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    Should have done it 3 years ago before some guy planted parts of it all over the internet and ways to avoid pantent infringement~

    I seem to recall someone with Disney Imagineering did some cold fusion experiments back in 90 or 91 pr so using X ray sources to induce the reaction. Someone here remember who that was or perhaps have copies of the old Hal Fox Fusion Facts?

    It is obvious that Rossi cannot or does not want to prove that the system works. He can easily put a Clark Hess on the stupid thing and it done if he wanted to. If he cannot afford one after 11M.... then rent/borrow one. I bet there would be a half a dozen people willing volunteer to fly to the device and use one for him if he cannot do it himself.

    It is clear he does not want to prove it.

    Over the last dozen pages, none of the theories to prove the QX didn't work have been accepted. Time to move on. Obviously the pump contained a heater and as MY states (proof positive) that Mats Lewan collaborates with Rossi, he will not report it. /Sarc off.

    "Over the last dozen pages, none of the theories to prove the QX does work have been accepted. Time to move on.

    A big spike in voltage is pretty much neccesary in order to strike a plasma across a gap. With no gap, a strike-hold power supply may sense the low resistance (compared to a gap) and not fire the initial voltage spike. This might be a safety feature, or might simply be not possible without the "air" gap.

    Xenon is the arc helper. It reduces the arc maintaining voltage.

    A plasma can be started by striking. That is have physical contact, say a fusible link so that once a given higher voltage vaporizes the link the plasma can start.

    That is nonsense. How can he possibly make money from such a scam? This is not for the general public to invest in, but for venture capitalists who will be able to do their own due diligence - like measure the voltage across the reactor.

    Notice when IH wanted to direct an IR gun at the ecat they were prevented, when IH set up the pluming and sensors for Doral, they were ripped out, when NASA people wanted to measure steam quality, they were prevented, when Celani wanted to check for gammas he was prevented.......

    The reality is that Rossi could have made measurements to avoid all these uncertainties, but he chose not to. He wants the uncertainty for some reason. And unfortunately, I am one that thinks that such obvious desire to introduce and perpetuate uncertainty is not a sign of good will nor intellectual honesty. Time to move on.

    23 W hours or about 83 KJ's. If the volume of the device is around 1 liter, stored heat in 1l of water is about 4 kJ per degree. So if the pre heating of the device was to say 80C then, it could store (80-20=60 delta T or 240 kJ. So you cannot rule out energy storage from the "pre conditioning" of the device. (block of cast iron would also give about the same storage)

    What do others calculated the energy of a 1 liter of cast iron going through a delta T of 60C? (about 189 kJ or around 50 W hrs.

    What am I missing here?

    And then there are phase change energy storage......

    Tell me about this device? A choke perhaps? I think you will struggle to find me a good example.

    A simple wire coil with a nickel or cobalt core would do it. For example, a 10 mH inductor, would appear to have near zero resistance (depending on gauge) but about 4 ohms at 60 Hz and 7.5 ohms at 120 Hz and then about 160 ohms at 2500 Hz. Very fast pulses (single wave of a very high freq in effect) would make the effective R very high and with power going as V^2 you could transfer a significant power. A flyback transformer, cap and a read vibrator could easily be put in the housing of most DC supplies to add high V pulses.

    Bottom line - the DC and AC across the device must me measured while running or you know nothing about possible power consumption.

    The QX is stated to have near zero resistance. Which tends to suggest it has near zero impedance. Though after 5 beers I am not looking for an argument about that. Have at it.

    No, again, you can have near zero DC resistance but have a large inductive impedance to high frequency (or spikes). The narrower the pulses the greater the "effective resistance" for an inductive device.

    Back now. To revert to an earlier question - which may have been answered elsewhere, in which case apologies.

    The 800 ohm resistor was used as part of the calibration demonstration. Since the Q-X has virtually zero resistance there is not much point in measuring the voltage drop across it, so in order do show that (for example) an 800 ohm resistive heater was NOT present inside the Q-X capsule, the Q-X was taken out of circuit and a low-wattage 800 ohm resistor was put in its place. The voltage drop was measured again over the 1 ohm resistor to show there was a significant difference. This also was used to prove that the PSU was a constant voltage device, not a constant current device.

    Was the 800 ohm resister inductive or non inductive?

    I am still having trouble with the claim that the claim that the device has "virtually zero resistance".

    Was it measured while running? How was that measured for the system as demonstrated?

    Sure seem like there IS a "point in measuring the voltage drop across it". A major point. It is possible to have a device with a low DC resistance but high inductive impedance. If there was any pulses or AC present, it could make a very big difference. -(example: a wire coil around some Ni) If It is to demonstrate the reality of excess then the voltage needs to be measured across with what ever waveform it is running with.

    We all have suspicion Adrian - let us stick to fact. I've seen no supply voltage measurement in the info so far, nor the derivation of 50W which depends only on the current, but perhaps more will be revealed later.

    If, as you suspect, the circuit has high voltage pulses every 8 seconds, that must make any continuous measurement of power, as claimed in Mats' diagram, unsafe.

    You can move a lot of power with even occasional high voltage pulses. Power goes as V^2.

    If the device is only using a set DC supply then why hid it?

    Anyone at the demo check the V across the R both in DC and AC while running or just was

    just the R without supply measured? It would just take a click of the dial on the VOM.

    The hidden supply set up makes me wantn to check and make sure that there is no AC riding on the DC.

    How long did the demo last at 50W? It seems within the jagged edge of chemical energy levels. Was any derogation of the output seen over time?

    Are there any numbers give as to input, temperatures, and output water collected as a function of time?

    And what is it with the green , ground wire to a plastic block? You know you can have clear conductive plastics.


    I stand corrected. Brain fart. That photo IS from July 2016, about five months AFTER the test had been completed. And that is what the window looks like with four panels present. As you can see, it is quite different from how Smith's photo looks, which was taken DURING the one year test.

    Sorry, I am not following your timeline. I thought the panels were not replaced till almost a year after the runs. That is the repair crew did not replace the glass till then but now you say the windows were present between the time of the end of the runs and claimed replacement times.

    If you now say that the panels were present in July what does that do to your Wrong explanation's?

    Can you give a recap of what you are claiming as the window time line? When test started, when exchanger turned on, when the windows were or when they were not there, when they were repaired?

    Has the country of the test been revealed yet? Somehow I think it will be neither the USA nor Sweden, but not Italy either.

    perhaps it will be in one of those robotic assemble plants or the industrial manufactureing plants that he sold a 1MW system to back in 2013. That would be much more impressive.

    I haven't checked again but the last update I saw was the meeting started at 9:30 not 10:00

    Not a crucial error, but I find your repetitive negative comments about Rossi aggravating and uncalled for in a thread that is supposed to be news and information.

    You need to read and understand before you condemn. Notice post (#2) was a copy of the announcement by Rossi requesting people be there at 9:30 with ID's to have them checked. If you check you will find that the demo is not scheduled till around 10 and a delayed video streaming scheduled at 12. I do not know what you mean by repetitive negative comments. Learn to stay with facts instead of insulting and attacking others.

    I thought it was a faulty sensor - open. If you check the barometric pressure for Miami you will see the sensor just sits at 0 day after day even when fronts move through. If it was an absolute gauge as required by the original protocol submitted to IH it would have show the weather changed. If it was gauge you would have seen some positive and negative numbers.

    This is really from LENR Calendar's post from Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

    But thought it might be good to have it here as well.

    Looks like we'll have the demo around 10am and the stream around noon.

    Don't forget your ID!

    Andrea Rossi

    November 14, 2017 at 12:52 PM




    Warm Regards,


    IF the pipes were full of water and there was a leak, most likely there would be a puddle on the floor.

    perhaps, perhaps not. We don't know (that is the problem with all this, too sloppy to know much of anything). It could be just a small drip with most of it going into the insulation and then evaporating next to the approximate 100C pipe. Since Rossi threw out the IH people and prevented examination, destroyed evidence,.... we will never know. Better to focus on the next demo.

    But my guess is that it will also be full of "holes". Those gray boxes look big enough to hold 4kW hr of stored energy so at the claimed 25W output, they will need to run about a week to be sure there is not any stored chemical energy.... unless they are opened and the chemical nature of the oil is checked before and after.

    I also doubt he will allow examination of the pumps and measure their input power. You can hid a lot of wires in a dark oil tube.

    A state inspector said there was a steam leak. As I said, that does not prove there was steam in the pipe. A pressure cooker will often leak steam, but there is no steam inside it. It ain't steam until it comes out. Because "pressure."

    I do not recall him saying there was a steam leak only that there was steam. Recall they found heating tapes under the insulation on that side. A water leak could also produce steam when hitting a heating tape.