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    This is rate data!! Only clowns can't read this.

    Only clowns can’t read this, eh?


    Never heard greater nonsense:: CoV-19 chemo - Vaccinated people spread 2-4 more often CoV-19 than unvaccinated.

    This being easily explained by the fact that antivaxxers (such as yourself) are much more likely to be spending all their free time posting crazy theories on facebook and forums... As opposed to normal people, who prefer healthy pursuits such as meeting friends in the pub. Or going on holiday.

    This rule only applies to one branch of knowledge. If you catch me making a stupid mistake about something I have no expertise in, you might still trust me when I pontificate about Japanese grammar.

    Or Edo-period pornography ;)

    Will somone please explain to W that vaccine efficacy against serious disease can be measured fairly as vaccinated infections / deaths, and has no relationship to population infection rate?

    And afterwards can you teach my goldfish to play the clarinet?

    Hi Zorud,

    Thanks for providing a link to that article

    I disagree that it provides any evidence to back up your statements:

    It is unofficially known that all 85 infected people (age 20…35) at a so called 2G party with 380 participants in Münster in Germany a few weeks ago were double vaccinated, none from the other G (Genesen = recovered from Cov-19) group.

    There was a careful check of the vaccination certificates by officials of all infected after the party, to exclude fake vaccination certificates to get access to the party. All 85 were correct, and all were from double vax persons!

    The most relevant part of the article says: (translated)

    “What is striking about the coverage of this cause is the complete silence of the proportion of those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered”

    To go from that, to your interpretation, involves a rather large ‘leap of faith’, and (sorry to suggest) requires a large dose of paranoia on your part.

    I note that the ‘usual suspects’ have endorsed your reply, but in truth, I don’t regard you as being in the same category of crank/credulousness as them, so maybe I am missing something.

    Anyway, my lack of German prevents me from searching for any useful articles on this Munster party, so if you have a better link to support the claim, I’d like to read it - as again, if true, it is valuable knowledge.

    And your point is…?

    That preprints don’t contain links to data? :S

    That when preprints that do contain links to their data, this data is “an uncertified source” :S :S

    Or the zero-calorie word salad above… What point are you trying to make here? Different versions of the data? Really?! What, pre & post manipulation? :S :S :S

    Moving on.

    Perhaps W has been playing too much Myst. (OK, some of you too young to get the reference!).

    Too young? My son plays Myst on ‘his’ VR headset!

    It’s OK… it’s no ‘Walking Dead - Saints and Sinners’, which last week had me running into a wall in pure panic, trying to get away from a zombie sneaked up behind me…

    Myst seems fairly true to the original though:

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    It is unofficially known that all 85 infected people

    Interesting if true, but is this a polite way of saying ‘a wyttenfact’?! :)

    I read a couple of German news articles on this party, none seem to mention whether the infected were vaxxed or recovered. Do you have a link that suggests otherwise, please?

    An other nice report about vaccine side effects:


    So may be banning Oxford crap is more urgent...

    Oh dear… Are you resorting to trawling unindexed (ISI, GIS, clarivate) journals whose sole criteria for publishing a paper is that the author coughs up $1200, and that boasts an impact factor of 0.34…

    Perhaps you were trying to find an outlet for your SO(4) paper? One that won’t ask to many difficult questions about the apparently nonsensical and unreferenced diagrams maybe?

    The Elgazaar debunking has been made by a big pharma paid agent that did download data from an uncertified source. Nobody knows to what extent he did manipulate the data...

    They all looked at the dubious data from the same unknown source.

    Another Wyttenfact. And a particularly dumb one at that.

    This apparently ‘unknown’ and ‘uncertified’ source of the Elgazzar data was…. a link provided in the 3rd preprint of Elgazzar’s paper!

    The password (1234) was guessed on presumably the second or third attempt, and published to allow anyone who wanted to check the original file to do so.

    And for a bit of colour, some theorising as to why grifters seem to generally target right-wingers:

    I have a feeling trialsitenews has also identified this strategy and run with it:

    What was once a rather dull website reporting on medical news has mutated into offering transparently misleading opinion pieces that pander to the mores of anti-vax, anti-government, anti-science types.

    Shortly after this change in editorial policy, they started charging a monthly subscription... Bilking their marks twice it seems - intellectually and financially.

    Even Fox 'News' is not that audacious.

    Ivermectin: How false science created a Covid 'miracle' drug


    Meanwhile, grifters gonna grift:

    Network of Right-Wing Health Care Providers Is Making Millions Off Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, Hacked Data Reveals
    The data also reveals that 72,000 people paid at least $6.7 million for Covid-19 consultations promoted by America’s Frontline Doctors and vaccine conspiracist…

    A network of health care providers pocketed millions of dollars selling hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and online consultations, according to hacked data provided to The Intercept. The data show that vast sums of money are being extracted from people concerned about or suffering from Covid-19 but resistant to vaccinations or other recommendations of public health authorities.

    And for a bit of colour, some theorising as to why grifters seem to generally target right-wingers:

    You antivaxxers tend to hijack words to mean whatever the hell you want. Like Humpty Dumpty:

    So true... check out this fine example of word hijacking from our friend Gerold.

    PS. I never got an answer to my question...

    Sorry but did I just read an anti-vaxxer lecturing people about being useful to society?! Arf!

    And the hypocrisy doesn’t stop there either…

    That will be useful instead of promoting a medical product like some magic elixir.

    :) ^^ :D

    They know all of this (hcq, ivermecting). They ignore all of what you are saying, and they will lie in your face if you ever speak to them (e.g. Fauci).

    Ivermectin works and HCQ works.

    The best thing you can do at this moment, if you care, is advocate for Ivermectin.

    Add Ivermectin and you're good.

    close to 100% of those who supposedly are at risk from Covid19 can survive with ivermectin early, aspirin and steroids at the right dose when/if needed.

    Turn off the tv, turn off the programming, step away from the media. Get yourself Ivermectin and live your life as unimpeded as you can.

    Why does Ivermectin work? Why do Sars-Cov-2 tests show IVM works? What is the relationship of spike to graphene?

    Navid. Don’t you have a pizza restaurant to go shoot up?

    Even at age 40-49 we have 75 deaths UnV vs 39 V.

    Your wife is doctor, I’m sure she will be able to explain the relevance of this to you in terms that you will be able understand.

    Or assuming she’s sick of, um…the topic… perhaps you could use the same report to discover that there are 3 times as many UK citizens aged 40-49 who are vaccinated as there are who are unvaccinated.

    Then using the same table as you (which -unsurprisingly- you appear to have misread), we can see that the unvaccinated 40-49 year olds die 2.6 times as often, in absolute terms. (75/29)

    Then, by using the magic of multiplication -even you- could maybe just about manage to work out the unvaccinated 40-49’s are dying at almost 8 times the rate of the vaccinated.

    Or, in other words, being vaccinated cuts the reduces the risk of a 40-49 dying of covid by 92%

    …But then, you’re an anti-vaxxer, and a relatively rabid one at that.., So I predict you’ll either be unable to understand this… or perhaps you’ll refuse to understand it… or maybe you’ll just pretend to misunderstand it, in order that you can meet Jesus faster - or whatever weird motivation drives you people.

    You make the same error as others. You look at the rate graph! I look at absolute data.

    Everyone (but you) looks at the rate graph, because everyone (but you) understands that if 100% of people were vaccinated, then 100% of covid deaths would be of vaccinated people - making the absolute statistics increasingly meaningless as vaccine rollout progresses.

    This isn’t hard to understand.

    Why can’t you understand this, when nearly everyone else can? Are you more stupid than everyone else?

    On the positive side anti-vaxers maybe think llamas are cuddly so won't go after this as much as they do with other mAbs therapies.

    Antivaxxers love mAbs! In amounts inversely proportional to their oxygen levels.

    They love them so much so that the US government had to limit the sending of its Regeneron supplies to the, um, incest belt, in order that the rest of America can also benefit from them.

    Whilst normal places set up vaccination tents in their hospital carparks, Florida set up Regeneron tents where people queue for hours.

    Sure, they need to disregard the fact that Regeneron has had no long-term safety tests, only has the infamous Emergency Use Authorisation beloved of facebook morons everywhere, contains polysorbate 80 - an ingredient that anti-vaxxers claim “attacks the ovaries”, and is manufactured using an unholy brew of mouse parts, cancerous cells and aborted fetal cells, and also rakes in $1000 per dose for evil big pharma companies.

    …So I can see why you might think otherwise.

    I did clearly indicate weeks 33..36

    But did you really? It would appear that what you actually wrote was…

    What you reference is an over all time rate graph.

    Which, as shown in the screen capture above, was incorrect. Do you not remember saying this? It was only 4 hours ago. It seems odd to deny something that is so obviously true. Are you feeling alright?

    And you erroneously did look at a rate graph and did make wrong conclusions.

    Oh really? Care to explain why exactly? With reference to my argument, and without contradicting yourself, misreading titles, or plain just making up some illogical nonsense, if you don’t mind.