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    I have no insight into BLP but my guess currently is that they are struggeling with their COP which seems to be at around 3 for their 250kW system. Thats ovisously not enough because their input power is electricity. In my view things start to get interesting at COP >6 and I think they have problems reaching this because of melting and stuff. Heat production currently seems to be the only way forward for them (the micro turbine is too expensive - does not make sense to go that way and the photovoltaic cells also have many challenges on their way). Whatever they want to do with their system: they need a COP of above 6 to make sense in an economical way. They already talked about a COP of 10 so the process seems to be able to deliver enough output but the engineering seems to be hard.


    Is it somehow surprising or unusual that an 89-year-old person in a nursing home dies? This is an honest report from nursing home doctors. We can be sure they have seen many deaths, and they are good at judging the cause of death. This kind of report gives no basis to doubt the safety of the vaccine. ...

    Sorry Jed but the same argument is true for dying with positive PCR test. Did the old person die because of covid or because it was time to leave earth? In germany the official register counts all positive PCR tested dead people as corona deaths. Following the same logic it is only fair for the other side of the discussion ( the anti-science anti-vaccine death cults as you call them) to do the same. When you tell me how many people died of corona in the US you would use a number of a few hundred thousands (dont know the current number). CDC estimates that only 6% died of covid alone. So why do you use the high number and not the 6% version in an argument? So its not fair to keep spreading the hundred thousand number and with the same breath tell the vaccine sceptical people to use the scientifically correct wording.


    Avoid personal attacks, ad-homs, and so on. Just be nice, and please remember that this thread is for NEWS, not for posturing.


    I am sorry. I think we imprissoned the first people from the UK at the airports.

    Does anyone know how they measured the "70% increased spread rate"? The regular PCR test does not test for different mutations and at least in germany in 3 out of 4 cases it is not clear where you got infected. So I see no easy way to measure the spread rate and of course the news does not cover the uncertainty of this value. For me it reads like another of these panic reports like the "cluster 5" mutation story from denmark that led to the wipe out of all minks but was irrelevant and nobody has heard of this anymore.

    Not so much of an update - more a teaser:


    The non public reddit group of BLP supporters got a response from Dr. Mills about this video. BLP works on a paper in cooperation with a university and want to publish in a high impact journal. They also prepare a public demonstration outside their company building. Currently validation of all results are running. Sounds interesting :-).

    I find it highly interesting that in this forum, where people used to scientific literature are posting, some say it is mandatory to wear masks to protect others. Have you ever looked at the literature? This mask topic was researched over a hundred years ago during the spanish flu:


    100 years of research into masks and most of them found no scientific evidence that they have a positive impact on the spread of a respiratorial virus. A very good korean study from 2015 found significant evidence for twice the risk of getting a cold when carrying a cloth mask, as many currently do (https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/5/4/e006577).

    The meta study all "pro maskers" refer to is the one from the lancet. This study has serious flaws as described here: https://swprs.org/who-mask-study-seriously-flawed/

    Other things to notice about the masks: https://swprs.org/face-masks-evidence/

    There are no studies about the harm these masks do to our children who have to wear them in schools. That they do harm is scientific fact (see link above). In my eyes it is a crime against our children to force them to wear maks in schools without any conclusive scientific evidence that they are helpful in slowing down the spread of the virus. Give working masks (not cloth masks) to the risk groups so that they can protect themselfs if they want. End of the story. Stop doing human trials on our children - they have a whole life to live. The risk group already lived their lifes, they do not have to go to work anymore and can stay at home if the want and get their groceries delivered. IFR for people younger than 70 years is 0,05% (https://www.who.int/bulletin/online_first/BLT.20.265892.pdf)!!! This is nothing compared to obesity! Are you banning sugar???

    This is so important because the goverments of this world could use the lie "test positive = infected" to keep their fashist undemocratic "emergency laws" forever:


    We have 1,7 covid deaths a day in germany for months now and 18 through car accidents. Who is afraid of driving with a car? The argument to keep the emergency laws is that the pandemic might come back. Everyone is scared of sars cov-2 - we should be scared of all the goverments being in "germany 1933" state of mind. THIS is the real danger.

    I am not sure if this is posted already but it is very important for the decision wether mass vaccination makes sense or not:


    Rammensee is one of the leading researches on this topic. Bottom line: 80% of people in germany already have direct strong immune response to sars cov 2 (same as being vaccinated prior) because of other corona infections in the past (cross immunity). 80%!!! 10 year old blood could fight sars cov 2 what means that the virus is not changing very fast. This is fantastic news and sheds a different light on all decisions taken so far.

    Sorry Jed but you are wrong and you did not see the video. Vaccination is not suitable for every infection otherwise there would not be infections anymore. The death rate of the swine flue was higher than sars cov 2. The chance of getting narcolepsy through the vaccination was double the death rate of the flue. So for every saved (weak) old guy we have two children or young people with narcolepsi (which ruins your life). This is not acceptable for me. I am totally in on vaccination (actually refreshing tetanus etc. in two weeks) but this makes only sense for some viruses. Forced vaccination with untested premature stuff for a desease killing only 2% of >65 year old already sick people exactly as every flue, rhinovirus etc.? Give this stuff on a free choice basis to the elderly! My children will not get forced vaccination for sars cov 2, only for deseases for that it makes sense.


    I totally agree.

    An interesting video of Prof. Bhakdi (german with subtitles) about the covid vaccination I highly recommend:

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    One question to people from UK or US: is there a political or scientific debate in the media about the corona measures and vaccines and all this stuff? Here in germany every news source shares the goverments opinion to 100%. People like Prof. Bhakdi are totally ignored or even censored. Today I saw this video from australia:

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    I am getting scared. Is it better in other parts of the world?

    mjtrac: We have been through that already. There will never be a stampede. When the breakthrough is achieved and a LENR product is near than there will be all kinds of mumbled excuses by established scientists. No stampede - no public admittance of being wrong 90 years.

    Prof. Conrads was curious and wanted to replicate Mills. He was an old prof. by then and had 40+ years of experience in plasma science and a huge reputation. He was not allowed to conduct research at his university because of the potential "image problems" when conducting experiments of "pseudo science". The university I graduated at allowed him to conduct experiments for one year. They were succesful and ended in a paper describing the success. No stampede. That was 2003.

    Oh it's very simple, I'm surprise you didn't understand maybe you need a cup of strong coffe.

    I noted that when specific claim can't be proved by real facts, people usually switch to talk of other arguments mixing different matters.

    A quite common approach adopted here.

    I talked about that specific claims where proven by real facts but they were ignored for whatever reason.

    "A quite common approach adopted here."

    If you would know this forum better you would not have written this. Sometimes examples from different areas help people to step out of their bubble of biased thinking. I knew that the example I chose was not appropriate to get you out of this bubble, because most people in the western world would not agree with me on the topic of the US and I assume you are part of this culture. I should have taken an example involving the treatment of racism - this seems to be on everybodys minds these days.

    I hate it when I fall for trolls...

    These are only unuseful chatters... the classic routing talking about ITER, then Hiroshima and blah blah.

    It does ot exist any serious and credible confirm. WWhen anyone believe and still wrote about a conspiracy of the world against BLP, he shows only to be a consumer of illusions with nothing in hand to prove to the SC.

    Ok truth. I see you made your mind. Prof. Johannes Conrads from germany and Prof. Kroesen (?) made independant validations of parts of BLPs claims. I linked it many times here - google it yourself.

    My post was about your "prove the world" statement which is an ill posed request. But you didnt get it and I wont rephrase it and put any more effort into explaining what I meant. Have a nice day!

    After more of 20 years of claim and promises from BLP no proves to the world.

    The reason should be clear to anyone a bit less gullible of believers that live here.

    There are plenty of proves for the validity of BLPs claims. Even from independant parties in germany and the netherlands. If "the world" decides to just not look at it and ignore it, then it is not the fault of BLP. If the only accepted prove is a product, then we have to wait for the product. If it is as hard to make this product as it is to make hot fusion in a stable reactor in a continuous process creating excess energy, then "the prove" could be 350 years away. Currently it seems that it wont take 350 years but I think the 100 hour run has not the maximum COP they have reported (4-5 I think) so far but more in the region of 2. That is not a product. Could be impossible to get their machine to a COP of 6. We cannot know and they would not tell us.

    An analog situation:

    There is a whole library full of evidence that the US interventions in Hiroshima, Vietnam, Iraq I and II, Afganistan, Syria, Lybia, Ucraine, Brasil, Venecuela, Chile,... where not motivated by the sole desire to bring peace, harmony and democracy to the world. Or that the >800 military bases outside the US could serve a different purpose than bringing stability to these regions. Germany, the country I live in, ignores all this and teaches its citizens the oposite of the truth with severe negative consequences for us (North Stream II, creating a conflict with russia that would be inexistent without US politics, economical sanctions for russia and iran that hurt the german industry, protection of tax havens and trusts that enable companies and rich people to steal trillions of dollars from hard working citizens,...). Even princeton university says the US is an Olygarchy and not a democracy. Why are we taught something else?

    Information is out there but people, scientists or goverements can chose to ignore it for a multitude of reasons. Happens all the time.

    Renewables should be called 'Intermittablels'. We need to add materials needed to manufacture storage or transmission (there is always sunlight somewhere, there is always 5 o'clock somewhere, blah blah) to Zephyr's numbers.

    While the tech itself is feasible as a niche or supplement it only exist now due to massive subsidies and the fact that traditional produce base load.

    Germany had subsidies in the past. Nowadays they are more or less gone and the big energy companies have lobbied a ton, so that coal is still prefered over gas here, our solar industry is destroyed and currently the goverement is also working on destroying the wind power industry. Despite all these political problems for renewables they are still growing. That is because they are cheaper than regular energy even with all the burocratic bullshit you have to deal with here, if you want to install pv on your roof .

    And we are talking about germany with 1600 sunshine hours a year compared to 2500 in many parts of spain. In april we had many days with 50-70% of overall electricity production from renewables. This technology is not a niche anymore - even here in germany with problematic regulation and little sunshine. Renewables + gas power plants + power to gas is the future of energy generation and does not need a single battery storage or other crazy storage technology. If there is enough renewable overproduction (converted into gas) the gas plants will only run from november to february with not much load.

    Edit: Just to make it clear. We have very little hydro (1-2% ?) energy in germany - so I am just talking about wind and pv.