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    Give it a rest David - if only for your own sake… At this point in time it appears you are performing a very good mimicry of someone driven to madness after having failed to convince a wealthy donor to allow you to become the next Rossi.

    Shane, I realise you Americans have a difficult time detecting sarcasm, so let me explain a little more:

    If you manage to gather enough money from other people to sustain a business for 30 plus years, with zero to show for it…

    (Other than some Rossi-esque videos of boiling water and alleged bright lights, a Rossi-esque endless cycle of supposed improvements, and a couple of independent evaluations written by nobodies from nowhere, who are presumably more desperate for funding than Giusep the typical academic.)

    You’re a genius. End of argument. Who wants to be forced to work a job to survive, when you can just get people to endlessly give you money.

    Sure, there’s maybe an adjective or two that can be prepended to the word ‘genius’…

    Although as one of those words is ‘litigious’ - its probably best to just leave it at that.

    Another loud-mouthed ivermectard ‘influencer’ removes himself from the gene pool… His last words were:


    He was found dead three hours later. :rolleyes: Moderators on the forum where he pushed his daft ideas onto other dupes, made light of the situation with this weird quote:

    “Though it was obvious that Danny had the biggest heart, it was unbeknownst to him that his heart was quite literally overworking and overgrowing beyond its capacity, nearly doubled in size from what it should have been.”

    In response to the death notice, another moron member of his forum had this to say:

    “My wife has been taking ivermectin for 3 months… Today she has a migraine, vomiting and severe stomach pain. Does anyone have any ideas how to help…?”

    Errrrmmmm…. Nope, all out of ideas here. Maybe give her some more ivermectin? :/

    An Ivermectin Influencer Died. Now His Followers Are Worried About Their Own ‘Severe’ Symptoms.
    Danny Lemoi took a daily dose of veterinary-grade ivermectin and told his thousands of followers to give the drug to children. He died of a common side effect…

    There’s some more choice quotes in the article - again coming from people who are genuinely befuddled by the wide range of strange symptoms they have been suffering from since they started guzzling down the horse paste on a regular basis.

    Apparently, a small minority of members managed to correctly put the wooden triangle into the triangle-shaped hole, before being shouted down by the rest of the members for “spreading misinformation”.


    11. EVOs are sentient and possess a will, and also can be communicated with, to some limited degree. Possibly by humming “Om” at 432Hz.

    Yes, really.

    Just out of interest Curbina, when you were lying in your hospital bed with “pneumonia”, did you ever for even the slightest moment regret not getting vaccinated?

    Or do genuinely believe you didn’t really have covid? (Instead of just calling it was “pneumonia” out of embarrassment?)

    …Genuine questions. I honestly don’t know any anti-vaxxers in my personal life*, so it’s interesting to me to understand their mindset.

    *Other than the mother-in-law, but (a) we don’t share a language, and (b) she owns a massive house on a large piece of land… Therefore I whole-heartedly support whatever selfish and harmful stance she pleases.

    Thanks Orsova, your post covered several questions I was about to ask, and many more besides. I would only add:

    Diadon, what country(s) are you a citizen of, and what country are you normally resident in?

    What country(s) is Chris Cash a citizen of, and what country is he normally resident in?

    Will there be any geographical limitations on fund providers or receivers?

    What rewards or incentives will those who provide funds receive?

    How many funders will you accept per project?

    What token/currency platforms do you intend to use to offer your service?

    Who will have access to the DAOs private keys?

    Thank you

    I suppose one way it could be useful, was if, say, someone was struggling to fund their LENR project due to being hamstrung by various well-meaning and/or pesky SEC rules preventing the marketing and issuance of shares to unaccredited investors/naive dupes.

    Instead of issuing a share certificate, you could write the investors name in a blockchain along with how much they paid, and what they expected in return. This would give the investor a permanent/immutable record of their claim on a proportion the companies wealth, should the company eventually make a profit.

    AKA a ‘smart contract’ in cryptocurrency parlance.

    What you describe sounds a little like writing a Google document with several authors online at the same time. You can tell who is writing what. This can be an interesting way to brainstorm, but it is not that valuable. Anyway, if that's what you want to do, you can do it now.

    I’m not suggesting we do this, just using an analogy to explain what a blockchain is, and then a potential use of such a blockchain.

    Why not just write papers, and publish them in Acrobat format?


    Blockchain technology can only be used to hide the identity of a person uploading data to the internet.

    I think you might be a little off-track here. That sounds more like TOR.

    Imagine the last post on the bottom of each forum page was just an MD5 hash of all the data on that page plus the previous page’s hash. Now if anyone were to slyly edit an old post, we would a) be able to tell something has been changed, and b) prove who had a real unadulterated copy of the original data… We would now have our own blockchain.

    To go a bit further… We could spice things up a bit, and add a rule that the hash must end in 0000, and allow the person generating the hash the ability to add a new random string of data to the page before each attempt to produce a valid hash.

    But this would be a giant waste of time and effort, as our only option (for now) would be taking the brute force approach of making millions of guesses (Or more, if we periodically add another 0 to the end of the hash to account for Moore’s law).

    To compensate the poor sap who chooses to run his computer all night long, we allow the hasher to make one last edit before running the hash function on the page: to post a public credit to their own pseudonym/wallet of a fixed amount of digital ‘money’… We would now have our own rudimentary cryptocurrency.


    You still don't get it. The magnets and capacitor are unconnected independent sources. Each creates its own static field, which aren't time varying anyway. No derivatives with respect to time. No propagating waves. No energy flow. No Poynting vector. I am disappointed in you.

    Ah yes, it seems I misread your comment.

    You only get a non zero Poynting vector for time varying electric and magnetic fields that have the same source and obey Maxwell's Equations.

    I thought when you said ‘same source’ you were talking about a shared voltage source, ie an electrical circuit. Having now read Zoltan’s paper, your comment makes more sense.

    And no… Engineers who still believe in Rossi don’t get to be disappointed in anyone. My working assumption is they have lost their marbles. Although in the above case, it appears this assumption was wrongly applied.