LENR-Cities have an agreement with Airbus Group. Conference in Oxford University, on 10-11th of January 2015.

  • Today maybe have you seen the article about cold fusion on the well-known Swiss German-speaking newspaper "Neue Zürcher Zeitung". The huge news is that Airbus have signed a Letter of Intent with LENR-Cities, to participate in the Ecosystem developed by LENR-Cities. I've called Michel Vandenberghe of LENR-Cities...


  • For those interested in the German article itself, here is a translation (Google).

    and the separate box

  • The NASA Phase Two SUGAR Report states LENR powered aircraft will be much cheaper to operate.

    Airbus or Boeing? Whichever company offers an LENR powered aircraft first will capture the market.

    This economic imperative also enables our environmental imperative success.

    2012 NASA Dennis Bushnell Google CAFE Foundation Presentation, Santa Rosa, California

    "Dennis Bushnell: Envisioning a Plausible, Positive Future" by DEAN SIGLER
    LENR NASA Google Cafe Foundation and Asphalt

  • Franck Ackland on E-Cat World report a Q&A

    LENR-Cities started to talk with Airbus "Early this year". The communication about this agreement is restricted, as "Airbus Group and LENR-Cities have agreed to jointly define any communication about LENR."

    Michel remind that a Letter Of Intent is often mostly non binding, but may contain some binding provision (NDA,covenant ) to " negotiate in good faith".

    We have to be patient.

  • Airbus has won the 2014 PRADA award for their E-Fan developments

    "PADA Lectures Highlight Innovation" by DEAN SIGLER on 08/04/2014

    The 2014 Personal Aircraft Design Academy (PADA) dinner and awards ceremony, the latter held in the Vette Theater at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Museum, highlighted design innovation and the possible commercial exploitation of new technology.

    Dr. Brien Seeley, Founder and President of the CAFE Foundation, hosted the evening and introduced your CAFE blog editor, who gave an overview of innovations in aircraft, avionics and powerplants he’d encountered on his daily hikes around Wittman Field.

    Dr. Seeley had the honor of presenting this year’s PADA trophy to John O’Leary, Vice President and General Manager of Airbus Americas Engineering (AAE), for the parent company’s development of the E-Fan, a twin-motored personal airplane that has been a highlight of the Paris and Farnborough air shows. With the flying displays behind it, the proof-of-concept machine will be the basis for two-seat (E-Fan 2.0) and four-seat (4.0) production variants that will bring smooth electric power to private flight. The two-seater, which can double as a training vehicle, will be in production by the end of 2017. The larger 4.0 would be introduced two years later.

  • History

    Astounding Final Results from the Green Flight Challenge Sponsored by Google

    The 2011 Green Flight Challenge sponsored by Google marks an historic achievement in aviation—the first demonstration of practical, cross-country emission-free flight. Team Pipistrel-USA.com’s winning 4 seat, electric-powered aircraft, the Taurus G4, flew nearly 200 miles non-stop while achieving 403.5 passenger MPG! Its astounding efficiency was more than twice that of the piston-powered aircraft in the competition. Equally promising: Team e-Genius won the Lindbergh Prize for Quietest Aircraft, with a peak take off noise of just 59.5 dBA at a 250 foot sideline. This achievement heralds the real transformative potential unique to electric powered aircraft—the capability to be quiet enough to land very near dwellings and businesses.

    Years from now, these first Green Flight Challenge team members will be recognized as the pioneers of the Age of Electric Flight. CAFE is already discussing plans for GFC II and will publish more on that here soon.