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    I haven't checked again but the last update I saw was the meeting started at 9:30 not 10:00

    Not a crucial error, but I find your repetitive negative comments about Rossi aggravating and uncalled for in a thread that is supposed to be news and information.

    You need to read and understand before you condemn. Notice post (#2) was a copy of the announcement by Rossi requesting people be there at 9:30 with ID's to have them checked. If you check you will find that the demo is not scheduled till around 10 and a delayed video streaming scheduled at 12. I do not know what you mean by repetitive negative comments. Learn to stay with facts instead of insulting and attacking others.

    I thought it was a faulty sensor - open. If you check the barometric pressure for Miami you will see the sensor just sits at 0 day after day even when fronts move through. If it was an absolute gauge as required by the original protocol submitted to IH it would have show the weather changed. If it was gauge you would have seen some positive and negative numbers.

    This is really from LENR Calendar's post from Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

    But thought it might be good to have it here as well.

    Looks like we'll have the demo around 10am and the stream around noon.

    Don't forget your ID!

    Andrea Rossi

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    IF the pipes were full of water and there was a leak, most likely there would be a puddle on the floor.

    perhaps, perhaps not. We don't know (that is the problem with all this, too sloppy to know much of anything). It could be just a small drip with most of it going into the insulation and then evaporating next to the approximate 100C pipe. Since Rossi threw out the IH people and prevented examination, destroyed evidence,.... we will never know. Better to focus on the next demo.

    But my guess is that it will also be full of "holes". Those gray boxes look big enough to hold 4kW hr of stored energy so at the claimed 25W output, they will need to run about a week to be sure there is not any stored chemical energy.... unless they are opened and the chemical nature of the oil is checked before and after.

    I also doubt he will allow examination of the pumps and measure their input power. You can hid a lot of wires in a dark oil tube.

    A state inspector said there was a steam leak. As I said, that does not prove there was steam in the pipe. A pressure cooker will often leak steam, but there is no steam inside it. It ain't steam until it comes out. Because "pressure."

    I do not recall him saying there was a steam leak only that there was steam. Recall they found heating tapes under the insulation on that side. A water leak could also produce steam when hitting a heating tape.

    I have often pointed out that although the Doral plant was rated to produce 1MW, there was no condition I found in the documentation that said it should do so continuously- or in fact at any time during the test, Unless somebody can point me to a contractual clause that says this was the case, I will continue to believe that the only requirement of the test was the demonstration of a sustained production of anomalous heat.

    agreed It was about a sustained production at a specified COP. (also often overlooked, starting the test within a deadline) However, I was and am still uncertain about if the sustained test was for a specific device or an array of devices. It seems to me that the intent was that at least one specific heater had to sustain the heat for the time not swapping things in and out or refueling.

    It reminds me of the old story of the guy who had the axe that George Washington used to cut down the cherry tree- it just had been repaired with 5 new blades and 7 new handles.

    That is to say did any one of the "cylinders" ever last the required time?

    Non parlo italiano

    Prove it. Show me the actual date then. In the deposition IH even argued that the one year test wasn't "the test" yet they never mentioned that while the test was on going. They were quite happy to show Woodford how well it worked and take 50 million from them (Woodford said they had done their own two year due diligence.)

    Rossi had read the signs correctly, IH never had any intention of paying up. They didn't have the money. Do you really think Cherokee would pitch in after they distanced themselves from day one?

    show me the date that Penon signed and submitted the report. I have yet to see that date. The nearest I understand is that the answer is never. He seemed to have "acknowledged the report" later but no signature and conclusion at the time of filing. No formal report and the clock never starts.

    Prove it. Show me the actual date then. In the deposition IH even argued that the one year test wasn't "the test" yet they never mentioned that while the test was on going. They were quite happy to show Woodford how well it worked and take 50 million from them (Woodford said they had done their own two year due diligence.)

    Rossi had read the signs correctly, IH never had any intention of paying up. They didn't have the money. Do you really think Cherokee would pitch in after they distanced themselves from day one?

    Rossi never claimed it was a test until late into "the year". Before he claimed it was a two year sale of heat to a "customer". But this is old stuff. (IH never told Woodford that they thought the 1MW in FL worked - other research yes, but Doral, no.)

    His agreement was to meet the spec and he did so but Rossi had to be on site almost constantly. His presence on site was not a factor in the spec.

    Remember the "spec" was for the six cylinder device and for technology transfer. Going to Fl was Rossi's brainchild. If he had actually did a technology transfer as agreed to, then others would have been able to use the technology without him "on site almost constantly".

    Once it became clear IH were not going to pay him according to the contract, what do you think he should have done? The payment was overdue when he filed.

    Wrong, it was not overdue when filed. They still had several days according to the amended agreement. But that is not the point.

    Axil was claiming "Keeping the Quark IP out of the hands of IH was the main reason for the lawsuit"

    that is he filled to prevent IH from getting the technology he agreed to.

    I notice how you side stepped the question. Do you believe he had a working device (market ready or not does not matter), he signed an agreement to sell IH the technology and improvements and he then file a law suit so he could con them out of what he originally agreed to? It sure sounds like that is what you are saying: "Keeping the Quark IP out of the hands of IH was the main reason for the lawsuit."

    Either way, he does not seem trustworthy. 1) not having anything that worked, or 2) having and knowing something worked but filed a suit to con IH out of what he agreed to.

    Keeping the Quark IP out of the hands of IH was the main reason for the lawsuit.

    So are you saying that Rossi's devices work (I am not of that conclusion), that he signed an agreement with IH to sale the IP and then constructed a law suit to con them out of what he knew was working for his own gain? Doesn't seem trustworthy to me.

    At the time, Rossi new about the E-Cat QX. Getting his IP and sales territory back was worth a lot more than 900 million. If he had won IH would have declared bankruptcy and had little money in the bank. He would never have got his 900 million + damages. I'm sure he grieved about the legal fees that he could not spend on R & D,

    Your timeline is not correct for your conclusions. Rossi claimed to have the quark thing before he filed suit. If he won the suit he filed, the quark would have been IH since they would have had all the improvements. In his filing he accused IH of having taken 200M from China.

    For one thing, although Pennon's paper was a bit sloppy in adding missing data, overall I doubt Pennon would be fooled. He is a bright person and would have nothing to gain by falsifying the report and a lot to lose.

    There were many other cases where there were two aides to each claim. Possibly it would have been clarified in court but you know what happened. If IH had truly had certain, positive proof I don't think they would have folded. Yes I know others have a different opinion. Not proven one way or the other.


    Rossi brought the initial suit against IH. IH had nothing much (compared to expected legal expenses) to gain even if they won. It is Rossi that folded and he lost 89M + If he had what he claimed he would had much to gain.

    I was taught to first trust everyone, UNTIL they are found untrustworthy (found to have lied or worse, brag about lying and deceiving) Then they must prove their statements.

    Rossi has bragged about lying and deceiving others.

    Power in, heat out.

    I don't understand you point.

    Notice by the way that heat is not power but energy. A ratio of heat out over power in is a unit of time.

    But the bottom line for me is that it is not clear how the output energy measured. I think that the input power measure is not done correctly. I do like the idea of swapping out the 1 ohm power resister with a 1/8 W one to estimate a limit.

    But my guess is that Rossi will not make the measurement and methods unquestionably clear much less demonstrate that there could not be things like hidden wires or ground current connections.

    I'm not going to do your homework for you.

    Rossi said he was using oil for the liquid and then using a heat exchanger for the oil to heat flowing water

    If he is using that to measure the heat (as opposed to possibly just using it to cool it) Then why do we have a picture of him in front of the whiteboard using Wien's law to derived a claimed output power? What you said above does not give any indication that the oil (what ever kind it is) is used for heat measurement.

    It gets worse if he is using Wien's law at an assumed peak in the emission spectrum if it was measure through some unknown oil with absorption bands. That would drastically change the peaks of a spectrum. Also that raises question about the heat raise of the fluids due to turbulent flow or pump energies applied and how the pump's energy is measured. We know that in the past he was very "sloppy" with thermocouple placement on flow systems and had no mixing up stream of the sensor.

    So you don't want to reveal your sources. It is unclear from your statement how the heat is measured: spectrum, change in oil temperature, change in water temperature,...... or just a non attributed Rossi says..

    As Rossi mentioned earlier & I later quoted, in his on going experiments he surrounds the E-Cat QX with a liquid and measures the temperature rise. He doesn't have to assume blackbody radiation. What he will do in the demo remains to be seen. You really need to do some homework.

    where on this forum has Rossi every posted much less mentioned methods. Please point to your reference.

    The question then becomes what liquid is used and how is its specific heat evaluated, how is it mixed, how is its temperature measured, is it flowing or static, Please give me a reference to how it is measured since I don't see it posted anywhere.

    How is the output measured? How is the temp measured? Does he assume blackbody radiation?

    How is the device isolate to be assured there are no hidden wires or use of supports to carry current?


    According to Mr. Rossi, the QuarkX produces a voltage potential when in operation and with negligible internal resistance. But he also has clarified that it is not enough electrical energy to be of much use. The primary output is heat.

    If it does produce 20W of heat at COP 1777 there should be no problem of putting it in a box covered with Peltier chips (typical eff. 5%) sitting in the room air to generate 1W of electrical power and he claims it only needs 0.015 W of input.

    with simple Al box, Peltier chips and heat fins he could have 100 times what he needs to unplug it after starting.

    It would be great to see a self sustaining device that powers a water pump without outside connections.

    Now that would be a good demo.

    Notice that this has long been a dream of cold fusion researchers.

    see the old Infinite energy article:


    yes Rossi was spending 20 hours a day in a hot warehouse writing anonymous check, then perhaps not. Perhaps it was Darden that wrote a 89M check to the cancer fund. We know (true) that Darden paid for a health clinic in Ethiopia and help set up water treatment there.

    With 11M in the bank, it seems like he could at least afford a good power meter.

    Say a Clark Hess or Keysight.

    Surely he knows people will be looking at his input measurements.

    One 1ohm resister (are we sure it is 1 ohm?? and suitable for high currents?) and one measure is not very encouraging.