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    Robert Godes is not a scammer, as seven of twenty insinuates.

    Some choice quotes from everyone's favourite forgetful skeptopath:

    ..."I don't trust Godes or Brillouin as far as I can throw an elephant."

    ..."I strongly suspect that Godes is much like Rossi and McKubre is completely gullible, and the eventual results will be the same."

    ..."All they will ever do is gorge themselves on the money of not overbright investors. Exactly like Defkalion and Rossi and probably Brillouin/Godes as well.

    ..."Brillouin seems to be Defkalion's ghost".

    ..."Godes is FOS"

    I think what happened is simply that Brillouin moved some of their experiments into SRI facilities to continue them. I very much doubt that the experiments done there were indipendent of Brillouin

    Classic example of you not looking at the papers you mention.

    I'd be interested to know what kirkshanahan thinks of the paper I linked to...…/SRI_Technical_Report.pdf

    "In August 2012, SRI International (SRI - was contracted by Brillouin
    Energy Corp. of Berkeley California (“Brillouin”, “Brillouin Energy” or “the company” – to perform independent studies of Brillouin’s low energy nuclear
    reaction (LENR) reactors, as well as advise on related Brillouin LENR research. We have
    operated these reactors to observe, monitor, analyze, advise on, and independently verify
    Brillouin’s LENR evolving research & development work, test systems, and test results. This
    Report documents the most recent independent results obtained with Brillouin’s prototype
    reactors located in SRI’s laboratory, as well as verification and validation of results obtained
    with Brillouin’s prototype reactors located in Brillouin’s laboratory, over the course of the past


    And that's the first paragraph! Shame Kirk didn't fill you in on all the details...

    But there is a grand total of zero progress that anyone can replicate.


    "NEDO funded work by technova was reproduced by another university…_and_Hydrogen_Isotope_Gas

    Technova have replicated Iwamura

    There is a line of replication from Fralick 89, Tsinghua/Inficon and Biberian around 2008, Nasa GRC 2008, reproduced by Fralick around 2012...

    Of course there is a tons of electrochemistry experiments, but with only an improvement in success rate, not total control.

    The problem is usability of the work replicated, I agree."

    Now please, while we may on occasion *out* one avatar to another avatar for perspective, putting a real name to an avatar, is solely at the discretion of the member.

    What gives it away....?



    "SOT"s count to date...

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    Doing well so far, with three lines filled in, compared to two last time. Early indications show that the rate of ROTFWLing has exactly doubled - and (perhaps more predictably) anal/fecal references are up by 150%*.


    *When normalised to 1000 posts.

    Sheesh...not my fault I live a sheltered life.

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    I have lived a sheltered life.

    Where my very basic modeling seems to have trouble is with just the hot end segments of the Rods set to the ‘right’ temperature, the far ends don’t get hot enough (stay at ambient), but when the Rods start at 21 C and the Caps are set to the ‘right’ temperature, the hot Rod end gets ‘too hot’ (compared to what it ‘should’ be), and there is then enough conduction to heat the cool ends above ambient

    I'd say that if your model is within/matching 15% of reality, it's performing well... IMO there's nothing wrong with tweaking (calibrating) the alumina conductivity and radiative/surface-air transfer coefficients based on data from your earlier (physical) hot tube experiment, to get a better overall fit. These values are influenced by porosity and surface roughness - so who really knows if the book values are truly accurate. Checking against a range of temperatures should confirm if the model is stable.

    Where's this latest shameful spectacle going to be streamed? Or is that a secret too?


    Probably e-catworld, right? After all, is anyone else really that bothered about it?

    Although saying that... I'm sure the Internet's Dumbest Thread will jerk itself into a suitable apoplexy.

    (And it goes without saying that the second placed thread will probably be up there too......)

    Will Fulvio 'Fingers' Fabiani be weighing in on proceedings again? And will Lewan be showing off his handsome features and dubious measurement skills once more? So many questions.

    The piece cited by Alan Smithis by Tom Whipple. Mr. Whipple has supported Rossi at length and vociferously for years and far as I know has never repudiated him. At least I've never seen such a repudiation and I have a standing search for "Rossi" in Google. Far as I know, he reported on all sorts of RossiWonders but never wrote about the Rossi vs IH debacle and all the RossiFailures.

    Also, he censors the replies to his articles. In most cases, all effective rebuttals are deleted. You can draw your own conclusions about his credibility.

    The post above is by Mary Yugo. Mr. Yugo has criticised a number of researchers at length and vociferously for years, usually without reading their work. He's (probably) an obsessive dotard as evidenced by his standing search for "Rossi" in Google, and the repetitiveness of his writings. Far as I know, he has never had a technical or legal education but comments endlessly about the Rossi vs IH debacle and LENR in general.

    Also, he never admits to his frequent mistakes and misunderstandings. In all cases, effective rebuttals are ignored. You can draw your own conclusions about his credibility.

    I think that for moving water or boiling you have a heat transfer coeficcient of 25kW/m^2/K and hence

    this thing should be able to produce 1-10MW of heat.

    There's no definitive answer, as it depends on pressurisation and how fast the water is flowing, but you can push 1MW/m2 into still water before the Leidenfrost effect causes problems.

    (This limits the deltaK in the heat transfer equation to ~80C at 1atm)

    Sounds a lot like Mary Yugo's old 100W challenge. I like how the new version has the goal-post-moving baked in from the start. "Name any scientist, and I'll go a little higher". Classic trolling...