty people who were harmed by Covid-19 vaccines came to Washington D.C. this week—sick, bereaved, from a dozen states—seeking help from the U.S.…

    Twenty people who were harmed by Covid-19 vaccines came to Washington D.C. this week—sick, bereaved, from a dozen states—seeking help from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    This is what they got: One hour with the top vaccine official in the United States—in a Zoom call to their hotel conference room.

    Two had lost sons, 16 and 34 years old, soon after their shots. Three were in wheelchairs, including a girl, 14. A surgeon, nurse practitioner, teacher, and most others can no longer work. Once healthy and fit, many had been eager to be vaccinated.

    “They were hiding behind a monitor,” said Brianne Dressen, 41, a Utah mother of two who was incapacitated in a vaccine trial for which she enthusiastically volunteered in November 2020. “All of us, we came out here, and Peter Marks could not get out of his house and meet with us.”

    The virtual meeting, which I sat in on, was punctuated by FDA language that the attendees told me they had heard in five such meetings before, specifically about the connection between their suffering and Covid vaccinations.

    “The data is not sufficiently robust,” Dr. Peter Marks said repeatedly. “With these low rates, it’s very hard to know what you’re looking at.” The word “rare” was used, and, of course, the phrase “1 in a million.”

    And then there was this: “That’s not to say we won’t continue to look.”

    Beyond telling several wrenching stories, these debilitated Americans, part of a patient advocacy group called React19, urged the agency to alert doctors to a devastating condition called multisystem inflammatory syndrome, particularly in children. React 19’s website lists about 30 science articles on potential vaccine-related MIS, calling it “a poorly understood, underreported, hyperinflammation of multiple organ systems.” The Covid-associated syndrome may also occur after vaccination, the group argued, and, may go unrecognized.

    The Covid Factor

    The MIS debate has parallels to another vaccine injury, myocarditis, that claimed the life of Ernesto Ramirez Jr., 16, five days after his Pfizer mRNA shot. The boy’s father, Ernesto Sr., has campaigned to gain recognition for the condition, with an FDA official telling him at one point, “This is a situation we are all going through.” Maybe so.

    But as myocarditis cases piled up, the government’s denial of vaccine-caused heart damage was intense. A major paper was withdrawn under pressure, and a Centers for Disease Control article disputed the vaccine role in the deaths of two boys. Today, the CDC acknowledges the vaccine-myocarditis link, even if asserting it is “rarely” reported. Doctors know now to look for it. Research has suggested it is more prevalent than first thought.

    On multisystem inflammatory syndrome, the FDA Zoom meeting ultimately turned on a simple question: How many pediatric cases, of a condition that cripples multiple bodily systems, are too many?

    But here’s the rub. If a disabled child with MIS had a hint of having had Covid—a common reality of a highly imperfect vaccine—the case is tossed to the “not-the-vaccine” pile.

    According to Marks, 58 vaccinated children, 5 to 11 years old, have been diagnosed with the inflammatory syndrome, which, research shows, puts nearly 60 percent in intensive care units and involves heart, kidney, respiratory and blood damage. However, of those 58, Marks told the group, 54 had “laboratory evidence” of prior Covid. Two did not; two were “unclear.” The 54 were discounted.

    “At the end of the day, given 7.3 million (vaccinated) children involved here,” Marks said, “it was impossible to make a clear association.”

    He pointed to a recent Lancet article that found 21 cases among 12-to-20-years-olds, but concluded, as with myocarditis, the condition was “rare.”

    “The (MIS) association is too weak…either in adults or in children,” Marks said.

    Joel Wallskog, co-chair of React19, is a Milwaukee orthopedist who performed 850 surgeries a year before the unthinkable happened from a shot in the arm. At 52, he is retired because he cannot stand steady enough to wield a scalpel.

    “It’s truly an unfortunate waste of time to meet with them,” he said of the meeting.

    Asked Dressen in an email to Marks: “How many cases of MIS are needed before MIS is listed on the vaccine safety label?”

    Fighting for Recognition

    These vaccine-injured people are among some 20,000 people in quickly growing social media groups. For more than two years, they have been ostracized socially; refused medical help under the “safe-and-effective” dictum; plied with drugs to help them sleep, walk, think and talk; and told, some of them, that they were suffering pandemic-related anxiety or psychosis. Mona Hasegawa, 43, injured after her first shot, was called a “conspiracy theorist” by a hospital doctor.

    A few of them are better. No one has recovered from a hastily tested vaccine given to hundreds of millions under emergency-use authorization that has yet to be withdrawn.

    A single video, shared with me by a bereaved mother, captured a sliver of the group’s pain. A propped cell phone shows a couple dancing in a sunlit living room to Roy Orbison’s “Only The Lonely.” They gently twirl, laugh, embrace. At 2 a.m. that night, May 6, 2021, Victor Castillo Simoes, 34, suffered severe chest pain and jaw numbness; he collapsed as help arrived. It had been 16 days since his first Pfizer shot.

    Studies showed Simoes died of aortic dissection, or tearing; his blood was littered with severe inflammatory markers that have been associated with the Covid and vaccine spike protein. Tragically, Simoes had discussed marriage with his girlfriend, Rayssa, that evening; his mother, Henrietta Simoes, said he had even named his future children.

    A grief-stricken Mrs. Simoes, of New York state, reported her son’s “adverse event” to the CDC tracking system, among more than 14,000 domestic Covid vaccine deaths reported to date.

    “I was profoundly shocked when no one from the CDC or FDA reached out to me to investigate my son’s death and possible safety problems with the vaccine,” she said in the virtual call with the FDA. “How can you help me?” she pleaded. “Please learn from the mistakes that have been made.”

    FDA’s Marks paused and responded, “Thanks for sharing that. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

    And so it went.

    After suffering numbness, tingling and other severe neurological issues within 20 minutes of his first injection, New York City nurse practitioner Shaun Barcavage, 52, was advised by a neurologist to get a second shot. It might calm things, it was suggested, but it didn’t.

    “That set me on fire,” he told Marks. Barcavage had tremors and tinnitus that left him “on the bathroom floor weeping, sobbing.”

    “We all stepped up,” he told the FDA. “We cannot be collateral damage.”

    “Thanks for sharing that,” said Marks.

    A mother told of her 8-year-old daughter in inconsolable chronic pain, and plagued by recurring pneumonia and loss of below-the-waist sensation, memory and bladder control. “One day she woke up and was a completely different person,” Jennifer Jones told Marks. These “nightmarish symptoms piled on week after week.”

    What did doctors do to this hip-hop loving, straight-A farm girl from Virginia? “They put my daughter in a psych unit for three weeks,” her mother said.

    Doing the work that government has abdicated, React19 cobbled together a network of physicians to treat vaccine conditions about which many doctors are clueless. The girl got help, Dressen told Marks. “If it were up to the government, this 8-year-old child would still be in diapers in a wheelchair,” she said.

    “The agencies have not disclosed these problems,” she said. “It starts with acknowledgment.”

    To which Marks said, “Thank you so much for sharing”

    “We don’t have any secrets here,” he continued. “Our goal is to make the public understand the benefits and risks of these vaccines.”

    Just how FDA is doing that was left unclear. Dr. Wallskog suggested a simple solution: Require medical personnel to report post-vax adverse events, without having to judge whether they were vaccine-caused. Penalize those who don’t report. Then verify reported cases–as Henrietta Simoes expected—and act on potential trends.

    What FDA calls “signals” of harm, Wallskog and others at the meeting told me, can only be found by looking for them.

    Hope in Congress?

    If the FDA discussion was “in one ear and out the other,” as React19’s co-chair Dressen put it, the group found elected representatives decidedly more receptive.

    Last November, just two members of Congress agreed to meet. But over the course of three days, the group secured meetings in the offices of 16 senators and 16 representatives, even if mostly with Congressional aides. The legislators included 11 Democrats and 21 Republicans.

    Beyond FDA affirmation of harm, React19 wants major reform of the two inadequate programs that exist, ostensibly, to serve people injured by vaccines. Under a U.S. law called the PREP Act— Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for Medical Countermeasures Against COVID-19 -- pharmaceutical manufacturers have nearly complete immunity. “They cannot be sued for money damages in court,” a Congressional report states, except for “willful misconduct.”

    The government’s primary vaccine-harm program, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund, does not even cover Covid shots. A second program, Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, is an anemic consumer-protection measure.

    Since 2010, CICP has paid just $6 million on 30 claims; 400 were denied. For Covid alone, 9,888 claims have been filed, with none paid and, based on the program’s track record, slim chance that many will succeed. Once rejected, decisions are final, with no appeal or due process.

    Operated under the aegis of the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, the program is designed to fail the injured.

    “HHS has actively supported mandating vaccines in numerous contexts and downplayed adverse effects in a purported effort to combat ‘vaccine hesitancy’,” React19 contends. “As such, HHS essentially serves as judge, jury, and interested party.”

    “Such a system is inherently unjust to the vaccine injured,” React19 believes.

    Rude Awakening

    This small group of vaccine-injured people are representative of something much larger. More than 400 Covid-vaccine death claims alone have been filed, among thousands more injuries. Group members who believed in government say the experience has changed them.

    “As a nurse, I never realized, if you are vaccine-injured in the U.S., not only is there no care for you, there is no organization fighting for you,” said Shaun Barcavage. “It is indisputable that the medical system is failing us. It’s the biggest shock of my medical career.”

    “It’s like somebody just pats you on the back and walks away,” said Ramirez, who routinely wears a t-shirt that says, “Pfizer killed my baby boy.”

    “My son wanted to join the Air Force. This is how he gets repaid.”

    If the FDA wants a case study in cause-and-effect, it should look no further than Maddie de Garay, now 14. A participant in a Pfizer vaccine trial, she exhibited off-the-chart symptoms within 24 hours of her second Covid vaccine shot on January 20, 2021. Today, she cannot walk; has been fed through a nasogastric tube since March 2021; and was diagnosed last June with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. While described as a disorder with “nerve swelling and irritation (inflammation) that leads to a loss of strength or sensation,” that does not begin to describe Maddie’s struggles.

    Nonetheless, trial investigators had little interest in Maddie’s condition -- in her liver, kidney, gastrointestinal issues and bloody urine, her mother, Stephanie de Garay, said. Emergency room doctors at the hospital where the trial was held initially “laughed at us,” she said. A pain specialist was recommended. The FDA did not reach out.

    “She was in a trial,” de Garay told me. “They know very well what happened. They know very well what was happening. I just like to think the best of people,” she said after the FDA virtual meeting. “They’re just desensitized. …It’s almost like they’ve been brainwashed.”

    Lastly, she said, “We thought it was safe.”

  • This is what they got: One hour with the top vaccine official in the United States—in a Zoom call to their hotel conference room.

    Members of FM/R/F/B mafia are not interested in you, but just in your money. They have a large majority in the congress all courts and own 99% of all news papers / TV channels etc...

    If such a guy tells you we will help you this translates in :: "fuck off".

    Rule 1: You own your body

    Rule 2: Only you are responsible for maintaining it.

    Rule 3: Never ask a doctor unless its a serious case CoV-19 was no longer serious after April 2020. The cure was ready.

    Rule 4 - Darwins law. Fools will die earlier...

  • Baby crash in the city of Zurich is accelerating massively

    In June, the drop in births in Switzerland's largest city was an incredible 31 percent. The crash thus increases significantly in speed.

    Baby-Crash in Stadt Zürich beschleunigt sich massiv - Inside Paradeplatz
    Im Juni betrug der Einbruch der Geburten in der grössten Schweizer Stadt unglaubliche 31 Prozent. Absturz nimmt damit deutlich an Tempo zu.

    The city of Zurich, as the most urban place in the country, sets the pace in many areas. Now for newborns too.

    Their number is collapsing. And how. In June, births in the city of Zurich fell by an incredible 31 percent compared to the average for the years 2015 to 2019.

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  • PayPal bans Free Speech and Sceptics

    Following EU, UK, US Gov't orders?

    The U.S. government has not issued any such orders. It cannot. That would violate the Constitution. More to the point, do you think PayPal would keep it secret if it was following U.S. Government orders? Are you familiar with U.S. corporations? I mean, were you born yesterday? Corporations do not take kindly to the government telling them what to do. They do not keep it secret.

    When the government timidly suggests it might just be in the public interest for power companies to maybe think about not killing 20,000 people a year with coal smoke, the power companies raise holy hell and accuse the government of tyranny. When the government suggests that the increase in obesity from 15% to 42% of the population since 1960 might not be good for our health, and it might possibly have some connection to food marketing, fast food, and Dept. of Agriculture policies . . . the food industry raises hell and nothing is done. Obesity costs $173 billion and kills roughly 300,000 people per year (plus a lot more with COVID) but the industry prevents any effective public health response, or any education in public schools, or any change in public school menus, USDA price supports, or anything else. Granted, Uncle Sam does publishes the facts, and so does the medical establishment:

    Obesity is a Common, Serious, and Costly Disease
    Get the latest data and facts about adult obesity in the US.

  • The U.S. government has not issued any such orders. It cannot. That would violate the Constitution. More to the point, do you think PayPal would keep it secret if it was following U.S. Government orders? Are you familiar with U.S. corporations? I mean, were you born yesterday? Corporations do not take kindly to the government telling them what to do. They do not keep it secret.

    I am with JedRothwell in this one.

    With the caveat that the US Government not long ago attempted to establish an agency to control “misinformation” and this caused a huge backlash that stoped the plans on its tracks.

    However, so called “Big Tech” companies, of which PayPal could be considered an exponent, have been engaging in censorship of ideas that are considered misinformation, on their own, and by an agreement and a sort of private consortium between them that has also received funds from the Bill&Melinda Gates foundation, and some of the open society foundation, which is also actively encouraged by the WEF, a cooperation which enforces the so called fact checkers as the only source of official and immaculate truth.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • The U.S. government has not issued any such orders. It cannot. That would violate the Constitution.

    You mix up free mason orders with government. The government is just the FM/R/JF fig leaf...

    Free mason are not bound to law as most judges are member of FM/R/JF.

    It's the same terror group as in Russia. Low brain, greedy and over fucked.

  • sets the pace in many areas. Now for newborns too.

    Their number is collapsing.

    As said: If you vaxxxx during the first 4 months of pregnancy you have a 50% chance of still birth. But the mafia likes to vaxx the unborn too. Dr. Mengele was a kind of more human than the current USA FM/R/JF mafia members... He directly killed the people...

  • Has it occured to anyone that few would plan to have children in the middle of a COVID pandemic? So the fact that there were fewer conceived 9 months ago is hardly surprising. Especially in a well-ordered place like Zurich where I bet there are few unplanned pregnancies.

    Now - question for you - who was thinking - "this is because the vaccine decreases fertility"!

    Given what this thread has become - I'd expect many.



  • Is this THE CURE for Covid? Sure looks like it!!!

    Oxidation of nitric oxide by oxomanganese–salen complexes: a new mechanism for cellular protection by superoxide dismutase/catalase mimetics
    Manganese—salen complexes (Mn-Salen), including EUK-8 [manganese N,N′-bis(salicylidene)ethylenediamine chloride] and EUK-134 [manganese 3-methoxy…

    Manganese—salen complexes (Mn-Salen), including EUK-8 [manganese N,N′-bis(salicylidene)ethylenediamine chloride] and EUK-134 [manganese 3-methoxy N,N′-bis(salicylidene)ethylenediamine chloride], have been reported to possess combined superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase mimetic functions. Because of this SOD/catalase mimicry, EUK-8 and EUK-134 have been investigated as possible therapeutic agents in neurological disorders resulting from oxidative stress, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke and multiple sclerosis. These actions have been explained by the ability of the Mn-Salen to remove deleterious superoxide (O2−) and H2O2. However, in addition to oxidative stress, cells in models for neurodegenerative diseases may also be subjected to damage from reactive nitrogen oxides (nitrosative stress), resulting from elevated levels of NO and sister compounds, including peroxynitrite (ONOO−). We have been examining the interaction of EUK-8 and EUK-134 with NO and ONOO−. We find that in the presence of a per-species (H2O2, ONOO−, peracetate and persulphate), the Mn-Salen complexes are oxidized to the corresponding oxo-species (oxoMn-Salen). OxoMn-Salens are potent oxidants, and we demonstrate that they can rapidly oxidize NO to NO2 and also oxidize nitrite (NO2− to nitrate (NO2−). Thus these Mn-Salens have the potential to ameliorate cellular damage caused by both oxidative and nitrosative stresses, by the catalytic breakdown of O2−, H2O2, ONOO− and NO to benign species: O2, H2O, NO2− and NO3−.

  • Concomitant Administration of Flu & SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines Lowers Antibody Titers Against Covid-19

    Concomitant Administration of Flu & SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines Lowers Antibody Titers Against Covid-19
    The recent White House guidance for people to take the bivalent BA.5 Covid-19 booster vaccine concurrently with the influenza shot was clearly not based on…

    The recent White House guidance for people to take the bivalent BA.5 Covid-19 booster vaccine concurrently with the influenza shot was clearly not based on evidence. It's immunology 101 that introducing multiple antigens simultaneously will generally reduce the immune response to each antigen. However, that didn't stop the current heads of the executive branch of government from issuing their flippant comment that God gave us two arms so we could be vaccinated in each one simultaneously. A truly insensitive, frankly bizarre, and definitely inappropriate comment made by Biden’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha.

    Are we Following Science?

    This media has expressed concern about questionable commitment to science associated with this current administration (to be fair, we were just as critical with the last one). A confluence socio-economic, political, and even cultural interests at the top of American society could be influencing ongoing pandemic-related decision-making, unfortunately possibly even more than what should be driving such decision-making: the data from new studies often reported by this platform.

    Sometimes it seems like, for every positive step forward based on real science, the administration does something based on junk science, taking us a step back. See “Junk Science Now Drives Government Policy While Biased Media Outlets Offer No Real Objectivity.”

    What happened to following science wherever it takes us? One relevant study published in the peer review journal Vaccine involves a 480-participant randomized, open-label, controlled study conducted in Zhejiang Province, China, led by investigators affiliated with the provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Xiamen University as well as vaccine producer Sinovac Biotech.

    Involving the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine and the influenza vaccine, the results of this published study result indicate that administering a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine concurrently with an influenza vaccine causes a significant reduction in immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 antibody titers. This study was published last month, weeks before the incorrect White House guidance.

    The net takeaway of the formal, randomized clinical trial underwritten by the Key Research and Development Program of Zhejiang Province and China’s Science Foundation of National Health Commission shows a significant reduction in antibody titers when the influenza vaccine was co-administered with the second dose of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

    But There’s More…

    In a major Anglo-American-sponsored study, vaccine producer Novavax collaborated with a large team of scientists employed at several prominent, UK-based academic medical centers in a randomized investigation into the co-administration of influenza vaccine and the Novavax SARS-CoV-2 protein subunit vaccine.

    Represented by corresponding author Professor Paul T. Heath, FRCPCH, affiliated with the Vaccine Institute of St. George’s University of London as well as St. George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the study data leads us to another materially important observation: while it appears safe to administer concomitantly seasonal influenza vaccines and the NVX-CoV2373 Covid-19 vaccine, more side effects were observed, as well as importantly, a reduction in SARS-CoV-2 antibody titers in the co-administration group.

    The authors, led by Professor Health, went on the record, first discussing side effects:

    "Reactogenicity events were more common in the co-administration group than in the NVX-CoV2373 alone group: tenderness (113 [64·9%] of 174 vs 592 [53·3%] of 1111) or pain (69 [39·7%] vs 325 [29·3%]) at injection site, fatigue (48 [27·7%] vs 215 [19·4%]), and muscle pain (49 [28·3%] vs 237 [21·4%])."

    The importantly the author’s relay:

    "a reduction in antibody responses to the NVX-CoV2373 vaccine was noted."

    Now this study was published way back in Feb 2022 in the peer-reviewed journal The Lancet: Respiratory Medicine.

    One would think that the top scientists and doctors under the employ of the White House (like Dr. Jha) or Dr. Anthony Fauci, for that matter, or importantly, other prominent contributors under the employ of Health and Human Services--whether that be under the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Food and Drug Administration--would have time by now to read up on the literature to provide informed guidance to the public.

    So much for following the science. Maybe God gave us two arms for something other than vaccine receptacles

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