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    FYI, Still no one from Google has contacted me or anyone I work with. All there seems to be are rumors on the web - no substantal physical effort to connect or communicate. They are not serious, just fishing. I would "host" one of their researchers on one of my back benches, help them set up an electrochemical system and step them through it. But I doubt it would ever happen since they are not really serious.

    Can anyone point to a single case where they tried to work with someone within the LENR "community" (i.e. someone with positive experimental results)? Perhaps they talked to Storms or McKubre, but evidently did not even act on their advice.

    I think the problem is with Google not the LENR community. They never talked to me. None ever visited my lab. - and there are not that many working LENR labs around these days. They did not let the community know they were interested until after their failures. That is on them not us.

    "the cell has broken and cannot be opened"

    Stainless steel hardware is notorious for galling and binding up such that fasteners cannot be removed, is that what happened?

    During assembly, a bit of zinc dust in petrolatum works wonders for later disassembly.

    yes, that is why most "professional" conflate systems normally use the silver plated bolts.

    for example:…t-Hole-Flanges/pp/P104381

    I would say, however, that I have also use Ti bolts.

    Just as Einstein developed a test using a Solar eclipse for his theory

    I don't think that Einstein developed the test although he suggested to turn to astronomy for a test. It took an Eddington to design and conduct the experiment from Eddington's understanding of the published theory. It also took some political maneuvers by Dyson to keep Eddington out of the draft so he could do the experiment.

    Ludwig Silberstei said Eddington was one of only three men that understood the theory at the time.

    It takes a theory, someone who understands it enough to conduct a proper experiment, and someone to finance and support the work. The problem is that is no theory out that is "understandable". Most avoid the conservation of spin, or momentum, or why there is no detectable radiation, or other important physical points. They are not self consistent.

    If one were to build a "reasonably priced" system that included <1e-7 mb vacuum system, a mass spectrometer, and a flow calorimeter, would it look like what is shown in the attachment? I am in the process of determining what such a system would cost, but before proceeding further I would like some consensus that the proposed system meets the requirements for a MIzuno replication.

    Depending on your mass spec or RGA, you may need a "pinhole" between the device and the RGA and a by pass valve around the RGA. Many RGA and mass spec will not operate at the elevated pressures where the device will be working. You may also want to have a way to purge and vent the system.

    Not sure of you High vac system. You may want a foreline filter.

    When I prepare the equipment should I do it in a glove box? Must the glove box be filled with inert gas?

    for the equipment/ tubes,, but I use rubber gloves to avoid finger prints. (clean with Acetone and cotton cloth, let air dry) just vacuum for a few days after assembly and after leaks are out. - Hint: with conflats, it seems best to tighten wait for some time (day??) and then retighten. They use copper gaskets and knife edges so they some time take a while for the copper to "flow". So the second tightening seems to help.

    Stainless steel can under certain conditions outgas sulfur compounds, which can often be powerful catalyst poisoners. What are possible mitigations against this problem or what sort of getters are generally used in vacuum systems for this?

    yes, that is why you should vacuum and bake out all your parts before you just start something like this.

    Even fingerprints (oil) inside can mess you up.