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    Seven of Twunty, haven’t you got anything better to do than reporting some professor to their superiors over some minor indiscretion? Saaad. You should get out more. Why not take up fishing? Or crown green bowls?

    It reminds me off all those times you violated HIPAA by gossiping about Josef Papp’s private healthcare infomation, and how a fellow doctor told you all about his personal struggles. I should have reported you there and then, if I’d known about how much you care about such things. It’s a basic rule of doctoring, right?

    Shame you deleted the most incriminating message, but, well, things never die on the internet - I’m sure a government agency can get hold of a few server logs if necessary. Fortunately Lomax still has the link. Doubt there’s a time limit on that $1000 fine.

    And it’s been a while since I read through HIPAA, but I’m fairly sure that instead of deleting the offending post, you should have reported yourself to the relevant authorities... Doubt they would look kindly on your attempts at a cover-up. Guilty mind and all that.

    Spoiling for a fight? Nah, just helping you develop your own critical thinking skills.

    Although seeing as we are at the stage of you claiming that respecting the views of others is 'tribalism', I guess I've failed!

    On the contrary. People adore their fascist leaders regardless of the awful things they say and do. Followers giving them leeway and respect allows fascists to retain their power.

    Who are you trying to kid?! You really think dictators survive on leeway and respect? ...Perhaps you should read some history.

    Critical thinking is a key ingredient of science. Discarding it in the name of tolerance does not further the way to anything useful.

    So what?

    Maybe you could use your apparently-excellent critical thinking skills to give a real example of one of these “many societal woes” that are caused by respecting people’s views.

    "Because the effects can be ingrated away with decent calorimeter design."

    No, they can't. Just shows you haven't bothered to understand as usual. Troll.

    Five times now. And Shanahan, you nutter, you're now claiming that 'every single calorimeter ever' would be flummoxed if the heat source moved? Because that's just silly...

    And I point out an old post from McKubre, which answers your recent points, and then point out how typically you ignore such posts... And suddenly the post is being ignored, and I'm accused of trolling. Some kind of distraction strategy perhaps.

    I could equally argue that you troll anyone with common sense, or maybe even a single shred of rational thought.

    Ah Shanahan you little crackpot, you...

    All reasonable points, however as McKubre hasn't dropped any major clangers about the first two laws of thermodynamics (to my knowledge at least) - I'll stick with him for now, ta.

    And that's probably your fourth "last ever" reply to me! That shtick is wearing a little thin...

    And just what is 'wooly' about partitioning the recombination heat between two (or more) locations as opposed to limiting it to just one?

    Because the effects can be ingrated away with decent calorimeter design. As FEA modelling can no doubt affirm.

    Not at all. I responded at least twice to that posting in the thread you plucked it from and probably acouple oftimes or more in this thread by stating that none of what Dr. McKubre says is relevant to the CCS/ATER problem. And I'm sure you saw that I pointed out today that Dr. Mckubre's setups are as suceptible to the CCS/ATER problem as anyone else's...

    So you think that your woolly suppositions about CCS trump McKubre's finite element modelling (with moving heat sources)?

    Laughable, at best.

    If you had read and understood the post above where I talk about the Two Zone model, you would realize that the 'goodness' of your calorimeter does not protect you from the CCS problem I pointed out in 2000.

    Kirk, I seem to recall that someone* once accused you of cherry-picking the points you will argue against, whilst ignoring any posts that you don't like...

    Perhaps this is one of those posts here:

    The full version is worth reading.

    * indeed...

    The other question you should ask is why does Rossi do his ridiculous blog?

    It seems the new norm these days is that every crazy person has their own blog. It’s perhaps a little churlish to name names, but I can think of at least two. (No, not you RG).

    I have experience loading Pd foils of the same approximate size in gas loading experiments, which is equivalent to the situation of the UPPER half of the electrode. Since the upper half remains attached to the lower half, the H in the lower half _will_ move into the upper half as the H in the upper half exits it to attain equilibrium with the gas space,

    So a foil is relatively thin, in one dimension: You would expect diffusion across that dimension to happen relatively quickly, given constant diffusivity. But, when considering diffusion orthogonally to that, we don't have much cross-sectional area to work with - it's the limiting factor, so diffusion from the lower to upper half is greatly hindered. Result: Bottom half pretty-much fully loaded, top half pretty-much unloaded, with a step gradient in a layer surrounding the electrolyte's boundary... This ain't rocket science. In fact, it's just thermodynamics,* with heat replaced by atoms.

    (It's the same as claiming the lower portions of that same half-in-half-out foil electrode would be at a dramatically lower temperature than the surrounding electrolyte: An obviously daft idea, when given more than a moments thought.)

    * hmmmmmm..... I think I see the problem.

    So you have personal experience of measuring hydrogen loading in the lower portion of an half-immersed electrode?

    Was this electrode you used of similar cross-section?

    Was its overall length the same?

    What proportion of the electrode was sticking out above the electrolyte's surface in your experiment?

    Was the submerged length the same?

    Did you attempt to quantify the effects of these parameters - to understand whether you could extrapolate your experience in electrolysing half-submerged electrodes, into a general statement?...

    Thus the total H conc in the metal will start dropping. It should rapidly get below the magic H/M of 0.9 or so, down to the 0.7 range, which McKubre says won't do cold fusion.

    Or did you just make it up?