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    there are many invalidating counter-examples in the history of science.

    We're not, in LENR, dealing as much with science, as with a stale, rancid and angry academia, and with a market whose freedom is abhorrent for some entrenched interests.

    Don't expect shills to be able to engage in rational conversation.

    I just can not believe anyone pays attention to the guy anymore

    and yet here you are, repeating this kind of line every couple weeks
    Olol why are people still interested in Rossi

    But hey you're the most friendly of the 3k+ posts shills here, your colleagues are more like

    Olol why are people still interested in LENR

    At least you got the least toxic part of the good cop/bad cop routine!

    This was definitely my big laugh for the day. It's not that the Ecat people said this as nothing they say surprises me since I know the Ecat has never worked. What was funny is that some people seem to actually believe this. What's next? That there is a mini black hole in the Ecat?

    Anything is possible my friend. I mean, we live in a world where people spend hours, each and every day, on obscure internet forums, repeating that stuff they're sure is woowoo, is definitely woowoo. It's as if they're trying to convince themselves of something they define as self-evident. When science meets psychiatry...

    Their behavior is akin to someone cherishing the daily hobby of telling everyone that the earth is round-shaped, and that we aren't surrounded by a wall of ice (do note that the official science of a certain political regime definitely stated that we were).


    Too bad the LT Ecat (1MW) is now obsolete. It had already been proven in the year long Doral operation, and according to one of the Licensees (Proia), and Eng48 (ECW), had customers lined up ready to buy. It was as close to market ready as anything Rossi has ever had. Now, well, it is dead and buried. So sad. :)

    But looking on the bright side; we only have to wait a long, long, long time for the QX to get to market! By then, he should be at sigma....infinity?

    I'm sorry but that doesn't address what you wrote before: "most of the planet knows there will never be a product at all, for obvious reasons."
    What would those obvious reasons be?

    I think the main issue at is that at L-F you have a lot of* people with a strong technical background who have come to the conclusion that Rossi's claims are entirely ridiculous.

    I'm not sure being coders or software analysts qualifies as strong technical background in the LENR field. Neither does being electrical engineers (though it's a bit more helpful)

    Who cares who, or what they defend their Lugano results to...just do it! They are scientists that not what scientists are supposed to do? You submit a paper, and then you defend it. Simple. That is what peer review is all about.

    But what scientists don't do - because they have much better things to pursue - is spending time answering paid internet trolls' filibustering, especially when they're in the process of studying things that massively threaten entrenched financial and industrial interests

    Astroturfing is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g., political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by a grassroots participant(s). It is a practice intended to give the statements or organizations credibility by withholding information about the source's financial connection.


    I can't imagine a circumstance in which any live demonstration extending over only a couple of hours would convincingly demonstrate the reality of excess heat in his system.

    Indeed. I mean, it's not because there's excess heat, that there's excess heat, right?

    Way too hard to compare energy in / energy out. Ah well, time to move on, folks. Anyone feeling sleepy? all this pseudo-science is so tiresome... zzz

    I have already given you concrete reasons why one might distrust BrLP

    So who exactly do you trust amongst the LENR researchers?
    It might come as a shock, this forum is named lenr-forum, it's supposed to discuss lenr, i.e. it somehow believes it's real. Amazing isn't it? to think that after all those years, there are still gullible scientists working on it and should-know-better investors who just enjoy to waste money.

    It is pointless, and possibly counterproductive, to include such an incomplete and potentially misleading experiment description in the report. I suggested the first time the report came out that Gullstrom should leave those experiment sections out of his report if he expects to get it published. Whether or not he was inspired by the Rossi experiments, the reported Rossi experiments as they are now presented add nothing but confusion to the already speculative work of Gullstrom.

    That's really too bad you're not in their labs offering advice! Think of all the science you could offer the world

    Reddit is one of the worst places for free speech. It's filled with astroturfers and social engineers managing fake accounts, and the upvote/downvote system (gamed with those fake accounts) is a blessing to suppress opinions, and hype others.

    E-Cat/dog, pony/(work)horse, wow so clever very inversion
    And there are people paid to meme those things. Truly we are a fascinating species hellbent on being auto-suppressive, it merely requires lacking any subtlety

    "pathoskeptic technofascism" - wow, is that a thing? Or is it just nonsense?

    From your fellow "skeptic":

    I have a full-page ad from Life magazine from the 1950s featuring 16 medical doctors extolling the health benefits of smoking Camel cigarettes.

    Technofascism is exactly what it sounds like: entrenched industrial and financial interests profiteering from commercialized products, who socially engineer the dominance and ongoing commercialization of their products, and prevent the emergence of competition, through coercion (hence the "pathoskepticism"). Most of the time, it's stealthy ("you don't want to lose your lab budget, do you?"), but sometimes people die (eg. Eugene Mallove). Between the "respected scientific types" who laugh at the idea of LENR, and the hitman taking out a way too vocal activist, there's all kinds of stuff, such as astroturfing.

    There is NO competition

    Lol? of course there is. Brillouin or Mills (even if he claims no LENR reaction) come to mind, plus all the quiet industrials who have been testing LENR-based reactions for a decade.

    I DO know that legitimate people do not lie, lie and lie more

    I do agree with that

    The bankrupt spirit who exists without hope exemplifies the nature of the enemies of the LENR paradigm.

    "I am the spirit that negates" says Mephistopheles

    That's exactly how the pathoskeptic technofascism works: "why bother studying LENR, it's not real!" "we can't stop using pesticides, biodynamics is a hoax!" "you need this 25k$ cancer treatment, there's zero proof that fasting or heavy doses or Vitamin C have any effect!"
    They do have hope: fleeting hope that by negating facts, they will allow their masters to profit a little while longer from obsolete technologies (which are enslaving and destructive for the environment and living things, moreover)

    Oh come on! The internet is stuffed with fora and blogs hosting small groups of people holding wildly different views and arguing ENDLESSLY about them. Not with any hope of suasion or resolution; just because they are the sort of people who like to argue. No-one here expects their opponents to change their minds - they are here for the craic. "Worth the time " has nothing to do with it.

    Yes of course it makes total sense that people with a high level of scientific education would debate daily for hours on end what they think is bogus, pathological science, hokum, woowoo etc. After all, they don't have studies to perform, we all know that Science has reached its conclusion, because what cannot be proven theoretically doesn't exist, and theoretical knowledge is complete, because stuff that would question its completion, simply doesn't exist! just look at LENR : a whooping decades-long nothingburger with an extra serving of nothing. This is not circular reasoning: ask any serious member here (that is, not one of the kookoo LENR-believers), they have thousands upon thousands of posts explaining all this. Too bad Science is over, otherwise they would put their powerful minds to further human knowledge. Alas! it has reached its end. And they're doing us all a service, spending all this time telling us that there's nothing there, otherwise people might be fooled into thinking there's something about LENR. That would be catastrophic!
    Flat Earth fora and blogs are overcrowded with high level physicists spending hours daily telling that the earth isn't flat, you are so right about that. Therefore, it is very logical that LENR-forum is also populated with high-level scientific types spending hours every day telling either that Rossi is a scammer who successfully mass-hypnotized investors and scientists over the course of 10 years, or that "LENR isn't real lol", by random Pathoskeptic Joe / Likes Received: 3240 / Posts: 2853

    Amazing for me to say, but I hardly give Rossi any thought nowadays. Yes, I know there is an upcoming QX stage act that Alan, Frank and 40 others will attend ...most likely in Sweden, but that is it. He just does not interest me anymore.

    Well that's really heartening, it only took you 1690 or so posts to lose interest in Rossi. Yet, you're still posting about him :/

    The social engineering going on on this forum is hilarious. The most verbose of the posters repeat ad nauseam that Rossi is a scammer and that there's nothing to see so move along, and they all have 1k+ posts repeating exactly that, with the bonus option of "LENR is a giant nothingburger, it's not even worth spending time studying it".
    But it's worth spending hours daily on this very forum (and others I believe), trying to persuade others of this:?:

    All the problems you listed are pathoskeptic quibbles, in the true and tried tradition of pathoskepticism, which exploits whatever uncertainty about whatever exploitable issue to cast doubt upon the general picture (80 COP in that case)

    Social engineering is completely relevant to whatever has been, and is happening with "cold fusion" / LENR : we know it's real, we know labs lied about not being able to replicate P&F experiments just so they could stay in good business terms with "hot fusion" subsidizers, we know Eugene Mallove was murdered because he was irritating some people/interests, we know big industrial players are more than interested in this tech, study it and keep it hush-hush...

    And we also know quite a few posters here have written thousands of posts about Rossi, who in their analysis is a master conman hypnotist, able to mentally dominate investors and scientists alike for nearly 10 years, even though dutiful citizens like Maryyugo and others have contacted congressmen, senators, cult watchlists etc to warn them about the dangers of this sorcerous scammer

    From conspiracy theorist to conspiracy theorist, your theory makes no sense, while mine merely describes standard practices from industrial/financial interests when the technologies they profit upon, are threatened by a scientific breakthrough that will usher in a new paradigm and sweeping technological changes.

    This won't come as a surprise to you as you're fully aware of what's going on

    "(Snip endless quibbles which have been addressed hundreds of times)"

    NOT addressed by the authors of the report, which is the point.

    The point is: they didn't address them because they fully know what this is all about: pathoskepticism. It's not worth an answer. However, it's worth social engineering contracts, because LENR are real and very disturbing for some industrial and financial interests who really wish their implementation into public tech to go very, very slowly... skeptopathy is a very useful tool.
    Hence the thousands of posts bashing Rossi and endlessly quibbling about points easy to quibble about.

    Shane said "This field is not going to break out"

    There are many visitors who wing by this site.. 5 users and 114 guests right now???

    Now we have 3 good papers up on this site in support of LENR as a measurable phenomenon.

    But LENR is not real, just make a poll in this forum, which is the main place to talk about the cold fusion hoax, and see who thinks it is real, and who thinks it isn't.

    Haven't you read THHuxley's excellent debunkings, Maryyugo's thorough analysis, Shane D. cautious approach of those phenomena who always turn out to be explainable by other things, Paradigmnoia's detailed disproval of all this hokum?

    Nothing to see here, move along. Science is done by serious scientifics, who know that theory predates facts :^)

    The truth is that not more than basic coursework in functional analysis at the college level is required to strongly suspect that GUT-CP is mathematical runaround. No professional credentials are required to see this. Many people do not have this basis in mathematics, so GUT-CP must seem intimidating and magical.

    Where are the countless debunking blogs that would have appeared in such a case, if that's really entry-level hokum, and which could help out investors who have apparently not done their due diligence?