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    I am sure that Ni-H reaction can yield also real neutrons and that probability that I am measuring neutrons is very high.
    This was verified long time ago even by Sergio Focardi, yet the excess heat was relatively very small. Now imagine what can happen with much stronger reaction.

    Citoyen Curieux: You can think whatever, but I dont intend to make any impression. I am doing just what is needed to reach desired target. I need only time, nothing more.
    It does not matter if you are absolutely ineducated or you are professor, you are nobel laureate or helper in a car service. If one really want, one can achieve anything.

    amos: Yes, I can see some paths. But to make it work without any heat output is a different matter. But I believe it is possible.

    Citoyen Curieux: Even if you know someone personally, you can't find what his real intention is. You know many scientists from LENR field. And how it helped you?
    Words are really not important,
    On the other hand, there are many people you can read about. But is this really true?
    How anybody can know that for example Andrea Rossi is fraud or not?
    Unless you are absolutely sure and there are clear facts (not these facts construed in your head), then you can someone call fraud.
    You can hear only bad things about anyone, while reality is completely different.

    Thomas Clarke: There were always runaways, always something is burned or melted in a short time with excess heat in the previous experiments.
    The latest reactor design will be cooled by air for the first tests to check what it can handle. This one is designed to handle such extra heat even without cooling (at least until nickel will melt).
    But later it will be cooled by water + insulated very well and then there will be nearly no thermal losses. And this will be condition when SSM mode can be achieved without too much effort.

    I have also wanted to get a Cloud Chamber long time ago, but I've had a similar issue as Alan.
    All in all, I do not see it as "must have" at the moment. I am convinced enough about nuclear reactions. I am interested in the excess heat - that is also there.
    Theoretical research can take at least next 20 years..

    I hope that next week will show some more fruits as my new reactor is finished. This one might be candidate for 3-5kW prototype (note that heater can output just around 1kW).
    It looks very differently than any other I have built previously. There should be nearly no heat loss. My hopes are that it can run for at least week with excess heat.
    You can take it, plug it into system in notime and start it - can produce excess heat in 5-10 minutes. If this is true, we will see.

    axil: I fully agree with you and I admit it is possible. Each experiment is little bit different because of design and other techniques.
    The latest experiment generated high neutron flux while no measurable gamma.

    Although I have measured neutrons for a few times when reactor was turned off (for period of days) after such period reactors are always clean and nothing seems to be activated.
    But a lot of investigation is needed.



    IMO the escapement of neutrons is just a matter of higher activation energies

    No, this is not true. Higher neutron flux can be achieved even with Parkhomov-like reactor and with pressures under 3 Bars.
    You do not need any acceleration e.g. by high voltage.

    But I am sure that it is possible to make it perfectly safe. On the other hand it is great indicator that the mouse process is working properly.

    I am absolutely sure about the neutron measurement. I am using a few bubble detectors that were carefully calibrated and certified and also electronic neutron detector with HDPE moderator. I am also using a paraffin moderator for triple-verification. These neutron detectors are not affected by gamma and all are giving clear results without any doubts.
    The most problematic part is, when the excess heat is triggered.

    I do not intend to scary anybody, but it is really not necessary to be a testing rat. Mostly all replicators do not use any radiation detectors and if so, they are insensitive for important energy ranges.
    If you do not believe, it is really not my problem.

    I want to make LENR available for all more than others. But you have to know, that it is not a toy, to be prepared and to not make mistakes that others already did.

    I am highly disgusted by some comments, although it was expected.

    The only thing I would like to say is that Nickel - Hydrogen reaction (even without lithium) can yield inconsiderable amount of neutrons. From thermal to high energetic.
    I can create this on demand and it is little bit worrisome.
    If you are targetting for reaching a decent COP, be prepared for this.

    To be more precise, you can receive 10mSv in a few minutes.
    It is not fun anymore... Take it seriously.

    To all replicators: Do not perform your experiments anywhere near your house

    Interestingly, half year ago, I have performed experiment that was repeatedly giving excess heat (COP 1.2-1.4).
    Everything was documented and data were available from the beginning.
    Nobody even tried to replicate it.

    There is already everything you need for replication on the internet. Many different devices from a different groups that are simple and are working.
    You only have to search.

    Interestingly eastern mentality is completely different - much more open. They are many years ahead in the research, because they are not spending time chatting and blaming other scientists. They trust each other.
    Until you will be unable to search and to be patient, you can't achieve any results.

    H-G Branzell: The answer is very easy, I have already expressed the reason a few times. He do not want to convince people at all. Until he will be completely finished with the work, there is absolutely no clever reason for this. He will intentionally try to be unsure about his results.
    Only in this way competition can be slower and he can happily continue with the research and be years ahead with a big smile. He have enough money, no need for more investors. Why he should convince you?
    When time will come, single public demonstration is needed to start incredible sales rate.

    Hank Mills: I wish to bring LENR to everybody as soon as possible, more than anyone. I believe that the way I am taking is the fastest. I only wish to work without any pressure, controling my own time. Not to be controlled by others.
    If your house will be radioactive or contaminated in any way because of inexperienced experiments, you and your family will not be happy. You would wish it never happened. For now it looks inaccessible, too far from real.

    wishfulThinking: It is not needed.

    I am sorry that you have to wait. But you can be certain that in a very near future there will be annoucements of many groups. Like a snowball efffect.
    I will publish the results and help with the replications as soon as there will be fully operating device that will work for a longer periods with a decent COP.
    This might take a few days - new revision is in preparation that should finally work for a really long time.

    I can at least publish some photos (although with poor quality). Reactor A (20160501-172719) right before triggering the excess heat.
    Reactor B - testing a pure discharge without modulation and then testing modulated plasma with partially visible balmer series.
    During the excess heat plasma is looking really cool - not possible to describe with a words. Separated into a thin slices (chunks).

    I was skeptical to my results for at least half a year.

    hendersonmj: thank you for your summary!

    My update: I have tested plasma based reactor for longer period of time.. Results are clear.
    Unfortunately the power that is under the lid is so strong I will probably not continue in this area.
    Reactor is emmiting neutrons a few days after the test!

    With lithium COP might be exceptionally higher. Very rough estimate is COP of 10-50.
    But I am not skilled enough to be absolutely sure about safety which is reason why I will continue with reactors that are more safe.
    Emmissions (RF, electrons and UV) during the test were so strong that my control circuit was absolutely crazy even that it was 3 meters away - it is unusable.

    Now I am playing with dangerous things that are clearly working.

    I am afraid, but LENR is not safe as it looked initially. You can make a nuclear reactor with all the things you really don't want.
    Fortunately it can't get out of control so easily. If power output is limited, you are safe.
    But there will be probably always some kind of potentionally harmfull radiation. Fuel and fuel chamber must be very clean from impurities to not get unwanted products.

    Now I understand perfectly why Rossi is working on the e-cat so long. You have something that is working, you have a prototypes and you are nearly ready for mass production. Then you will find something amazing, that can increase the excess heat significantly so that previous work is not important anymore. But there are again many difficulties and unknown things that it can take a few years to get a fully working prototype based on the new discoveries, but it is surely worth. You can continue endlessly, because LENR is opening doors of something completely unknown and much more. not just energy conversion. It is possible that in 10 years, everything will be completely different.

    I am sure that the reaction will work with many other transition metals. By selecting correct materials you can get a different output products.
    Today I will do more tests and restart the reaction.

    More detectors = better. Each detector has limitation. So even you are using 10 different detectors, you may not detect anything if it is out of range.

    I believe that all LENR reactors are working with the same or very similar principles.
    Only ways how to achieve it are different, because there are many options how to do so.
    From my point of view, theory of operation is very simple. For example I really don't think that black holes are involved there. Only a special conditions must be met. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can get excess heat anytime with many reactor types.
    If you dont know, you can try years without a single result. If you know, it will look so bizarre you will not believe it can work.

    I am controlling H1 production directly which in case of E-Cat is very hard. If I am right, it is possible to "set" COP where one wish to be.

    As I have promised, I will share all my results. Please be patient.
    Do not waste time with Parkhomov replications, it might work, but only in a very special cases.

    Yes, I know exactly results of 183W + p.

    Some news!

    Reactor A melted, excess heat was present, fuel chamber boiled, hydrogen catched fire. Fail..

    Reactor B (utilizing plasma) is made mainly from quartz tube. So the plasma is visible and it is glowing very nicely. This is not a replication, but very different kind of reactor.

    This reactor was not loaded with any Lithium, only trace of Nickel and mainly Tungsten.
    After tuning ionization parameters I have found something interesting. Abnormal temperature spikes occured from time to time. So I have tried to set optimal conditions. After a while of fine-tuning, temperature shooted so high that COP 2 was achieved. It was rather coincidence that I have proceeded in this way..
    Because temperature increased so high (just in 1 second) I have immediately turned off the stimulation as I was afraid. I am sure that the COP would increase to at least 4.
    I have verified detectors, everything was in normal level.
    When turned off, temperature dropped immediately, but not completely and excess heat was still present (with logarithmic declination) for at least 10 minutes until returned to its original level (no excess heat).

    Before I have started with tuning, I have found that there was high energetic neutron burst. So my focus stayed on the detector all the time and fortunately I was unable to detect anything more.

    Excess heat was triggered at 350°C.
    Power level during the test was constant. Reactor glowed enormously (purple to white color). Plasma was in 3/4 of the fuel chamber, even where anode/kathode was not present which was quite interesting.

    Really satisfied! This experiment is probably moving the research to another level as the development and production can be simplified significantly.

    For today I have turned everything off - I have to check what happened.

    I don't intend to be a Rossi clone. We do not need any investor, any secret customer or wait years for results. I strongly believe that a working device will be available in terms of weeks. This mean sooner than the e-cat.

    Required data are available for approx. 100 years. You only have to search. There is so much to learn.

    Streaming will be not available yet. But don't be afraid. The results will be really worth.
    It is hard to express my happines, but YES! Everybody will be able to try it and convince yourself that it works!
    I would like to share everything, but can't at the moment. Please be patient.

    Certainly, nobody can't stop the revolution now.

    BobHiggins: No, my measurement equipment is also battery powered - no difference when it is powered from mains. Also control circuit for the heater is running always on a different phase then everything else. I have made many, many tests to exclude something like this.