Fun Science, everything is Magnetic.

  • Hello fellow searchers.

    This thread is the accumulation of 32 years of Experiments. Literally 1000's of experiments with dozens of Method patents or schematics with unique IP.

    I am here to share what I have learned.

    As this is an 'all encompassing' Physics thread, it will take many posts to answer your questions as there is no 'simple' answer. One thing leads to the next.

    Some of you may have heard of the JoeCell. If you have, then understand that this simple Cell design is only known for ONE of the 16 different outcomes it can have and it is but ONE design by Joe.

    As this is the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction forum, we will jump right in with one of the easiest things to do in transforming matter with very low energy inputs.

    In the following Video, done a decade ago, I took my family to witness LENR and what it means to science. I am the cameraman in this video. There are several 'hidden' or 'not noticed' points that will be referred to later when explaining exactly what is happening to the water. For those with a keen mind, listen to Matt and Joe at the 1.04 mark. 'Tell the Cell I want Oil'

    Full unedited version of Oil from Water.
    This Video is not presented as anything other than "educational" on how to think outside the box and use more than just 2 electrodes in water. The construction…

    There are other videos made that day and they too are on Rumble under MerLynnOZ, They represent other aspects of Field Science that we will deal with in good time.

    The "problem" with ALL modern Physics theroies, is there is no Magnetics within or about the Atomic Structure.

    Please, please, please. I am not here to debate the fakery of these videos. (no 'video' of LENR will ever be proof enough or be convincing) I come here in good faith too explain what we have demonstrated IN PERSON to literally 1000's of people and many of them came back a second and third time to understand just what it is that this LENR is all about. For those that 'cant wait' I urge you to go to and read Electricity, Science and Biology.

    To the ADMIN and Moderators. Please note.

    I am retired and do NOT Sell any of the products mentioned. I can provide help with material procurement but only for the Specifications of the materials. Perhaps I will start a thread in Replication. But first the Theory.

    Ponder this.... what came first... the Theory or the Invention.

    Did Tesla come first or the 'electron'? (hint the electron was postulated to explain Tesla's "lightning" and thus the birth of particle science begins on an assumption of an imaginary particle in an imaginary structure.)

    If one presents a NEW THEORY on PHYSICS, then one MUST back it up with devices that are commercially available to prove to oneself of the authenticity of the Theory. To this end, I will make reference to devices that can be bought from suppliers not associated with me.

    For those whose research has included Walter Russell, bear in mind he said there are only 2 forces in the Universe, Expansion and Compression. This Field Science translates that as Positive or Negative forces or North Pole Negative and South Pole Positive as the only 2 forces in a Universe Hermes Trismegistus stated in his First Law the 'Universe is MENTAL'. (Mind Program the Cell with 'I want Oil') We demonstrate these 2 Forces as IMPLOSION and EXPLOSION Forces with 'electricity' from a Car Battery.

    Im-Plosions and Ex-Plosions Demo
    In this Video, Joe demonstrates the 2 extremes of the Magnetic Spectrum. Joe fills the Cell up with plain water and tops it up with green water from a previous…

    where just by reversing the electrode placement, we get an entirely 'new' gas. (and a new water color for those who pick up on this point) There is no 'electrolysis' experiment on planet earth, where one can make an implosive gas in a 'bubble'.

    All JoeCells work 'best' with just a car battery for "Hypercharging".(we'll get to that subject in due course.) Despite what you have heard in the Past. Joe has stated many times his "Cells" are "Frequency Generators" and designed to "change the Memory in Matter". They have nothing in common with 2 electrode 'electrolysis'. They have nothing in common with any H2O apparatus. Do not confuse the two. Understand there IS A DIFFERENCE. These Joe "Cells" operate on an entirely NEW form of Physics we call Field Science, where everything is a Magnetic Field. When we get to the advanced use of Magnetics where we replace the Battery for 'energy' and use the Magnets directly, removing the need to 'spin' the magnet to generate 'electricity, to demonstrate that anything Joe can do with a Battery he can do with a couple Ferrite ring magnets as a 'magnet' is but a 'lump of electricity'.

    Here is the ULTIMATE LENR using some magnets and "Neutral Plates" to literally transmute sea salt into fresh water.

    Magnetic In-Line JoeCell restructuring Ocean Sea Water into Fresh.
    In this Video, Rebecca from the USA, video's Joe connecting up a 1000 litre Tank of Water sourced from Ballina Ocean boat ramp at high tide and running it…

    Magnetic In-Line JoeCell restructuring Ocean Sea Water into Fresh. 2nd Camera view
    This video is where I Video Rebecca doing her own promotional Video as she has clients in the USA who are interested. See her vid here.…

    You can understand the Intellectual Property of these Magnetic In-Line Cells watching Joe here....

    Understanding Magnetics for when the SHTF
    Here are a couple Videos that will help to understand the use of Magnets and the treating of water. Please ask any questions that arise from these vids. This …

    We will get to the Text Book explanation soon enough.

    As this is the introductory post to the New Physics of Field Science It would be prudent to follow all the links before asking questions.

  • Well, Thanks for that long post. I am enjoying it already.

    I am just comenting before reading and watching it in full, and prompted by some of your statements, to let you know that, while I have a personal view that is open to think that water electrolysis can cause LENR and that there’s evidence to support that, this is not at all a widely held view and your claims will surely be subject to scrutiny and counter points of view. However, I welcome your interest in participating here, as this is already shaping up to be lots of fun.

    Also wanted to say that while I am under the impression that you are Australian, I would like to ask you if you are so inclined, to present yourself and tell us your background, to let us get acquainted with who you are. Thanks in advance!

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Now that I watched the videos and read your posts on the metallic man forum, I understand better where you come from, in phylosophical terms at least. The idea that the difficulty to replicate results is due to the operators intent falls into what is usually termed “the paranormal”. I am no stranger to the idea that the outcome of the experiment depends on the will and intent of the experimentator. I am also no stranger to the idea that water can transform into anything and that it may have what is popularly known as “memory” albeit researchers like Preparata called it “coherent quantum domains”.

    However, the way you present this concepts here is more proper of a magician than of a scientist, if I have to be honest.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • to present yourself and tell us your background

    There is a picture of me somewhere on the internet in the link to metalicman I think.
    (i wish I could delete it) Born in Sth Dakota of German Cherokee descent. I have 2 websites and zero social media and thus no actual presence outside of Health and Healing websites as the originator of the footbath healing modality. To understand the Q2 Energy Spa/Aquachifootbath/iwantthecube/BEFE design WILL change your view on Physics if one wants to understand water and electricity and thus the Physics of the Universe. The JoeCell is the advanced PhD design for the more experienced Apprentices. At this point in time, few understand the Nature of making water 'magnetic' and what it means.

    I started the Company Q Tech Laboratories Research and Development Co in 1996 to bring Magnetic Water Science back to the world.

    I live in a 3 story pyramid house I built myself in '88 and there is not a lot of 'activity' of the spiritual kind that I have not had lots of personal experience with. I may touch on some of these experiences when it relates to how knowledge was 'given' to me. But nothing beats making water magnetic in the garage and watching the flame from a cigarette lighter go DOWN the falling water defying all that is known about thermodynamics. To be honest, there are lots of word salads when it comes to physics and not a lot of actual experiments and this site is similar. I can fix that. eventually some will find this.... Lynn is Celtic for "a body of water". There are no coincidences and literally Magic is the application of magnetic current or 'electricity' to the 4 elemental states of Matter. I AM MerLynn. The Magi were from Persia and they traveled in biblical times with their 3 Baghdad Batteries to Heal.

    What I present is presented in a take it or leave it attitude. It very well may be that it takes decades for this Ancient Science to resurface. And then it will be found that I presented it first back in 2015 on the thunderbolts forum. Just wait til I tell you how to make the Vacuum Energy Cells (batteries of unlimited power) similar to the 'light bulbs' (haha) at the Dendera Temple in Abydos.

  • “coherent quantum domains”.

    In the many missives linked to above, the single most important point is the Shape and nature of the Water Crystal of Light.

    'coherent quantum domains' is another WORD SALAD description of an idea without form or an explanation without reference to reality.

    Propagated by those with a wage dependent conformance factor based upon shekels. Imagine and publish or be damned.

    Tell me again what Tesla meant by NON PHYSICAL PHENOMENA if it doesnt resemble 'magic'?

    What I present is the Minds Eye View of Physics as the idea to visualize when understanding the simple atomic structure.

    What I present as Electricity, is the Non Physical Vibrational Energy of Matter. Its also what Tesla said it was. There is no 'spin' in the 'atom. There is no gravity in the bonds. There are no 'marbles' in the atomic structure. The Aquachifootbath device turns water into oil every time its turned on and and no one bothers to investigate this. You dont get better than this for low energy nuclear reactions.(transmutations of the 'elements')

    Walter Russell said that in the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation. Cells are Frequency Generators. Frequency is expressed as Waves or Hertz.

    Memory is held in Magnetic Fields not coherent quantum domains..... I have written this in a fashion any high school student can understand for a reason.

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  • I'm glad someone has been interested in joe cells. I was particularly interested after his ridicule by many learned people. I posted a link that I thought had some close links to LENR. The diffusion of gas through metal.

  • I'm glad someone has been interested in joe cells. I was particularly interested after his ridicule by many learned people. I posted a link that I thought had some close links to LENR. The diffusion of gas through metal.

    Due to the nature of "I am no stranger to the idea that the outcome of the experiment depends on the will and intent of the experimentator." said Curbina... no one ever understood what Joe was saying when he was describing how his Cells work. No one understood the 4 Elemental States of Matter or the 4 Stages of the Cell either. All they could see were bubbles and electrolysis it must be... Its the educated mind that cant think for itself thats the problem. Everything is related back to what they already know to be true even if it isnt.So to watch Joe carelessly switch electrodes and tap the cell 3 times when hooking up the leads isnt in their vocabulary of science principles.

    When asked of Joe how he knows these things, his stock answer is God tells me what I need to know when I need to know it. To most everybody this just isnt scientific yet they fail near every time to replicate. You literally need FAITH to make happen what you believe will happen and it ALL HAPPENS if you are just told by Joe how to think and then apply the correct sequence of 'electrodes'. Its actually that simple to Have Faith by knowing the Truth of the Atomic Structure and what it is you are applying to change it. Cold Fusion is the opposite and equal to hot fusion and no control or thought over the lab experiment is the opposite and equal of thoughts controlling the lab experiment.

    When Ponds managed by 'luck' to get the proverbial over unity, to get it again all he needed to do was tap the Cell again 3 times and the 4th leave it connected as the Cell needs to cycle through the 4 Elemental States back to Fire. (electricity is Fire) The JoeCell was said to be a Stage 3 Cell to activate the FIRE within the AIR or WIND to Implode with a North Pole Negative Bias to duplicate the Atmospheric cause of rain which is Implosion forces. Its explained in the above links. A stage 4 cell makes Fire or electricity and to watch it jump out of a JoeCell and bounce around the shed walls is spectacular and deadly as it went through Joes hand like a stab wound. The Cell then has the Frequency of Implosion of Air (3rd Elemental State) and the air in the Motor Implodes sucking the piston up rather than heat expanding the Nitrogen in the air to force it down. It also runs ICE COLD and water at a ratio of 1400 to 1 comes out the exhaust as water droplets. Cold or Anti-Thermodynamics if you will.

    The JoeCell is the Ultimate COLD FUSION BATTERY. I can tell you how to make one and how to make it work and I can tell you why every one else failed including Ponds et al. BUT FIRST I have to tell you what Universal Laws to observe when experimenting. You cannot make a JoeCell Battery or a JoeCell LENR device if you have the incorrect MINDSET or BELIEF about what it is that you are doing. If you believe in electrons, the chances of making a cold fusion battery are reduced to near zero. Here is another point why experimenters fail. The ADDITION of a Battery Circuit within a Multi-meter adds ANOTHER Frequency or Vibration that DISRUPTS the 'harmony' one is trying to achieve. But alas, no experimenter will throw away this disrupter meter.

    The "the will and intent of the experimenter" must have in the MINDS EYE how this Transmutation of the Atomic Structure comes about. Reich called it the "Y" factor and its about the only thing he had correct. Also known as the Placebo effect or Emoto's effect but for a different 'purpose'.

    There is no diffusion of gas through the metal. The JoeCell once charged is then connected to a dead end on the engine block so the ONLY thing that is Transferred is ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBRATION.... now where have we heard that before.

    Vibration People. Electricity is Vibration and Vibration only. Academia hasnt got out of the habit of playing with marbles from childhood. To them everything must be a solid marble like particle. But its NOT. Everything is a Tetrahedron Crystal of Light and everything Vibrates. Academia even wants to change Tesla's quote to energy. frequency and Sound waves as this is how they SEE Vibration only. Thus further removing one from the truth and the ability to MIND PROGRAM METALS with the Vibration of THOUGHT Fields. Which is a Level of Technology above which most havent imagined yet and thus falls in the realm of more proper of a magician. Thoughts are magnetic Vibrations that can be 'projected' out of the fingers or other body parts like the eyes causing one to turn around and see who is staring at you. Practice makes perfect unless you're labeling everything para normal or pseudo science.

    I have been instructed by Joe for the last 26 years on the Principles of the JoeCell or a device that makes water a Liquid Magnet. I am his most advanced Apprentice. We all know of how there is a swirling motion in a glass of water. Just add a drop of food dye and wait a while to see this action completely disperse the dye throughout the water. These Magnetic Light Crystals when HYPERCHARGED or electrified by Magnetic Current with a Field Generation Antenna (the Cell) are RAISED in VIBRATIONAL frequencies and are higher than static normal, and WILL impart BACK TO THE ANTENNA these higher vibrations as ELECTRICITY. Simple really. But if you test the 'electrical output' with a multi meter, one disrupts the natural vibrations and it KILLS the Cell. An O'scope is even worse and guarantees failure.

    To understand the Metallurgy of the Cell or any battery, ponder on this statement until I get around to explaining it (as to where Iron comes from) that Geology is best understood as PETRIFIED BIOLOGY. If one doesnt understand that Iron is only produced by Biological actions and is thus ORGANIC then one doesnt understand how the iron in a JoeCell can be programmed by the Bio Field of the Experimenter to IMPART the Correct Frequency that the Battery to the Cell is providing as a sort of CARRIER WAVE of INTENT. The Law that the Universe is Mental is part of the Science to use the LOW ENERGY of the HUMAN BIO FIELD to Transmute the Nuclear structure of Matter with a little help from a Baghdad Battery.

    There's more..;.;.......

  • You can’t do without geology, there are already discharges - earthquakes, and there are several of them every day, mini-earthquakes, there’s just a lot of electricity in the earth’s crust, you need to use it too, you don’t need to focus on one.

  • You can’t do without geology, there are already discharges - earthquakes, and there are several of them every day, mini-earthquakes, there’s just a lot of electricity in the earth’s crust, you need to use it too, you don’t need to focus on one.

    o understand the Metallurgy of the Cell or any battery, ponder on this statement until I get around to explaining it (as to where Iron comes from) that Geology is best understood as PETRIFIED BIOLOGY. If one doesnt understand that Iron is only produced by Biological actions and is thus ORGANIC then one doesnt understand how the iron in a JoeCell can be programmed by the Bio Field of the Experimenter to IMPART the Correct Frequency that the Battery to the Cell is providing as a sort of CARRIER WAVE of INTENT.

  • there’s just a lot of electricity in the earth’s crust

    This statement doesnt make sense in that SCIENCE has no definitive explanation or Theory as to what it is.

    Electricity would be the most contentious subject in ALL OF Science.

    When 2 nails are stuck in a Tomato to exhibit 'electricity', is the 'electricity' coming from the tomato or the nails or 'both' and what is the mechanism by which this happens? Please no 'imagined' particles in an 'imagined' theory. Keep it simple. Just what can you MEASURE and with what instruments are you measuring to determine the SOURCE of this NON PHYSICAL Phenomena we call electricity in the earths crust.

    If from the Tomato, please explain it so we can all understand it. If it comes from the dissimilar metal in the nails, please explain what the difference in metals have to do with 'electricity'. If its all 3 items, how are they related? If you get it right, it will follow through for the Baghdad Battery as well.

    Then perhaps we can get to the Layers of Earth that exhibit 'energy' phenomena. To just say theres a lot of electricity in the earth is meaningless and without subjective empirical data.

    While you are technically 'right' there is no link that you have shown between electricity and rocks. Remember this.... You cant have AC or Alternating current without a Magnet. You cant have a Magnet without a Battery. And a Battery is only the interaction of 2 dissimilar Magnetic Field Patterns created by Vibrations. Everything about understanding electricity is found in the Baghdad Batteries construction which is IDENTICAL to the tomato and 2 nails.

    To jump ahead in this Field Science I post the following.... but the longer version is here...


    Fine Silver Collection of

    Battery charged silver wands

    Silver has long been associated with the healing Arts as good health can lead to longevity and anti-aging. Modern use of ‘electricity’ upon silver is ‘limited’ to just 2 wires and however many ‘Cells’ or voltage one feels is ‘correct’ to make a circuit with Direct Current, in water that is not found in nature we call Lab ‘distilled’ water. It is out of phase with nature and has a small max dosage factor as the production methodology lacks a basic understanding of the energy being used.

    How did the Magi in Persia use their batteries? Up till 2003 there were 3 “Cells” called The Baghdad Batteries that were 2000 years old in the Baghdad Museum. These 3 Cells combined would give 4.5 Volts of Direct Current or DC. This 3 Cell potential is all you need to ‘activate’ silver in ‘earth charged’ water to make anti-aging, life extension and healing ‘elixirs’.


    Elements have mass spectrometer vibrational ‘signatures’. The addition of more magnetic DC from batteries or Cells will increase these vibrations. The ‘elemental vibrations’ of copper and iron, that make the battery’s magnetic DC or its ‘electrical potential’ are responsible for the vibrations we call ‘electricity’. It follows that there will be ‘scales’ or harmonics of ‘energy signatures’ in which the vibrations of magnetic DC are more ‘harmonious’ to Life when applied to silver and consumed, or any other ‘element’ that is added ‘magnetically’ to the elixir. When Silver is used as the Antenna to magnetically charge water, the water takes on the Memory of Silver. Memory is held within the Vibrations of Magnetism. 1

    What is electricity

    The very ‘nature’ of magnetic current would be the most contested concept within academia. Looking at the production of ‘electricity’ rather than the theoretical structure of the atom may provide better insights. Battery DC is what is applied to iron to permanently ‘magnetize’ the iron as a ‘flow’ in a coil to generate the Magnetic Field that is ‘retained’ as a Magnetic MEMORY within the Resonating Field Pattern in an iron magnet. More electricity here & science here.

    Iron and Copper are the two metals found in the Baghdad batteries. Iron in Alchemical terms is ‘organic’, (‘iron’ originates in petrified sediments of dead ocean microbes as Haematite) and will take most any Voltage from a vibrational DC source to enhance its Memory of Bio Magnetism. Iron isn’t as dependent upon the Harmonics of the DC Vibrations that aligns the ‘water crystals’ within its structure and the resultant permanent magnetic Field. Iron used in a Field Generation device as Rings, for example, will ‘radiate’ Life force Vibes with most any Direct Current source. Silver being a Crystal of the Earth, requires the DC source to be a Harmonic of its own earth made frequencies. The use of Alternating Current or AC being filtered and rectified into DC, is still made with copper and iron as the main metals. AC vibrations are iron and copper frequencies for the source of Life Enhancing Vibrational ‘electricity’ as Life Memory Vibrations for bio enhancement activation of Silver or copper or Iron Rings in a Bio Electric Field Enhancement device. A magnet is ‘hyper-charged’ iron for greater Field integrity.

    Spinning the “Non Physical” ‘wave form field’ of a magnetized Iron magnet past a coiled Copper ‘collector’ that acts like a Tuning Fork for the Crystalline atomic structure of the copper and is dam near identical to harvesting the Frequencies of copper and iron in this battery. One is continuous and the other starts and stops 60 times a second as the magnets invisible or non physical ‘iron fillings wave form” Field passes the Copper and acting like a ‘tuning fork’ upon the copper each time. Electricity is vibrations and vibrations are wave forms that exhibits’ the 4 phases of Magnetism. Electricity is more an effect between two ‘elemental states of matter’ more like tuning forks transmitting ‘energy’ to each other, not a particle. The vibrational effect can ‘jump’ short distances between conductors in a Conductive Gas.

    Using Lithium, NiCad or other metal combinations as batteries to make colloidal silver, imparts a different ‘flavour’ of electrical vibrations, adding another ‘harm’ (not harmonious) factor to the Field being Vibrated or the silver being electrified is the same thing. Now for the practical applications of Field Science.

  • the Bio Field of the Experimenter to IMPART the Correct Frequency that the Battery to the Cell is providing as a sort of CARRIER WAVE of INTENT. ..

    This is the very definition of a Magic Crystal Wand of Olde.

    For those who read the Links and found the Story of Mo. (you know him as Moses)

    Mo's Staff or large Wand has an Atlantean Fire Crystal on top and when he tapped rocks with it, the LENR caused water to flow. (as everything is water said Thales and Aristotle)

    Mo's Staff didn't require a 'battery' as the Human Brain (grey matter only) is ONLY a BATTERY and your hands are electrodes and the crystal atop was an amplifier of the Human Vibrations emanating from the hands (electrodes) to transform rocks into water. All Mo had to do was think of a nice glass of water and tap the rocks.

    In one experiment using the SAME Cell as the water into Oil Cell, we poured fresh runny concrete into the cell and after a few seconds of Mind controlled Vibrations from a car battery, I drank the potable water that only seconds before was runny aggregate. I drank from the top of a 55 gallon drum that only seconds before was used engine oil and kerosene from a body shop. Then there was the time 3 tribesman came to see our Gold Separation technology. They brought with them 5 litres of that special acid that dissolves gold. Only 3 seconds of battery INTENT was required and I managed to dip my finger in it before Joe and Taste Pure water. You want LENR, then understand the science or we will be here for decades discussing palladium over titanium in the next Pons and Fleishmann's methodology.

  • there’s just a lot of electricity in the earth’s crust,

    Everything is Magnetic. A Battery displays Direct Magnetic Current.

    An Earth Battery requires another "Field of Vibrations" to make the battery. Also known as an Atmospheric Battery where the Earth and the WIND are the 2 Elemental States one needs to utilize to harvest the Vibrations between the dissimilar States of Matter. But if you are looking for 'electrons' to harvest in the Steeples interactions with the Iron 'mesh' in the surrounding area, then you will not find any.

  • A "theoretical Battery" (actually it exists but you need to be introduced to Joe by myself to see it preform)

    Now that it is established that 'electricity' is Vibrational energy that polarizes all within the conductive circuit and limited surrounds and its 'made' with dissimilar Vibrational Masses, we can explore the Alchemy of more energetic Batteries. A Lead/acid battery is an Earth/Water battery. A NiCad battery is an earth/earth battery. The Joecell is a Fire/water battery and mentioned above is the Earth/Wind battery.

    We can move onto the Alchemy of the Fire/Fire battery. Or the Samsung smart drive motor/generator in one. I have played with this Source of energy twice but have no video proof. My partner Kathy has seen it once.

    The Samsung Smart Drive motor is 3 phase and 4.5volts (there's that magic number again)

    Three phase means there are 3 separate windings in the Rotor rather than 1 in single phase. So its like 3 motors in one. Its also a Generator as many a prepper knows this motor atop a windmill will provide more than enough power for a house.

    When its in its 'motor' state washing clothes it uses all 3 phases. As a Generator it only needs 2 of the 3 individual windings to generate. When the motor is running its also generating but due to the wires being 'bridged off' the electricity or vibrations cant go anywhere.

    So what we do is get a washing machine and take the motor out so its still capable of running on the bench. You will see 3 wires going in and if you follow each one you will see the 3 separate windings. Any 2 will do to apply DC electricity from a Battery to, to make it run. Then go to the end of the wires where they are 'bridged off' or all three are connected but terminate. UNJOIN them and pick 2 and continue them on to a Terminal block where they are the input wires and out of the terminal block many wires can be taken to motors and lights. There is a Battery in this circuit so dont add another with a multi meter and stuff things up ok? Also, when drawing this Scalar energy from the Aether you must have created a Neutral Centre (John Keely) and the Samsung smart drive motor actually becomes 'alive' with consciousness. (Thales and Aristotle said Life is in Everything and no its not some Higgs bottom up particle.) So the Samsung Motor is just waiting for you to command it to bring forth energy from the Aether. Dont forget this point.

    Actually most every AC motor can be Over Unity by making the shaft of the Motor Magnetic first and also unbridging the windings. By creating a rotating Magnetic Field within a rotating magnetic Field we have the Differential of Circuitry vibrations for 'standard' electrical generation. But this motor is special in that with 2 it creates that illusive Neutral Centre that made Keely's motors 'magic'. Tesla did it with a 2 phase Motor Generator in his Wardyncliff tower setup. He didnt broadcast electricity, the tower was an antenna for the Pure Flatline DC that has NO HERTZ (same as a battery) but made by Hertz so any antenna anywhere on the planet could Tune In to the Vibrations caused within the Antenna to vibrate another antenna of similar tuned frequencies. As Tesla invented Phased Electricity with 60 Cycles, all the light bulbs in town were already antenna and could be lit up without wires. I may say it 'differently in the links above but when one sees a flat car battery on the bench (easiest way to get 4.5 volts or thereabouts) connected to a washing machine motor and 3 x 150watt work lights and 2 Motor grinders running on the bench that I warmed my hands under the lights on that cold winters day there is NO DOUBT that one of these will power a personal drone to travel the world without ever stopping. There is no manual for this motor and they purposely gave it splines so it couldn't be coupled to anything in existence to experiment with. What I am divulging here is only known by a select few. Few people know just what it is that they are looking at. Once again the schematics are NOT enough to make this motor magically provide Magnetic Current beyond your wildest dreams, you need to have that INTENT of why and what you are Doing. You can obtain that illusive INTENT by listening to Joe and not trying to show the world and earn some No Bells prize. Which places it outside the grasp of most. This doesnt mean you cant do it, but means you will need a lot of luck or FAITH in yourself to overcome the Bio Electrical Imbalances within your Bio system due to Lying to oneself on why you are doing it.

    On the Biology page here...

    if you have good comprehension skills and modest critical thinking skills, you will see that the Human Body is an Over Unity Aetheric Scalar Energy system identical to the Samsung Smart Dive Motor Generator in one. Most dont believe in Over Unity Motors when they ARE ONE.

  • And the Caspian Sea is leaving us, we are desalinating water

    in the Magnetic In-Line Cell above, we are pumping sea water through the centre of Ring magnets. The salt water comes out of the Cell as Pure Fresh Potable water and the Magnets never wear out. This is using the two NORTH POLES together with a mild steel iron washer in between. There is a FOCUSING aspect of this Field I have not described but can be done to the pipe on a lathe simply.

    If the South Poles were facing the washer, one could pump fresh water into the pipe and out will come OIL so pure it could be poured directly into my VW Golf Diesel car. Man only has KNOWLEDGE of HOT FUSION which is South Pole Positive Energy. The Desalination uses North Pole Cold Fusion Energy or Implosive forces of Compression as per Walter Russell. It can be scaled up to 12 inches in diameter and one is mounted on my irrigation bore of this diameter. I live on a farm.

    Some how I would rather let Russia have this technology rather than the satanic forces controlling the West.
    I have more videos and Lab test reports with water samplings with this In-Line Cell. Joe has built probably a dozen of them maybe more and no two are the same. Its NOT FUN SCIENCE Alan Its FIELD SCIENCE

    I came here in good faith to tell you of the fantastic journey of discovery I have been on and you want to change it to FUN with is a slap in the face to the real science I promote. would you like it if I changed your thread name to stupid electron theories because its just stupid?

    Please, some respect.


  • seriously...I dont have time to play games...

    How would Einstein feel about his Theory of Relativity

    being changed to

    The Fun Theory or the Theory of Fun

    You have mocked the NAME of a THESIS of the INTELLECTUAL IP of an IDEA whose time has come.

    You should be ashamed of yourself

    It goes against the rules of engagement and it would appear you hold yourself above the rules.

    why not try engaging me with your vast knowledge? Now that would be an interesting duel given the above is but the tip of an iceberg of experimentations.

    You can do better.

  • Well done, you’re right, they don’t like me here, of course, they ban me everywhere, sit talking in your topic, so I’m sitting. But you are doing a good job, there are 5 states adjacent to the Caspian Sea, you will have a lot of money, the main thing is to tell me how to do it, who is doing it, but not all of them, you need to see what happens next. In Russia and the European Union, they also thought about it, but I work on specific materials, I myself am a geologist-geophysicist and also do everything I see how they formed nodules. You need to look ahead and advance in your knowledge.

  • You know its not a lot of fun to spend a week preparing a tent for 3 days to house the Owners and head scientists of Ok Tedi mine and the New Guinea Govt PM. and spend 3 days showing them how to separate gold with Magnetics and zero pollution.

    Or the effort to collect a 1000 litres of sea water so when the Director of Earth Resources from the Victorian Govt comes for the 3rd time to see it all again as he couldnt get his mind around where the salt went or how carbon can be made from water when he's the DIRECTOR of CARBON Credits and the expenses of testing 16 samples every time... no its not fun anymore.

    Our problem was again exasperated when the head of R&D Santos at the University of Queensland got to see thick oily sludge come out as clean water in the above Magnetic In-Line Cell (I have the test reports) only to find the stupid scientists who controlled the entire experiment fail to sign off on what was done because they wouldnt sign something they didnt understand. No its not FUN SCIENCE Alan... Its hard work educating over educated academics. Fix this please.

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