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    The question was a straw man. It is not the IH claim that "Rossi was never able to generate excess heat for IH." They claim that he did not successfully teach them how to make devices that worked, that they were unable to "verify" his technology.

    Abd, your answer is another straw man. As I read it, it says 'did Rossi generate excess heat for IH'? In other words, did they see what they believed to be XSH. Nothing to do with their court case. It is my belief that there were a number of tests performed in Raleigh that IH thought were good enough to induce them to part with more cash. These tests involved at least one melt-down, so something was getting hot - in my experience you can't get Kanthal hot enough to melt Alumina. So IMHO, the answer should be 'yes, he probably did'.

    ne of the biggest problems we face is a lack of standardization in the description of relationships, concepts, etc. In my brief Federal career I pushed for the development and use of Ontologies for science and engineering but -"deaf ears". However, the standarization of semantic meanings would go a long way toward identifying patterns of relations among data across experiments

    And (bless you) so would writing in plain English. ;)

    And even more than that, it might even be the truth.

    Well, it might be true as you say. But consider this, if it is NOT Muon Catalysed Fusion - and somebody want to spend enough money to prove it is not, then the basis on which the patent was awarded is invalid, and it could be withdrawn.

    The simple way around this problem is really not to mention LENR at all, but simply describe the process as 'A High Efficiency Heat Generation System Powered By Hydrogen.'

    @ plazma_max

    Really like the look of your paper. Is there an English translation available? If not, and if you do not object I would like to create one for publication here or anywhere else that you choose. The rights remain under your control, of course.

    There are zero problems shipping to the USA, and since scientific equipment is duty-exempt no customs complications. Same goes for anywhere in the EU, we even ship to India/Far East without reported troubles. We are however cautious about shipping larger quantities of some chemicals. The average requirement for (say) Nano-Lithium however we ship using what are known as the 'de minimis' exemptions.

    On your comment about low volumes, our stock (since everything you see on the site is in stock) is around 50X our turnover. It would kill almost any business that paid salaries and property rents.

    Hi Eric.

    I'm not sure what you mean exactly. The only action I can think of that might confuse was me appending the word 'Stoppit' to a DW rant. I clean forgot that this software doesn't automatically flag such interventions. Otherwise I have begun to use large bold type and describe why the content has been moderated. Nobody here offers me much counsel - in fact I am delighted to get feedback from forum users. Moderating a three-ring circus isn't easy.

    I really don't just remove stuff because i don't like it (I hope) and have pretty much divided my efforts between players on both sides of the net. I will be more careful in future to leave a clear footprint. Ta muchly.

    If there was actually a market to make those tubes... believe me I would pump them out all day for $250.00 a pair.

    If there was a market for them....and there's the rub Stephen. But why are you getting so excited about your skill at manufacturing? The market is tiny, there is no need for mass production, these are custom-made one-offs. And if there was a big market I could buy then from China for $50. BTW there is not yet a properly worked out price - $250 was a guess, much like your estimate for how long they take to make. ;)

    Welcome to the inventor's dilemma. You either tell no-one, or (eventually) you tell everyone. The trick is making money between the first stage and the second. But you must be aware that you cannot patent physics. If all you have at the moment is a good fuel recipe and a triggering method, then others can use this to make many variations of your idea.

    It is I am afraid, very difficult. But perhaps we can help at Lookingforheat and would be glad to do so. We are not looking to grow rich. But perhaps more professional help is what you need.

    Hi Me356. Glad you are back, hope you are well. First, could you please explain what you want to protect your invention from? From control by the current energy cartel, from use by the military etc? Such protection is probably impossible in the medium tern of a few years. If you only want to protect your own chances of profiting your invention, then really you should start with a comprehensive patent filing program. This is expensive, but could be viewed as an investment by many.

    So what fo you personally want out of the IP?

    Hi Axil.

    Sounds like a fascinating project, but right now I am 'up to my ears' in Ni/H. The latest improvements to the Model T are attracting a lot of attention in certain (academic) quarters and I am being asked for more equipment for them to experiment with. They are all a bit shy, so I can't tell you who they are - but I am insisting the results are published..

    Machine-translation from the website.

    Plasma Electrolysis LENR steam generator with limited hot zone, a prototype.

    There are experiments T.Mizuno, VG Grishina, Zh.L.Noda on plasma electrolysis of solutions of alkali metal hydroxides (K, Na) from the arc discharge on a tungsten cathode. These authors excessive heat dissipation and power conversion rate has been fixed in their experiments did not privyshaet 1.1 - 1.6.Also known experiments Irkutsk O.V.Sevostyanova Physics engineer who managed similar to plasma-steam generator electrolysis cell using as an electrolyte lithium carbonate, and tungsten as the cathode rods doped Th, to achieve the formation of superheated steam flow with temperatures in excess of 773K and COP> 1.

    Previously, I have carried out experiments on plasma electrolysis LENR on 0.1-5M district tures LiOH, some of which was recorded SOP> 2.

    Based on all the above described, I have improved plasma-steam electrolysis Limited "hot zone" was designed and built.