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    Charlie Tapp: Yes, one heating coil can indirectly work as stimulation too.
    Mouse and cat are two internal processes and can be completely independent. But you have to feed cat with mouses.
    You have to look at this from very different point of view. First it is important to find where the excess energy is coming from.
    When you will find source of the energy, you will also find how to use this energy. All questions will be answered by this finding.

    Regarding plasma there are more reasons why to use it. There are more utilizations. For example arcing can be used in very different way than a glow discharge. Both can boost the effect, but you can also replace it with other phenomenons. LENR can be stimulated in many ways.

    David Fojt: Sometime we have to just wait for some goods and work to be done by 3rd party. In this case you can't do anything more.
    I also gladly help those that are working patiently and hard, spending their time and effort to make something possible.
    On the other hand, there are people that can only talk and can do nothing in real. Yet they know what is the best for everybody.

    I have no reason to convince anyone at the moment. Take it or let it go.
    I can reveal much more findings here, but is it usefull?

    Charlie Tapp: Yes, LENR can work without lithium. Lithium is not catalyst in correct meaning.
    Yes, HHO can be used. But you might need hydrogen purifier and/or dryer.
    Unfortunately I dont understand question about cat and mouse.
    Yes, LENR can work even in an open air in a certain conditions.
    No, you do not need 3-phases.

    No, you will need a special neutron detectors. I recommend very sensitive detectors. Bubble detectors from BTI are not bad option to start with and still not too expensive. But you will need BD-PND and PDT versions to cover wider range of energy spectrum.
    Everything plays a role.

    crawdaddy: I am convinced that I understand source of radiation and reason why there are neutrons and also exactly how to control this.
    It is really beutifull phenomenon, that reflects how far mankind is.
    Sadly, we were able to do this for more than 100 years.

    On the other hand, I have to admit that absolutely no energy source is completely safe. It is simply impossible to avoid any hazard if energy is produced and consumed.
    I also believe that knowledge of LENR process will be available very, very soon to all.

    crawdaddy: There is nobody who is qualified enough in this matter.
    I am convinced that what I am doing will lead to 100% success - there will be working device that everybody can use.
    If there is potential to help the people, we can send this device completely for free, where it is really needed.

    But will this be possible, when such things will be banned, illegal or limited in any way? Probably no. All this work will be useless.
    It is nice we can replace current fuels, but there might be restrictions, fees, taxes, etc very soon. Than everything can change.

    For example even today, you need a special rights to transport Nickel in various forms over some countries. Else it is not legal too.
    What is legal today, can be completely illegal tommorow.

    If everyone acted properly, would there be a laws? No.
    Usually, first something wrong must happen to realize the threat. Then we are trying to minimize the risks.

    GlowFish: Yes, I believe there will be videos soon.

    axil: You are right. We can't still be sure what particles are really produced and how often.

    nobody: This is not true. While there is not a really working recipe, mass replications will not start. Public will be still unaware of it and from nothing there can be a LENR device you can buy freely.
    On the other hand, with mass replications there can be already many accidents before we can buy anything certified. Government and other regulation institutions can be aware of possible issues. Thus there may be new limitations defined by law and doing such things might be even illegal overnight. This is not good start. Are you sure this can't happen?
    If we will proceed according to all safety precautions, such devices will be tested where it can't cause any risk, this can't happen that easily.

    Thank you for your comments.
    Also many thanks for those that are sending offers and private messages,

    Majorana: It is very important to not do any conclusions, especially when you do not read my posts fully. You have not understood it correctly.
    I am not saying there are transmutations based on the excess heat or radiation, but after fuel examination. You really can distinguish if you are holding apples or pears if you are looking carefully on it
    I have also admited that a proper tests in specialized laboratories will be performed.

    But I dont agree with the latest statement. End customers are totally careless if there is single transmutation or not, if the device will pass all certifications and device will work as supposed.

    Sharing the basic information to allow wide replications might be the problem, because it is based on what can cause big troubles. When you are successfull you must definitively face with this issue. Better results you obtain (which is just matter of time), bigger troubles can occur. And as you know how it really works, it is easy to boost the effect.
    On the other hand, well tuned and tested reactor can be absolutely fine.

    When you know this principle, you will quickly find answers for everything else.

    What I really recommend is to use your intuition and not try to use replication guides as guaranteed and correct ways.
    For example there are descriptions what replicator did during initial phases, but there is not too much explanation why. What exactly happened and why is it needed?
    Conditions when excess heat is occuring are not documented nearly at all, nobody is asking what happened inside and why.
    When you will find the answers, you will learn the value of such knowledge.

    Replicators are spending a lot of time with things that are not necessary, waiting hours - days for "something". Known recipes are incorrect.
    You have to control the process, not that process is controlling you.

    Hank Mills: You are very impatient. Yes, days may become months. But it will definitively happen.
    I am sure that you would behave in the same way as I am, with all the circumstances.
    Explaining is useless, you have to just wait.

    If one will know how to start the LENR process, he will continue for sure..
    You have to look in the future with all possibilities and expect what is unexpected.
    Things are not always just great, even that original intention was very good.

    Thank you very much for the comments.

    Hank Mills: Please understand, that just sharing with the community right now can have also negative impact on the LENR. In any way, you can't predict what will really happen.
    At the moment I have no reason to convince anybody. If you see clear nuclear events, I guess that nobody will think it is an inflatable castle.
    I am just telling you that it is real. You can call me fraud. Also you can ban me, if you wish. I have nothing to loose.
    I believe that my results can be replicated without any problem.

    I have not changed any of my decision and will do what promised. Things are going just slower. But again, I am not the only one.

    Right now, I dont want to team up with anybody else until the device will be in a testable condition, without my intervention. Yes, in case of any accident, my knowledge is already in a safe place. The plan will happen in any way.

    I have few kinds of particle/radiation detectors and all are confirming what I am observing without any doubt (either electric and non-electric/analog).

    I can't tell the details, although I would like to share my excitement.

    In some experiments, with a certain materials and in a certain conditions, one can establish a transfer channel. It can be considered as "a black hole".
    This mean, that in just few miliseconds even 1L of hydrogen can just "disappear" and is irreversibly transformed to other kind of energy (including neutron radiation).
    We can completely exclude lithium or similar compounds that can create a hydrides.

    This behavior can be performed repeatedly, if correct conditions are set.

    Enormous COP can be achieved (100 and more).

    Progress with my reactors is on the good way. Now it is not that easy to melt it and even if it happen, the outer shell will survive.

    I have also found new directions where to go. Observed phenomenons are so strange that I can't understand, how something like this is possible.
    Well, I understand it now, but with logical thinking it is not easy. Similar as that you can park submarine in a matchbox.

    So I am very amazed. Some things related with LENR are looking like a cheating in physics.

    Also I can observe transmutations even by optical analysis now. So I will send some fuel for lab analysis, although I am perfectly sure what it is.

    Dear LENR fans,

    as you know, I am one of the replicators and researcher for long time.
    In the past few months I have made many, many discoveries and basically I am learning new things nearly each day.
    It took me many trials and errors to reach the current state and level of knowledge. Not just theoretical knowledge, but especially practical, that is much more usefull.

    What I can say with absolute certainty:
    1. LENR is real
    2. LENR will change many things in our world.
    3. There are areas in the mainstream physics that should be at least extended and completed.

    Because I have found phenomenons that are not described anywhere and technics that allow full utilization, I would like to protect the invention in some way.
    I really do not like patents, especially because it does not represent perfect protection yet it costs a lot.
    I am looking for something that can cover the invention to some extent, so that it will at least prevent further patenting.
    For example opensource software offers licenses that can protect the software very well. But is there anything similar for inventions?

    Sharing information freely does not mean it can't be patented later in some countries.

    Such protection will allow sharing my knowledge.

    Skeptics, please do not post anything in this thread.

    Thank you

    Don't be afraid, I am perfectly well. I am just very busy.
    I don't want to convince anybody about my results, so I just work and finish what is necessary in piece. I do not care about IH or other issues. Why I should? I believe that the truth will prevail.

    Hank Mills: You are very wrong.

    Replicators are speding too much effort in the areas that can be done in a few seconds. But areas that are necessary are not done at all.
    Design of Parkhomov is too much "primitive" to make it reliable, so to achieve results it is too complicated.
    Think about it, you can control everything.

    Hank Mills: there are usually at least two problems. One which nearly nobody is doing, but is done by a successfull replicators (if done, chances of getting excess heat is probably 90% higher) and second that all unsuccessfull replicators are unaware. Second one is not mentioned in any replication report and even not all successfull replicators might be aware of this.
    But you can still find at least a hint in one report.

    This mean, that everything you will need was already told in the reports. No one is replicating exactly. But doing so is really hard.

    Hank Mills: You are doing a great job. You do not have to do anything else, because fight is over and we have won the battle (at least the first, but the most important round).
    Remember that there are also many other groups that are very successfull, much more than me.

    Unfortunately with chatting, I will not move with work too much.

    Hank Mills: To make it work, you will need Lithium in vicinity or in a direct contact with Nickel. If LiAlH4 is used only for supplying hydrogen, you can use whatever else, but the reaction will be just Ni-H. Yes, removing aluminium will make the reaction stronger.

    Hank Mills: Please read my posts again. I have clearly written I will publish the results and required data for replication. Very probably more than you wish. But it will be just not immediately. Nothing more.

    If you can't wait, please do not read my posts until you will see such announcement. I understand very well that waiting is pain. But with hurry you will not win too much.
    Exactly I dont want that such recipe is in hands of people that are in hurry - they want immediately great results.

    I can say, that with known Parkhomov-like design it is more complicated to make it work. So even that I will publish how to make it work, you will need few additional equipments (to make it work on will). Or you have to meet very critical conditions that is really hard to achieve (for example with Parkhomov reactor).
    Unfortunately even that you will get reactor that is working (e.g. for me or other replicator), you might be unable to start it. (This is very curious for LENR). Just one thing can be different and it will not absolutely work. On the other hand, one who know how this thing is working, can start it with a hammer.

    I have mentioned some reasons why it is not good to share the details. But this does not absolutely mean it will not happen.

    My time is very expensive and each minute I can work is extremely valuable for me. So I want to make sure that my effort will be not throwed away.
    Also I am putting a big respect to these people that are working really patiently, no matter what is happening. This include MFMP, Andrea Rossi and few other scientists I know.
    But special thanks belongs to my friend Andrew that is working hard even that social circumstances are not good at all.

    Regarding the question about IGBT: Yes, I still use IGBTs but also MOSFETs (depending on the operation). I also use triac boards. But this is not necessity. In LENR you can replace one thing with another relatively easily. This makes it very good because you are not limited with a certain materials and techniques.

    As I have written previously, I plan to make a real devices that can be used by anyone.
    If possible, we can sell the devices - if everything will be without any problem. Of course with respecting all the patents, safety issues, etc. I believe that this way is the best one to help mankind.

    How do you know that making available the recipe for such thing will help the world?
    How do you know that it will be not banned and/or regulated because there will be many cases with major accidents (because of such replications)? How do you know that it will be not misused sooner than before we can use it in a real life?
    How do you know that this technology will not cause a new wars?

    This thing has potential to change everything.
    Even that the original intention is the best, you never can't expect consequences.

    I am here to tell you that the technology is real. My opinion is, that you should slowly learn how it works even that it can take years. Do you know why your parents were forbidding you to play with a fire when you were child?
    Yes, there are many scientists that know what they are doing. But still it is unknown world.

    Hank Mills: I fully understand you and at your place I would do probably the same. I was angry for the same reason for very long time. So I have started with replications and now I am even trying to find a better way.
    Now I am looking at the matter very differently for many reasons. And the very simple reason (but not just this) why I don't intend to reveal any data IMMEDIATELY, that I don't want to be a next Parkhomov. He written detailed reports, but still it was not enough for mass replication. Then he was discredited as all others for being fraud, etc. He is receiving endlessly messages with many questions. So it was a big mistake for him and I doubt he will ever do this again.

    Have you thought about possible reasons why replicators are quickly disappearing?
    I also fully understand Mr. Rossi and why he will never disclose any particulars. He is spending years of his life for this thing. But there are many, many people that want to use this technology as well and without nearly any credits. Of course he want to protect what he know. He must live from something thus he want to make money so that he can at least continue in the research.
    Unfortunately world is not that friendly and even that revealing such thing will make you a Great man in eyes of a few people, you will get soon kick into your head from somebody. Then all the work will be wasted time.

    I also dont like word "breakthrough" if its weight is same as an opened yogurt.

    Tell me what I will receive when I will publish all the results? Only trilions of questions, maybe media interest and thats all. This is exactly what I dont want. I want just peaceful life.
    I really dont intend to be something like a nobel laureate - this is absolutely invaluable from my point of view.

    I have prepared samples for close examination.

    Yes, resistance of the fuel is dropping always in the latest experiments while Ni-H reaction is active. But exact reason for this is not known yet. I can increase/decrease the resistance on will (mostly in range of 10 - 40% of the original value).

    Alan Smith: Normally lithium reacts with alumina very rapidly in a higher temperatures and you can always see very clear paths. Often it can breach the tube completely at around 1300°C - you can check many previous experiments. It reacts with nearly anything at these temperatures.

    axil: I think that there must be a direct channel. Diameter might be probably very small if we can change direction of the products (e,g, by magnetic field).
    I believe that it can pass a certain materials. Mica window could work. But without verifying we can just guess.

    But from my experiments, it looks like it is not that easy. Lithium is also affecting the transition metal (Nickel) and at least from what I have saw, the heat is not comming just from lithium itself, but also from the nickel.
    Next interesting thing is how lithium is behaving in the reactor if it is in a bulk form (in some cases). When it is inside nickel (covered from each side) it does not react chemically with nickel nearly at all. At least if nickel is prepared well.
    It is looking as if it is levitating inside and after excess heat it looks like a dried-fruit. So only peripheral surface will stay there (probably contamimants). Even alumina tube is not touched by lithium at all which is very good.
    No traces of vaporized lithium are found (at least optically) which mean the reaction was complete and extremely fast.

    Interesting observation today - To start the secondary reaction (Cat), Lithium should be in contact with Nickel or in "a direct visibility". If there is some material, that will block products of the Mouse process, it will not work or it can be significantly throttled.

    I think that this might not be true. The only thing it must pass is certifications. In many countries you can even guarantee itself it is passing everything, but you are responding for all possible damages.
    If certification is made by certification authority, then responsibility is in their competence. If they have enough skills, then can certificate anything depending on the conditions of a real usage.
    It might take many months, but can pass without any theoretical knowledge.