Gates, Other Billionaires Form Breakthrough Energy Coalition to Fund Innovations in Clean Energy

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    [feedquote='E-Cat World','']Bill Gates, along with other tech billionaires such as Jack Ma. Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and others have formed the Breakthrough Energy Coalition with the purpose of funding basic research to provide clean energy technologies that will allow for a carbon-free future. Here’s a link to the Breakthrough Energy Coalition’s website ( with some excerpts: […][/feedquote]

  • I have a simple suggestion for using these "billions" in a way that could give us all some resolution. Simply spend about one million of it hiring some absolutely respected scientists and engineers to create a testing protocol which would validate any LENR entrant as being an unquestionable demonstration of energy production beyond any known process. This demonstration could be done in a way which would protect the intellectual property of any entrant. The entrant would be required to post a bond which would pay for the testing of their entry in the event that they fail. The first entrant to demonstrate in a CONCLUSIVE, CLEAR and COMPELLING way that their device in fact produces energy which is unarguably beyond that possible by any known process, they will be awarded a prize of ONE BILLION dollars. Worldwide patent protection would be assigned to that entrant and their invention would be revealed in a manner which would allow straightforward replication.

    I am serious in this suggestion and know that my description of how it would work will need a great deal of refinement. I ask this community to offer refinements, and re-publish the idea widely so that the powerful and wealthy will become aware of it.

    I like it because it calls the bluff of both the wealthy who claim to seek clean energy, and those who make their various unsubstantiated claims of functional LENR devices. Come on Andreas and Brillouin, what could possibly be wrong with this incentive. You get a BILLION, rights to your discovery and all of the recognition you could ever imagine! Come on Bill Gates et. al. , invest a million, and offer a Billion for a complete victory in your quest for clean energy!

    P.S. To my skeptical friends: do you believe that a foolproof, scam proof, once-and-for-all demonstration of LENR power creation is possible? Could you design it? Who could? Thanks for taking this at least a bit seriously!

  • Hi TheGomp. A demonstration of *high power* LENR which is foolproof has always been available and Rossi, Defkalion and the others have been told time and again how to do it. It has to be done by a reliable and well known organization such as ORNL, CERN or a major test lab or *officially* by a *major* university. A few questionably competent professors mucking about with the inventor won't cut it. It has to provide plenty of power ( >100W ) with an excellent power out to power in ration. It has to last long enough to rule out any fuel other than nuclear. It has to be entirely provided by the organization other than the actual reactor itself so as to rule out sleight of hand. It has to use a simple, straightforward measuring method -- not a radiative heat measurement at high temperature! It has to be properly calibrated and blanked. The ideal method is liquid cooled flow calorimetry but Rossi's idea of making steam would have been fine had the power output been properly accounted for by sparging (condensing) the steam into an insulated water bath. And then once this has been done, it has to be replicated completely independently at least once.

    Defkalion, Rossi BLP, Steorn, Miley, Swartz, many others and now Brillouin have STUDIOUSLY avoided doing anything like that even though they have been told again and again it's the right way. What do you make of that?

    Also we have Rossi's latest idiocy:


    about money: in the energy field, if a system makes money means it works, otherwise it means it does not work. Our Customers will buy an E-Cat only if it will be able to make them save money to make energy for any purpose. Otherwise, they will not buy the E-Cats and all this work will be useless.

    Stupid beyond belief -- never mind that a single working example of LENR, properly proven, could be improved endlessly by others, win riches and a Nobel prize... oh noes... Rossi says it has to save some anonymous "customer" money in an industrial process. Absolutely absurd.

  • Thanks M.Y.
    Now, can anyone come up with ANY excuse (or additional protection) for the various LENR claimants? I believe they could either keep their secrets, or, receive global acclaim (and patent protection) by demonstrating a working LENR device. And as for the billionaires, wouldn't this completely meet your goals of finding abundant, cheap, green energy? and all for a very modest initial investment with a prize to beat all prizes for the big Lubowski! Sadly, I first doubt that the "billionaires" would ever do anything as ground shaking as this, and second, I reluctantly have to admit that my own skepticism tells me that non of the "pretenders" could actually meet these requirements. So, I guess this obvious procedure has as much chance as peace in the middle east. First step, however: Billionaires of the world -STEP UP AND GET MEMORIALIZED WITH THE BIGGEST INCENTIVE EVER OFFERED!

  • &"P.S. To my skeptical friends: do you believe that a foolproof, scam proof, once-and-for-all demonstration of LENR power creation is possible? Could you design it? Who could? Thanks for taking this at least a bit seriously!"

    Hydrogen fusion is common in the universe and can be accomplished with a simple reactor. I've built a reactor and witnessed the device self destruct and now realize how to control the reaction. I will accept funding for building a working model for demonstration. My patents related to hydrogen may qualify me as an "absolutely respected scientist".
    "Billionaires" needn't worry it's not "free" energy.

  • &"TheGomp: Personally, I like your idea, but Rossi clearly doesn't. Here is an exchange I had with him on the subject in April 2011, in which he quotes Jesus to imply that the people who ask such things are pigs."

    My reactor design mentioned in the previous post has no relation to e-cats or work by Dr. Rossi. All problems with uncertainty are circumvented by the choice of the catalyst material and control of catalyst poisons.

  • Ogfusionist: I am sorry to say that there are perhaps millions who would "accept funding" to build their version of the "clean and plentiful" energy solution. As much as I sincerely admire your work and confidence, this discussion does not include you. If you ever have a device ready for stringent and foolproof testing, let me know, I will sponsor you. For now, however, I simply wish you best of luck in your endeavors.

    bobeson: I am sorry to say it, but that position is totally consistent with Mr. Rossi's past obfuscations. He is the target of this showdown, and if he could not take agree, in principal, I;m afraid it's the final nail in my mind.

  • TheGomp: Thanks for enlightening me. Should have known "billionaires" are out to make money, not spend it. May relate to the Jesus quote.
    If I already had a device for stringent and foolproof testing, I am sorry to say that I'd follow other routes other than this setup.

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