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    He likes the limelight, and has a big ego. If he left now, even you would have to admit his scam. He wants to be like Papp, and go out in a way that will keep his fan base loyal, and go to the grave a legend...without actually proving a damn thing.

    He has already proved many things, tests that have been performed over the years on his devices have given very good results, results confirmed by professors who have been able to make measurements. Rossi does not escape now because he has no reason for doing it: he is now free from IH and can devote himself to the next demo and to the realization of his projects. I don't have to admit anything because the E-Cat is not and has never been a scam. Time will confirm what I say, the same time that I continue to lose by always saying the same things to the same people. Maybe you don't have anything else to do, instead I think I could spend better my days.... I'm beginning to find all this chatter a really useless and meaningless thing. I think I'll let you bark all alone, at least for a while ....

    Anyways, if you think that cheap tactic will throw me off the scent, you have another think coming. I spent 5 years building the man up, and it won't take me that long to tear him down. Your comment about him not lying is laughable. He has lied so many times I try to just remember the top 3. Just today I was reading Gary Wright's site (freeenergyscams" and was reminded of another: The many lies to his licensees, as recounted by the Italian partner Aldo Proia.

    I was talking to Mary, not with you, so I do not understand the first sentence. Anyway I no longer see any difference between you and Mary, I really feel you as the same person. I've told you that if you really wanted to know the truth, you should also document elsewhere, but you still quote me Krivit and Gary Wright, the most sneaky and less objective people on Earth (along with Mary, of course). I have also said that Rossi has offered licensees the repayment of licenses in an convenient way. Some have accepted ..... if Proia did not do it, it is a problem of his.


    What do you think of the bio reactors capability to produce gold and silver from the waste oils?

    You're saying a nonsense. The bio reactors were powered by waste, these wastes were selected and in this operation the small pieces of gold and silver (recovered from the electronic components found in the garbage) were stored. Initially, Petroldragon sold these precious items, then the idea of creating a company that worked and resold them as jewels was born. It is an example of Rossi's entrepreneurial ability, who has been able to create a completely new business starting from another revolutionary business. I do not expect you to understand it, you're too full of the rotten words of Krivit and his gang to be able to figure out how things went right in those years. And I'm tired of repeating the same thing. In the end, believe what you want ..... who cares!

    No. When you make claim after claim that you have accomplished something (made isotopes cheaply, started to build robotic factories, sold devices to customers, engaged "certificators" to get licensing, are purchasing a factory in Scandinavia, are supplying a megawatt of power to a large company daily, etc. etc.) and none of it happened, and it's done to get money from investors, it's lying, scamming, thieving, defrauding and bamboozling. And it does not happen with reputable entrepreneurs.

    I think your "reputable entrepreneurs" do much worse on average. Anyway, how do you say none of it happened? What do you know about it? You have no confirmation either in one way or in the other, so your allegations are, as always, completely unfounded.

    *If* it is "presented," the QuarkX demo will be questionable, unclear, doubtful, and sketchy.

    This is your true nature, Mary. Deny till the last moment, throw mud everywhere, even on an event that has not yet occurred. Reading your words is really a waste of time.

    For the past few days, Rossi has been writing the script for his exit strategy. He is going to stretch out the QX (amazing how we do not even talk about the LT's anymore...just as he wanted) for a long, long time, and slowly let it fade away. By the time you guys realize what happened, he will be enjoying retirement, and having a good laugh at how gullible people can be.

    If Rossi wanted to disappear from the scene with the money he earned, he could do it now: he has $ 11.5 million in his pocket and no obligation to make a new demo. QuarkX will be presented and afterwards it will be in production according to an appropriate timing (I know already that if it will not be on the market after a week you will start shouting that it is a scam .... I do not expect anything better). I think this demo scares very much Rossi's haters - do nothing but say that it will not happen, or that it will be a scam. So many criticisms for something that has yet to happen ...... is it a fixation?

    Nonsense. You think someone like Musk or Gates is going to give a sh*t about that crap if he's standing next to a megawatt plant churning out power and running a factory on a thimblefull of nickel and other cheap stuff and a whiff of hydrogen?

    I think people like Musk and Gates could never hear about Rossi if he ended up in jail for false accusations, as happened in the past. This is the most horrible method you can use to get rid of an entrepreneur, yet in Italy it is not a rare event. I hope that America is a more civilized country from this point of view, but the comment from Alan ('The only reason Andrea is still alive is nobody rakes him seriously') is not a nonsense at all.

    So I figure your reasoning is: Rossi has been lying to everyone about everything since he started. But when it comes to the least likely claim he ever made, the QuarkX, he is telling the truth. Is that about it?

    No, I do not think that Rossi has lied over these years. He may have anticipated some events that, for various reasons, did not occur. The world in which he moves is very complex, it is made of projects that initially seem to work and then eventually end up badly (as in IH case). I think that in the past Rossi had anticipated news that then could not occur or maybe some projects required more time than expected. This can be seen as an excess of enthusiasm from him, certainly not as a lie. If you could not limit yourself to stalk Rossi, but you would also consider the lives of other entrepreneurs, you would realize that it is normal to take so long to be able to finish great projects like his. But I know that it is impossible for you to consider other lives but his one.

    There is not even a viable theory for this that I can find. Asking people to invest in this without an established theory as a starting point is not proper.

    There is no need for a theory to convince investors to fund a winning project. If a device works, it can be a great investment regardless of the reason it does it. In history there are so many cases of using a technology before its operation is fully understood, and this will happen other times. It is more likely that a scientist will not accept a new device unless he understands how it works, rather than a businessman could address this problem. But the negative advertising that always accompanies the LENR world will surely create distrust in investors. I hope that these prejudices may disappear over time.

    BTW, we will know for sure in a few years the exact sort of scientist Levi (and the Swedish scientists who tested Rossi's kludges) is.

    Exactly Mary, you just have to have the patience to wait and maybe in the meantime you might abstain from spitting insults against Levi and the Swedish professors, as they are completely unfounded and offensive phrases. Less nonsense you say and less excuses you will have to ask.

    The suggestion that anyone would want to harm Rossi to prevent his invention from resulting in products is beyond silly. And suppose it were true in some alternative universe, Rossi could simply write up the secrets, put them in a safe deposit box somewhere and give keys to a half dozen or so trusted people in secret.

    There are many ways to eliminate a person from the scene, and not all imply the use of violence. You can spread slanders on his account, you can make accusations that make him end up in jail for the time it need to verify that they are not true, you can fill the web with insults on his account, hoping to deter potential investors from doing business with him, and these are just a few examples. Rossi knows them all because he has been facing these situations for years, but nothing has stopped him. He will have its revenge sooner or later.

    Except for the "thrown on the garbage heap" that sounds about like what any scientist would expect to encounter in the peer review process. Shame they did not have the fortitude to defend their testing protocol and results. Good thing most others are not so risk averse, or we would still be hunter/gatherers.

    Normally the peer reviewing process has nothing to do with throwing on the garbage heap. It is an exchange of views on a topic that can lead to corrections if necessary, but what Alan says is about bringing discredit regardless of the quality of the work, and is usually done with one purpose (in this case an attack to Rossi). In fact, if you read what Alan wrote you can see that he doesn't talk about lack of fortitude but speaks instead of very different constraints (he said: "You have zero idea about Levi or his problems or the academic politics involved"). The authors of Lugano know well that it will be the Time to tell who was right, because when Rossi will be on the market there will be no need for any other testing. Until then they do not want to be lynched by people who have a specific purpose to do so.

    I suspect, after another 3-4 years of supposed tests/demos/fake customers etc

    and a grand total of zero sales, factories, customers, replications Rossi will take whatever money he has scammed from whoever and just go away.

    Can't wait

    You can't wait to see Rossi disappear, yet you spend your time on this and other forums to comment on what he does and insult him continuously. If you really hate him, ignore him. Instead, you can't do without repeating the usual nonsense over and over again. People like you look really obsessed by the E-cat, much more than Rossi's supporters. Rossi's followers will continue to read and support his blog because they know that Rossi will succeed in revolutionizing our lives with his devices and they also know that changes of this type take time and resources. There will be the demo of the QuarkX, there will be the first plants with which Rossi will sell energy, and then the first devices will come on the market. And for then you will still be asking everyone if they believe that Eout > Ein ........ have a good time!

    Focardi simply wrote a "theory" devoid of any scientific basis and he never tested any E-Cat independently from Rossi.

    He was a dreamer that was already convinted about CF, Rossi used him to get some "scientific credit" and in order to cover his hoax.

    The theory written by Focardi is not at all devoided of any scientific basis! All the theories on LENRs are still hypotheses, otherwise we could read about LENRs in the most famous mainstream scientific journals. But that doesn't mean that these theories are unfounded, and what Focardi has written is perhaps not the right explanation for the functioning of the E-Cat, but it is not without foundation. Maybe Focardi has always tested the E-cat in the presence of Rossi, or maybe not .... how can you know that? Were you his assistant? Anyway, before he met Rossi, Focardi had already achieved several successes with cells built personally by him, so his confidence in the LENRs was not born with the E-Cat. What you say about the possibility that Focardi has been bamboozled by Rossi qualifies you as an ignorant who knows nothing about Focardi or about his research field, and who talks nonsense for the only purpose of insulting Rossi.

    WOW, You are no halfgod, You are god and one half....

    .... following Your logic, I COULD admit:

    I believe in the flat earth, which is ruled by reptilioid-humanoid-hybrids, because thousands of people, which I never met, says so and present a lot of evidence in the www.

    ... guess, why I do not...

    You're talking about stupid sites on the internet, I was referring to articles written by university professors. But you think they are the same thing, and that says a lot about you .....

    Looks to me that his biomass plant's did not work *fine* at all. In fact, they simply did not work.

    Shane, it's a matter of sources. You read only what supports your thesis. If you want a different version, you can read Rossi's biography written by Vessela Nikolova or simply argue that if a trial has been made and Rossi has been acquitted, it means that what was said by people like the one you mentioned was considered false. Rossi has annoyed a lot of people with his business and these people used every means to get rid of their obstacles. But in the end the judges of all the trials have said that Rossi was right: there is nothing to add.

    However, the upcoming demo...which IMO will most likely take place, will not be real science, not truly independent, and will lead to more questions than answers.

    The demo must still be done but you already know all these things? Or are you a seer or are you so biased that you are not even able to wait for the events to come for judge them. I suspect it is the second case ....

    It is not the first time Rossi expresses this thought, he has always said it. His "faithful", as you like to call them, know that Rome wasn't built in a day and they certainly do not expect that the process of creating an industrial level product and of placing it into the market could be done quickly. With a little more objectivity you would understand it.

    Lugano (we now know) was conducted by Fabioni and Rossi with flying visits from the group

    Fabiani and Rossi were present, Rossi intervened only in some moments, as was clearly written in the article about Lugano. Saying that it was he who led the test is a nonsense that does not have a foundation. The authors have written that they have independently decided how and what to measure and their word is the important one.

    Ferrara was conducted by Levi and Rossi with (for the second experiment only) a flying visit from the others. I'm less sure about Ferrara but somone will correct me if I'm wrong no doubt.

    A flying visit? The Ferrara experiment lasted 5 days, I don't think the Swedes went back and forth between their home and Italy for such a short test! However, once automatic data acquisition systems have been set up, it is not very useful to stare at the E-Cat for days. Maybe in Ferrara they did, but in Lugano it would be a waste of time. But in order to say that the tests were not independent you complain about everything .....

    Science is about data, checking, and critiques, not trust. For the good reason that people are fallible especially when they have a deep interest in the results (as is often the case, and particularly so here)

    What would be the deep interest of the authors of Ferrara, Bologna and Lugano? You're talking about professors from prestigious European universities who have put their signatures on articles written by them, articles that express their views and that are the fruit of the tests they did personally on the E-Cat. And your comment seems to have said they voluntarily made mistakes because they had an interest. It's a bad accusation and totally devoid of evidence. I hope I have misunderstood your thought .....

    Really? and where are the proves of? You believe to fusionists's rumors, not need proofs.

    What did you smoke? I never talked about fusionists, so you can't know my opinion about them .... but you don't need to know, you already have your truth, isn't it? I've already mentioned to you the evidence: the articles written by experts who tested the E-Cat and wrote that it works ARE EVIDENCE. But you ignore them deliberately.

    You have a strange ideas of what is a real scientific evidence and probably you also miss that Focardi paper and theory have been "not confirmed" even by Rossi himself. LOL

    Focardi has proposed a theory to explain a phenomenon and any theory can be overcome over time. Rossi continued with experiments and studies and probably what he saw over time led him to develop another explanation for the operation of his devices. But Focardi has not only written theoretical articles, has also released many interviews in which he talked about so many experimental tests performed with Rossi and described the positive results. But people like you at this point cling to the usual stupid apology by saying that Focardi was old and hence he was deceived by Rossi. Focardi was a great professor and a great experimental physicist, he was perfectly able to distinguish an object running from a scam and the words that he left us are valid for me more than all the small talks that are written on the internet.

    No, SSC. The articles you cite all contain severe errors of method and none are truly independent of Rossi. And Levi. THAT is why they are rejected... by most of the world's entire scientific establishment that thought they were even worth a quick look.

    "most of the world's entire scientific establishment" ..... wow !! Maybe I missed a few comments .... Did NASA criticize Lugano's work? The smartest minds of MIT have released press releases in which they show their disdain for that TPR? Nature has dedicated the first page to that terrible Italian-Swedish article? Mary, you're climbing the mirrors ....... Lugano's article has been downloaded by so many people, that's true, but it has been posted on the internet, it has not had a world resonance, as you would like to believe, so it can not be rejected as you say. Many people spend a good part of their time criticizing Rossi and everything that had been written and said about his devices, but the truth is that people who have been able to test the E-Cat have expressed very positive opinions while those who criticize it have not never seen it and spits judgments on the internet. It is easy to understand who is more credible .....

    IH fought Rossi when they would have been better off (in terms of money spent) giving him a sum less than the lawyer fees. That takes balls, and helps their reputation.

    Balls?!? LOL!! Rossi have denounced them and they have been forced to defend themselves (or at least to try ...). Rossi expected $ 89 million, why would he have to be happy for much less? Maybe if they had immediatly give him the IP they could have avoided the controversy .... who knows .... but probably IH also considered the IP very important, even though now they deny it.

    Cook (Department of Informatics ) wrote just another miracolistic "nuclear theory", none verifiable proof has been provides of his claim.

    Peer review buried TPRs because they contain big errors. So what technology are you talking?

    What problem do you have with Mr.Cook? Do you think he can not formulate a valid theory for the fact that he is affiliated with the Department of Informatics? Do you think that only a Nobel can deal with science? It is difficult to seriously consider your way of judging Rossi and his associates if these are your judgmental parameters. In addition, Cook has formulated a theory. If you think that every time someone presents a theory should also make an experiment that validates it, then you are showing all your ignorance about these themes. And not just on these issues: what peer reviewed magazines would have buried the TPRs? Tell me their names, please, I'm just curious to see what you invent!

    Who claim on web his miracolistic and disruptive technology from 10 years without scientific evidences?

    There are scientific evidence, the first dates back to the years of the collaboration with Focardi, then there were the tests of Ferrara, Bologna and Lugano, and the first IH (positive) tests, and there are the Swedish professors who are doing a replication of the E-Cat. How many tests do you need to understand that his technology works? Probably they will never be enough because the only fact that there is an industrial secret that covers some aspects of those devices is enough for you to say that not everything is demonstrable and therefore it is not possible to confirm that the E-Cat works. That's why I think it's useless to continue testing, people like you will always find some criticism to do and will not be satisfied with the results. When Rossi will succeed in transforming his invention into a commercial product, you will have nothing to cling to for keep on talking this way. So vent out now!

    Rossi could have easily avoided much of his legal mess in Italy had he simply proven his biomass plant worked as he said it would. He could have arranged for a team of experts to attend a test, with the public/reporters invited, and if it worked, the prosecutor would have almost no case. But Rossi did not do that.

    Rossi had a biomass plant, this business worked fine and that's why they blocked him .... obviously he bothered someone. But it was not a scientific test, it was a job, so what would he have to prove? What experts would have to test his job? The false accusations that struck him prevented him from defending his belongings: when he was acquitted, all his properties had been already confiscated, and certainly this thing had nothing to do with the fact that he had to demonstrate the operation of his technology.Shane, I think you are a bit confused...........

    In my nightmare Rossi have a functioning QuarkX and managed to make IH abandon his license, like he detered some Swedish with his "magnificence"...

    then I wake up and laugh.

    Alain, keep sleeping ... maybe that's the thing that you can do better.


    We were also told, (almost 7 years ago), that Rossi had built an Energy Out > Energy In


    As of today, no one on the planet knows if it works as stated except Rossi, and he is simply not trustworthy.

    Indeed, the entire planet has read the reports from experts who have been able to test Rossi's technology and thus knows it works. Those who persist in pretending that his devices do not work have all been given an appointment on this forum. I wonder if you occasionally organize funny parties .....

    Do You know anybody, who saw some reliable results ?

    And, btw, what is with the presentation, which was cancelled ?

    All the authors of the articles that describe the various tests performed on the E-Cat (in Bologna, Ferrara, Lugano). You have chosen to ignore them because they deny your vision of things, but those words have been written, signed, and never denied. Regarding the presentation, it was canceled due to the litigation, and will now be done at the end of October. What is it that disturbs you so much?

    Ele: Exactly my dear little girl, so it is useless to say that they are not making any replication, right?

    Ele recent comment (a long way away from original):

    Ele: OH MY GOD! Sexist?? Her name is Mary and I'm a sexist if I turn to her saying "girl"?! As for the insult, you never complained when so many people in this forum insulted Rossi very harshly, but you are indignant if I call someone "little girl". This thing says a lot about your objectivity and your ability to judge. That's why I don't care about your thoughts.

    That comment shows the not so subtle twisting facts that is also found in your comments about Rossi here. Made without reference to the original quote that would show it up (also typical).

    My dear little girl is patronising and sexist. Clearly.

    TTH, put your mind at rest. First of all, the comment that shocked you so much was mine and not Ele's one. I also don't understand why you insist so much on this idea of the sexist comment ..... I wrote "little girl" and since you read it you find no more peace. If you really are such a sensitive spirit, you can begin to denounce all the real insults you read in this forum .... they are so many, but as they are told by some friends of yours they do not disturb you.

    When someone have distributed the hypocrisy, you've put yourself in line twice, right?