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    an island with ideal weather year round, pink sand, bananas and unlimited food, located in an ideal place for smuggling to the American Colonies.

    Probably all true, but not quite the whole truth...

    "Even Jamaica's governor admitted that formerly 'strict puritan Saints' were now among the colony's 'most debauched devils'. The sights so disgusted one cleric that he left by the same ship that brought him, declaring: 'This town is the Sodom of the New World', and 'the majority of its population pirates, cut-throats, whores and some of the vilest persons in the whole world'

    From pg 48 onwards...…=PA48#v=onepage&q&f=false ...A fantastic and highly recommended book.

    pages 159-180 are interesting.

    Experiments with Li–Ni–Cu alloy, as a novel energy source, are described. The experiments are performed in the 1200–1300◦C
    temperature range, using welded metallic containers and also in open tube under inert gas flow. The measured reaction energy is too
    high to be explained by chemical origin. The initial experiments elucidate the properties of this reaction, while the last experimentdemonstrates its continuous operation.

    During the last three hours of the experiment, the mismatch between the heating-on time ratios was 0.25. This
    means that the reaction power was equivalent to having electric heating on 25% of the time. Since the electric heating
    power was 1.2 kW, the average reaction power was 300 W. This corresponds to 30 W/g average reaction power with
    respect to the fuel mass. The cumulative reaction energy over these last three hours was over 3 MJ. This amount of reaction energy is larger than any possible chemical reaction.

    The Geiger counter indicated an elevated radiation level for only 4–5 s duration, approximately coinciding with
    the largest peak seen in Fig. 23. The counting level was normal before and after this brief event. During this elevated

    Geiger counter reading, a buzzing sound was heard from the reactor, similar to the sound of electric arcing.

    Oh yes? Consider the way he misquoted me to put Rossi in the worst possible light. It's what lawyers do to make their point.

    If both of you looked a glass half full, you would say it was 1/4 full and IHFB would say it was 5/8 full.

    Adrian, you would look away from the glass, then describe the colour of the table.

    (cont...) Although Acland suggests such link-spamming is typical of an attempt to block a site from Google rather than inflate its position, I guess it's both, else it wouldn't need harsh punishments for gaming it.

    But really, who or why would someone want to block e-catworld*? It's ultimately harmless in the grand scheme of things.

    So, I wonder if some of the more skeptical sites will be disappeared, once the person realises what they can do?

    * answers on a postcard, please

    So, Z edited his post to include a quote that changed the meaning of the 'in your opinion' phrase. In relation to the new meaning...

    I'm still waiting for you to document what I supposedly ignored.

    I didn't change the meaning... Without proper context, you failed to understand the correct meaning, hence it was necessary to clarify it.

    ie... You claim you didn't ignore any of Marwan et al's arguments, and I claim this is merely your opinion. Do you disagree with that? I doubt even you are that delusional!

    Crying Whinging about how I supposedly twisted my post to a new meaning belies the fact that I added the 'edit note' to be upfront about this... And if you still think it was some kind of attempt to make you look stupid or ridiculous, please note that I feel you do a fairly good job of this without my help. You might not be a crackpot in the normal sense of the word, but you sure do a great impression of one, as you share a fair few of their traits: a love of hand-waving arguments, an unfailing certainty that you are correct and everybody else is wrong, and an obsessive desire to espouse this.

    And I'll document your bullshit when I feel like it - It may surprise you to know that I don't feel the need to reserve space in my long-term memory for two lengthy technical arguments, which are ultimately mostly pointless, as both parties ignore and talk past certain important points made by the other.

    Marwan and Co's only saving grace is they don't endlessly and hypocritically bitch about this behaviour.

    Yugo the chances of you * the dumbest * having read any of Kirk's papers, or Marwan et al, are zero. Its just not in your nature.

    However, if a pig has indeed flown - I'd like to hear your reasoned and uncapitalised thoughts as to whether Shanahan successfully rebutted all of Marwan's arguments.

    It would be intellectually stimulating for yourself, and make a pleasant change from you essentially repeating the same five posts over and over.

    In other words, you can't substantiate your claims and thus they are as libelous as Rothwell's.

    I haven't actually reread it yet. That was my conclusion from the last reading. I'll let you know when I do.

    My overriding memory of the previous reading was amusement at the fact you later made/still make such a song and dance about the other authors ignoring your arguments, despite having done exactly the same in your response to them. You are right that they do ignore parts - but that's no excuse for hypocrisy.

    If you actually did, you did so without comprehension, otherwise, you never would have made that prior comment.

    Ah yes, sorry, I forgot - you know best about everything, especially subjective matters where your own obvious bias prevents a dispassionate analysis.

    In other words, go suck me.

    Libellous? I thought truthfulness was a defence to such claims.

    Actually, it is easy to find errors in F&P's and McK's work, if you know the building blocks and know what to look for. I've detailed several, which you of course refuse to acknowledge.

    Marwan, et al, in their 'rebuttal' to my fourth paper talk about a "random Shanahan CCSH". I never have talked about a random effect.

    They also talk about a lot of other stuff, which strangely enough... you refuse to acknowledge!

    I might have done things a little differently, but without engineering drawings or actually seeing the site I don't know what. Seems to me any errors by Penon were not enough to falsify the final conclusion that the COP >6, required to pass the test.

    What nonsense... Its steam, flowing through a pipe! How would you measure that? Simple question.

    In general I believe the word of an independent expert responsible for validation over the biased opinion from one of the parties or an anonymous blogger.

    Adrian, you've had a relatively high-flying engineering career, so I reckon a chap like you could handle a similar contract as that given to the so-called 'ERV'.

    Let's face it: measuring steam enthalpy in a pipe isn't that difficult... So how would you have done it, if you were on the job?

    But people who had committed unthinkable crimes were also called heroes; Oedipus and Medea

    Let's not get too hung up on Freud's still-up-at-dawn paranoid psychobabble:

    The proper story is that whilst a grueling journey of self-sacrifice, in which he solves the riddle of the sphinx, and saves half of humanity from destruction, the unfortunate mother/father incidents were merely unintentional accidents.

    The only information we have is what Rossi said. Take it or leave it.

    There's a heap of Nigerians who would love to have your email address.

    wow. mary! only 1 more post and you have 1000 messages without anything significant in them. what an achievement!

    Come on now, I think that's a bit harsh. I'm celebrating this worthy milestone in waffling reactionary shit on the internet, with a fitting tribute: