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    NDA's being what they are..... you will have to wait. But boy are these things are "singing" all kinds of RF tunes. Dr. Mitch S was right but he just used little bitty nanors. With luck I will have things nailed down and replicated by the time the ICCF is back in the states. So much to do.

    Bye for a while. Back to the lab and blackboard.

    Stop saying things that are so easy to attack. You and the others here express contempt for the experts who will save millions of lives this year. Millions! The ingratitude toward researchers and doctors is outrageous. The notion that "there are no experts" because they have not yet answered every question, and they cannot save every life, is outrageous.

    Quite judging others without facts. Why do you seem to say I have no gratitude for researchers or doctors? I merely point out that the vaccine is slow coming to me due the favoritism of the local government limiting access to those over 65 but raise it to 75 and want to give it to others instead. I am grateful for the vaccine but not to the blue state government that puts me to risk. I do not see why tattoo parlors, young healthy, gyms workers, and people of some given race should take priority due to social imbalances.

    were do you pick up "there are no experts" It seem that it you that want to limit who you will call an experts. Realize that experts can disagree. You should discard them just because they don't agree with you prejudices. Be more open an less dictatorial.

    It is outrageous to condemn others for things they have not done. I don't have "contempt for experts" but I do think that in science you need to be open minded and listen to all the experts, even those that disagree with you. You should be open to falsification are you not doing science.

    You seem to paint me with the same brush as you do so many others and not actually check to see what my views are but just throw out another scarcrow argument and start an unmerited attack. I have not said anything negative about vaccines by intention. What is your problem besides failure to recall even after a cut and paste.

    You did say that, right here! Just now!

    ". . . vaccine safety is becoming more questionable every day. "

    You are not telling the truth again to push a point. I did NOT say that. That was BO in post #9629. You must have seen it if you copied and pasted it here. Either you delight telling such falsehoods in your attacks or you really need to have a check up. You are still mixing people and thing up and miss assigning things.

    Face it you do not check your facts and or truth before you attack. Why not stop attacking and condemning people and just post facts instead of judgements.

    You have it backward. I agree with the experts. It is not that they agree with me.

    you clearly need to work on your reading skills. I acknowledge you pick your "experts" to agree with and then use it to attack others. Your typical item- strawmen attacks and try to puff yourself up.

    And why in the world do you keep pushing discussions on if vaccines work or not. I said nothing about them. You mix arguments between people. - very strange

    your ability to recall - The point is not your mental problems but to say before you attack someone on a point you need to check your facts not just attack and then claim mental loss.

    The Biden admin. has many plans that will ameliorate this mess,

    hog wash. It is they that are pushing for giving shots based on race - giving it to young school teachers, grocery clerks,..... instead of protecting those most venerable. To them we are just "useless eaters".



    You seem to always think that what happens in GA is true in all states and nations. Wake up

    Again, what world do you live in?

    I was not aware of that.

    as usual he tends to attack before checking his facts.

    He lives in a blue state world where the elites/"experts" (meaning only those that agree with you) are always right and they attack everyone else instead of holding silent. They think that they should "correct" people even if they are just an "engineer librarian" and better than others here with PhD's in biophysics, biochemistry, or a retired MD.

    It is that attitude that prevents unity. I have said enough and it saddens me that I resort to this.

    I think I will ignore the forum for a while until I get my LENR COP above 3.

    Horse tablets contain usually 20mg/100kg. If you are bit heavier either you go down to 6 days or make a fine powder of the tablets.

    I got the gel - apple flavored. It has measures in 250lb steps on the plunger.

    Will I now be immune

    good question. My guess is if you had it enough to get symptoms (especially with some fever) then it signaled that your natural immune systems kicked in. To what level is the question. but I would think you have some immunity.

    Me, 69 here and some complications. I wear a mask if I must go out but limit it to off hours at the post office and hardware when few if any are around. I live in a fairly remote area with miles to the next neighbor. UPS delivers all I need to keep my LENR work going.

    I miss time with the granddaughters but that is about it.

    I hope you stay well and healthy. I hope there will be some CF/LENR significant activity in the near future and the forum stops it cancel mentality. --- I will NOT be going to the ICCF meeting in China - I will miss that one and hope that next year it will be back in the states and there will be no lockdowns.

    silly for you to single out a single month and say it was all based on one month when I gave you a link and placed fourth month in bold. Try reading

    Suicides in Japan rose for the fourth month in a row, according to police data. After the four month run up to October, the number of suicides are now at the highest level in the country in over five years. https://www.wionews.com/world/…ated-economic-woes-342143

    You might even try reading articles by Japanese suicide help lines.

    But then there is no use trying to educate some that that will not listen.

    An exaggeration based only one month of data.

    I still wonder where you are getting your claimed "facts". It is like you don't ever read what we point out and try to set your views up as "expert" and ignore the numbers.

    Suicides in Japan rose for the fourth month in a row, according to police data. After the four month run up to October, the number of suicides are now at the highest level in the country in over five years. https://www.wionews.com/world/…ated-economic-woes-342143

    It is almost like you only look at things that support your mind set and forget the facts and what the "experts" say.

    Experts say this alarming spike is being partially driven by women, who often work in industries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic https://abc7.com/health/in-jap…om-covid-in-2020/8359064/


    Suicide spike in Japan shows mental health toll of COVID-19


    Oh I guess I should give up.... it is like talking to a blue one-sided wall.

    The number of suicides has not increased.

    Please give your source for such a wild claim. Or is it just a Jed says so number. It sure isn't the information that I find from multiple sources using recent (since Oct) numbers.

    "Suicides in Japan rose for the fourth month in a row, according to police data. After the four month run up to October, the number of suicides are now at the highest level in the country in over five years." https://www.wionews.com/world/…ated-economic-woes-342143

    "The number of suicides in Japan has increased significantly over recent months." https://www.dw.com/en/suicide-japan/a-55250637

    even recent news from CNN

    "The Covid-19 pandemic is driving a spike in suicides in Japan"

    In Japan, more people died from suicide last month than from Covid in all of 2020 - CNN

    And Reuters

    "Japan suicides rise as economic impact of coronavirus hits home" https://news.trust.org/item/20201110125214-qgcpp

    More people died of suicide in Japan in one month than the entire coronavirus pandemic


    "The National Police Agency said suicides surged to 2,153 in October alone, with more than 17,000 people taking their own lives this year to date, CBS reported.

    By comparison, fewer than 2,000 people in the country have died from COVID-19 in 2020.

    Experts say the pandemic has exacerbated mental health issues due to prolonged lockdowns, isolation from family members, unemployment and other financial concerns, and a lack of school structure. "