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    All the problems you listed are pathoskeptic quibbles, in the true and tried tradition of pathoskepticism, which exploits whatever uncertainty about whatever exploitable issue to cast doubt upon the general picture (80 COP in that case)

    Social engineering is completely relevant to whatever has been, and is happening with "cold fusion" / LENR : we know it's real, we know labs lied about not being able to replicate P&F experiments just so they could stay in good business terms with "hot fusion" subsidizers, we know Eugene Mallove was murdered because he was irritating some people/interests, we know big industrial players are more than interested in this tech, study it and keep it hush-hush...

    And we also know quite a few posters here have written thousands of posts about Rossi, who in their analysis is a master conman hypnotist, able to mentally dominate investors and scientists alike for nearly 10 years, even though dutiful citizens like Maryyugo and others have contacted congressmen, senators, cult watchlists etc to warn them about the dangers of this sorcerous scammer

    From conspiracy theorist to conspiracy theorist, your theory makes no sense, while mine merely describes standard practices from industrial/financial interests when the technologies they profit upon, are threatened by a scientific breakthrough that will usher in a new paradigm and sweeping technological changes.

    This won't come as a surprise to you as you're fully aware of what's going on

    "(Snip endless quibbles which have been addressed hundreds of times)"

    NOT addressed by the authors of the report, which is the point.

    The point is: they didn't address them because they fully know what this is all about: pathoskepticism. It's not worth an answer. However, it's worth social engineering contracts, because LENR are real and very disturbing for some industrial and financial interests who really wish their implementation into public tech to go very, very slowly... skeptopathy is a very useful tool.
    Hence the thousands of posts bashing Rossi and endlessly quibbling about points easy to quibble about.

    Shane said "This field is not going to break out"

    There are many visitors who wing by this site.. 5 users and 114 guests right now???

    Now we have 3 good papers up on this site in support of LENR as a measurable phenomenon.

    But LENR is not real, just make a poll in this forum, which is the main place to talk about the cold fusion hoax, and see who thinks it is real, and who thinks it isn't.

    Haven't you read THHuxley's excellent debunkings, Maryyugo's thorough analysis, Shane D. cautious approach of those phenomena who always turn out to be explainable by other things, Paradigmnoia's detailed disproval of all this hokum?

    Nothing to see here, move along. Science is done by serious scientifics, who know that theory predates facts :^)

    The truth is that not more than basic coursework in functional analysis at the college level is required to strongly suspect that GUT-CP is mathematical runaround. No professional credentials are required to see this. Many people do not have this basis in mathematics, so GUT-CP must seem intimidating and magical.

    Where are the countless debunking blogs that would have appeared in such a case, if that's really entry-level hokum, and which could help out investors who have apparently not done their due diligence?

    After noting these things and after having taken a closer look at the mathematicalese in the GUT-CP tomes sometime back, which seem together to be an act of mathematical runaround, perhaps seeking to scare away people who might be more critical, I would urge caution on anyone who might be thinking of giving these guys any more money.

    I'm sure a lot of people, investors and the like, would be really interested in hearing your professional take on fundamental physics as approached by Mills, why don't you share?

    It's ridiculous that Maryyugo gets upset and denies people's assertions that he doesn't read the papers he discusses, when the above posts are just the latest example in a long line of evidence that he doesn't.

    Isn't it even more ridiculous that people have been answering hir for years and years?

    I feel like we're the only LENR site on the Internet where both skeptics and the hard core Rossi followers feel the same way about this.

    Seems you're mixing up people and their approach of LENR: "hard core" (?) Rossi followers are actually skeptical that "cold fusion" is the hoax that we've been told is a hoax for nearly 30 years now, doubting that this inventor is a criminal hyperpsychic mastermind who's been able to hypnotise for 10 years the scientists who evaluated his work IRL, and teach fellow hypnotists his craft so they get hired by universities.

    What you call "skeptics" are actually a mix of social engineers spending their time trying to slow down LENR by occupying verbal space in the biggest LENR forum around, and some hardcore (this time for real) pseudo-skeptics who need to hold onto their beliefs.

    Are you calling LENR Forum a "flat earth forum?"

    Your position on LENR is well known to every person who ever read about "Cold Fusion" on the Internet

    YOU are spending an inordinate amount of time life on what you consider flat earth theory forums and general comments

    While I understand that the Maryyugo Show is a staple on any forum mentioning LENR, I wonder if giving hir constant attention is relevant to the subject clearly mentioned in the topic header, just as I wonder if it is really necessary to speak about Rossi when it seems that r, o, s, s, and i, do not spell Mizuno, and that the E-Cats and his inventor have numerous other threads where people can go on for ages about how he's a quack, a criminal against humanity and such a conman deserving no attention that some persons have to write about him daily for hours on end.

    Well Siffer.

    You get 100 points for stating the obvious. If you want the other 900 points to win your rubber ball maybe its a good idea to stop the discussion at this point since it won't get you nowhere...

    Ah well, nowhere except being banned again.

    This is unfortunately true but from time to time someone has to cut through the bullshit and remind everyone what's what, that there's conditioning going on etc

    Those who are in on the gig have every reason to be concerned.

    You've been repeating that for more than a year. Do you expect to deliver before the E-Cat goes commercial ? LOL


    I feel sorry for the guy

    I feel sorry for you. The golden goose is long gone

    But I'm very pleased with the quality and content of some of the posters who have shown up in the last few months and am optimistic that this trend will continue

    You mean the disposable accounts helping THH, MY, JR and others engage in endless, empty drivel exchange, so that this forum is gradually filled with anti-LENR noise?

    I don't understand what's going on anymore. You troll the hell (and it's hilarious) out of poor MY who's obviously a professional troll with a mission to debunk LENR, yet it seems you think LENR is a big nothingburger.
    Is this another good cop/bad cop tactic?

    @ Roger,

    I can share only the first part of your hypothesis, ie that Rossi is on the stage to play the role of a providential inventor, a sort of Tesla of the XXI century. The last part is impossible: LENR (assuming you meant this supposed technology) doesn't exist.

    Of course it doesn't: why else would people spend years writing about its nonexistence, across all blogs and forums that dare mention it?

    Nor I think that the Ecat affair was aimed to tarnish LENR research. Maybe the opposite, as its developments suggest.

    So one of the hypothesis for this whole affair, would be that Rossi is the main actor in the progressive, drama-filled disclosure of a technology that's probably been used by the military for quite a while?

    For all the ludicrousness some might find in it, it's certainly much more rational than 'Rossi has nothing and is a master conman/hypnotist'

    Today the USS "Gerald R. Ford" flag-ship carrier has been put into service. The ship contains a new "nuclear reactor" of unknown type, that does not need conventional refueling.

    Whether it is an LENR/Boron-fusion or Li-LENR reactor, we don't yet know. Just relate this info with the IH-settlement, the mfp show case in India and the known fact, that a large Japanese vendor of nuclear power plants did not follow up (some 15 years ago) it's huge COP technology to replace conventional reactors...

    I don't believe the new railgun-sporting Zumwalts run on gas turbines, either.
    There's been MHD-based aircraft for how many decades now? TR3B, Aurora, who knows what else, I'd be extremely surprised if "cold fusion" hasn't been used as an energy source by the military for quite a while now. But this is all kooky tinfoil talk, just like "breakaway civilisation". Doesn't mean it's impossible, though.


    Right about what? Siffer said a lot of things, and I am not sure which right is right?

    And your flaming Eric, after doing the same to Sig is not going to get you anywhere here. Better go back to being one of those polite trolls, or I will simply block you. Will be the first time for me.

    Ouch, blocked by Shane D., the "good cop" of the arguments. That sure would be humiliating!

    Mostly rational: being unconvinced of something, therefore not spending most of you waking hours debunking it, as you don't think it's real and you don't need to convince yourself nor others that's it's a waste of time
    Mostly irrational: being unconvinced of something, and spending most of you waking hours debunking it.
    Being an online liar: pretending an unconvincing mystery (???) is worth spending most of your waking hours debunking it.

    What are the hypothesis explaining 25+ years of worldwide research into LENR?
    Many verified scientists are kookoos, quacks, frauds, and form a LENR sect as they exchange upon this subject, gather in conferences, much like Flat Earth Societies, Rossi is a hypnotist, swedish scientists are gullible etc etc
    Or, LENR is real

    "I'm unconvinced but it's a mystery even though I don't believe there's enough relevant materiel to prove there's a mystery, but that won't prevent me from writing thousands of posts under different aliases to tell everyone how unconvinced I am: this is the scientific method according to me and a great way to make technological progress"

    Personally, I find the evidence for LENR unconvincing, but there is unfinished business that keeps me here

    For the "skeptics", it's been unconvincing for 25+ years, surely you must understand it by now. Wouldn't a rational mind, upon decades of witnessing only quacky bunk, pursue other more fruitful intellectual ventures?
    Isn't it a wee bit weird that you've been posting 1000+ times (under that moniker) that LENR is unconvincing and that Rossi is a fraud?

    But maybe you're trying to convince yourself. In which case, shouldn't you sort out your own ken and beliefs before exchanging with people?

    @Zephir_AWT's account has been suspended for two weeks.

    And this will do nothing to quieten the accusations stating that you are a social engineer whose goal has been to slowly take hold of this forum, and let problematic individuals such as maryyugo and dewey weaver spread their disinfo and character assassination daily, while banning pro-LENR pro-Rossi members.
    I mean, it's only been nearly a year since we've been able to witness you peddle your trade. Don't get angry though, you're really not the only one here being a shill/social engineer. There are many others, but they're not in a moderator position... yet?

    I have to commend you, though, for not using AI software to write your posts, which you write yourself. Old-school shilling has that friendly human touch we've all grown to know and love!