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    When it comes to what you are saying; that IH acted like scumbags...I disagree. The one thing they did have trouble explaining was why they continued using Doral to attract investments, when they clearly had doubts.

    I don't think they used Doral to attract investments. Yes they had people tour the plan but that was because the investors requested to see what some of the money was spent for. Those investors visited other IH sites as well.

    Do you really think that IH should have blocked such visits when investors requested it?

    Remember that Rossi claimed that the customer was the customer one of the ten largest multinational corporations in the world?- Yes on Andrea Rossi December 21, 2018 at 11:54 AM (see post @8234 by Deleo)

    All of those companies are publically owned.

    Slandered patent reinforcement / infringement... he only needs to have a sale item to lay claim to all lenr~

    Jed, recall the entry to this discussion was DnG claim that Rossi could lay claim to al LENR by just offering some system for sale and that was the law.

    I don't think that one LENR system for sell when others are not selling anything means that person takes all and everyone else's patent are thrown out.

    If that is the case then CETI could claim all LENR since they offered the RIFLEX kits a one time. - they might have even sold a couple.

    Yes the government can acquire patents, make them secret, and use them. But in general you do not have to sell an invention to hold a patent. The anti-trust judges and national security folks may demand it but that is with a separate court order under special cases.

    In the case of ATT, the patent was not revoked. It was the anti trust business issues left over from their near monopoly of the vacuum tubes that were at play and not the transistor patent itself. My understanding is that they calculated the fighting of transistor anti trust suits would be like the vacuum tube suits and decided to freely (at 26K) license the tech.

    A counter example would be a company invents a machine to make cheaper integrated circuits. I doubt they have to sell that to others so others can sell similar circuits. They can just use it to make circuits and sell them to the market. The machine is still theirs to use exclusively.

    Do not confuse selling the invention itself and what the invention may do for the company.

    as you say: To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries."

    The inventor can reap the rewards of exclusively using the invention for a limited time to help his company. He can gain the rewards of an invention without selling it. He can use it in his business.

    But not selling is not the same as not manufacturing and using for your own company. I don't think you have to sell the invention to others during the life of the patent. If you did I doubt there would be many soft ware companies left.

    That is- make it and use it for your own companies use for the life of the patent.

    Like many others we have run into here, I think Frank is honest and doesn't make much money from his web site which doesn't have that much traffic. Lewan the same, I doubt that Levi got rich off his work with Rossi.

    But many Rossi proponents are immensely desirous and gullible. Many but not all lack the necessary science background, education and experience. That is how high tech and free energy scams succeed.

    perhaps Levi made all his money from the pinball machines.

    I've bin down this road in the past, A trap is a trap.. you can look this up easily yourself.

    So why do you try to set traps instead of giving your so called "law".

    You say your been down this road but I tried to search your posts and don't see that you

    ever addressed the question. Perhaps it was in a separate thread. Please give a link to your post.

    I try to look it up but see nothing that requires sales before you can enforce a patent.

    Yes you can use sales as support for claims of utility but there are other ways for that.

    Your response just seems to be a smoke screen for a false statement.

    And no need to even sell one. just having it available for

    Please quote your "law".

    I don't think you have to make a sale or offer for sale an item to enforce a patent. There are defensive patents.

    "Patents are rights granted by the U.S. government, specifically the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), to an inventor, to exclude others from making, using, selling or importing a particular invention without permission."

    There is not a requirement in the US of selling the item as far as I know.

    Many items are patented such as rockets and so on that are granted patents that are never sold or offered for sale.

    There is also constructive reductions to practice which do not even require the physical production of a device.

    The SK covered by a sheet wasn't operating. The pipes coming out of the top weren't connected to anything. Another SK was heating the factory via a heat exchanger.

    Here in the UK we use "wet" heating systems. In my case an oil burner heats water in a tank called a thermal store. That in turn delivers water to pipes in the floor for heating and/or taps/faucets. By coincidence my house is around 3000sqf.

    If the SK can produce hot water in the range 55C to 95C it would be dead easy to hook up to my system. I understand the SK may take awhile to turn on/off but that's ok as the thermal store acts as a buffer tank.

    So you are saying that what he showed was not connected and was not heating the room. Not a very good demo then.

    SO it sounds like you are saying that what was heating the room was not the SK that he was demonstrating but something else unknown and unseen???? Perhaps a propane stove or an electric heater or a wood burner... who knows?

    It it went against your morals to lie and deceive, but it meant that your child was safe, would you do it? You would, and it would be a very rational decision. Would it be greedy of you to want your child safe? I wouldn't call it such. It would not be in contradiction to that of a noble character.

    There is not child involve here.

    Would you lie and deceive over and over again just to make money with a thing?

    All the time? No. I think Rossi is a very good and yes, noble man. However, he will lie and deceive when necessary for the sake of ultimately developing a product. From whence comes this duality? Is the seemingly darker side of this tolerable? It's tough for people like myself and probably most people to tolerate it, let alone understand it. But I now think I understand it (I may share at a later time), and in understanding comes greater toleration.

    noble man. However, he will lie and deceive when necessary for the sake of ultimately developing a product..

    I would not call anyone who would lie and deceive a noble man.

    You addition of "when necessary for the sake of.... developing a product" just says he would lie and deceive because of greed. That is clearly not "noble" or "good".

    by the way, how much of that 10M went to the children with cancer he claimed you would donate?

    I am confused at how a "peak" in the spectrum of a non blackbody thing can be used to calculate its thermal output.

    For example, take two LED's one red and one UV and a simple resister that just warms up and run them with 1W of power each. If you use the ideas Rossi uses, won't you calculate entire different thermal outputs if you based it on spectrum peak alone". You could only use the spectra from a flat black resister to calculate the thermal output anywhere near correctly.

    My 60W incandescent bulb's tungsten melts at about 3400C but its color temp is 6500K. What is its thermal output?

    If you want your "ballerina" to look hot just put a 370 UV led at the base or tint the glass.

    The whole thing seems bogus to me.

    I can’t understand the audio so I am missing a lot.

    First, I don’t understand where they got the 357.5 nm as a peak to a blackbody thing. The spectra looks like a line spectra not a continuous blackbody radiation thing. Did they fit it to the spectra and the detector’s efficiency at various wavelengths and the absorption of the container to get that 0.3574? A little off on a fourth power and you can be anywhere.

    8111K = 8384C ???? wrong! How can we trust calculations from someone who continually makes such mistakes and why not have a spread sheet prepared and typed up for such a demo?

    Also doesn’t the use of the Boltzman calculations require a uniform release of energy in all directions? Was the device symmetrical or could there be a directionality of the spectra out from the device?

    Looks like a failed demo to convince anyone to me.

    And I always thought you avatar meant 42. :) So what, pray tell, does "Forty", and "Two" mean?

    who knows, but I think of Hitchhikers guide. "the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42"

    42 is the ASCII (computer code) for an asterisk which was used back when as a "wildcard" meaning- it can be what every you want it to be.

    Well if an eCat unit - fed only by a controller that was plugged into nothing more than a 1.84kW receptacle - was kicking out 22kW of heat, that would get my attention. Wouldn't it get yours?

    Only if I was allow to measure it with my instruments.

    Not if it was only done by someone who was known to kick people out and call them snakes when they bring in a thermometer. IR gun, or meter or radiation counter.

    What does he claim he is delivering to the "customer"- heat? heat as steam?

    if it is heat then it should be easy for him tap into some of the output heat and run a small

    steam engine gen set and not plug in to anything.

    So why does he need an outlet? Unless it is all just a sham.

    And some of the acme workers will sue Rossi to recover cancer health expenses or loss of hair. - Doesn't matter if it is really the cause or not, but someone point to Rossi's own post about radiation and will sue.

    You don't have natural gas? That's unusual. Do you live out in the countryside? People in rural Virginia often have natural gas tanks.

    If you live in a mild climate you can have a ~500% efficient electric heater: a heat pump. They are ideal for places like Atlanta, or anywhere in Florida.

    natural gas tanks.... strange. I thought they were mostly propane and liguid propan at that. I wouldn't think you could store much natural gas in tanks for household use.

    I give you a big news:

    Santa Claus does not exist. You can continue to believe in fakes and tales chatting about paraphrasing Bohr and Pauli.

    OT but....... I believe in Santa Claus - I am one. He is not a single entity but the term is a "mass noun" representing a non countable group but a single term representing a large array of individuals, items, ideas,.....

    I have already answered you about these topics. See, please, Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

    I do not see how you get that figure. You seem to assume-wrongly- that the ecat was the only thing IH had in its portfolio that was worth Woodford's investment. That is clearly not the case. You can see how their evaluate of IH more than doubled after they returned the IP to Rossi who evidently was considered by them as a liability. Their evaluation has climbed faster without Rossi than with it. And your claim that ICCF would have folded without Rossi is clearly wrong since at ICCF21 there was no mention or papers based on Rossi's claims. You just keep pushing a clearly false narrative.

    But in this way the field got $50M to support LENR research. The Ecat initiative was a great financial success for the LENR field, the best in 30-year, and was achieved with a fair PR cost.

    Where do you get the 50M figure from?

    Recall that IH was already supporting groups other than Rossi before.

    Please give me how you get that number. Frankly I don't believe it.

    AA claiming that the list is supporting Rossi's claims is laughable.

    notice that on the second page it lists Darden and Vaugh.

    and as Parad. noticed on the first page, it lists Eugen Mallove who died in 2004

    His "facts" are just grasping at straws by a babbler.

    You are so keen on historical evidence being proof, how do you explain the people on this two page list who believe Rossi has demonstrated LENR?

    I think many of them are smarter and more knowledgeable about LENR than you are.

    You seem to get most of your facts" from the babbler echo chamber here.

    Garbage, it says nothing about Rossi only LENR. Just go down the list and ask them what they think of Rossi. For example ask Brian Ahern and see what he says. Or Dr. T at Nat'l Inst. and see what he thinks of Rossi and Rossi's claims of NI acceptance and support.

    As is the case most of the time, your "facts" are lies.

    Doesn't sound like a believable video. No independent verification. I keep on thinking of all the video "magic" in Forest Gump. A video alone, these days, are not to be taken a any kind of proof.

    AA you sure to twist Jed's words (among most other people's as well) Jed's saying that people would not operating within 50 miles of an inhabited area is NOT the same as you what you said : risk it could destroy everything in a 50 or 100 mile radius!

    Please stop the babble and lies

    The SK most likely is not a nuclear reactor. How will you prove that it is?

    Recall that Rossi claimed that the Ni was transmuted into Cu. (at one time even claiming 30% was transmuted. That is the nucleus changed- by definition that is nuclear. So Rossi himself has claimed it is nuclear. In short, Rossi says it is nuclear. Do you believe him or did he lie about the Cu?

    have all the necessary legal authorizations to operate it been obtained?

    seems like a backwards way of asking what you really want to know.


    ask what legal authorization have been obtained and how can we check and verify the authorizations.

    Although a stretch, the only way I can see this Rossi customer scenario happening, is if it is the military

    I am not sure the military could do that. If it is considered a nuclear system (transmutations?) then it would require the DOE/NNSA. They are in charge of all nuclear testing (not DOD like many think).