LENR news from Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC)

  • Very interesting document from Defence Research and Development in Canada

    "DND/CAF Energy Horizons from Historical Data to the Potential Exploitation of Emerging Technologies - Canada,"


    This paper reviews the energy portfolio of Department of National Defence (DND) and of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) from different perspectives based on recent data analyses of the energy used over several years. Then it shows a projection of the potential impacts on current and future DND/CAF capabilities of selected emerging technologies (nuclear and non-nuclear). When possible, it estimates the potential life-cycle cost savings from the hypothetical adoption of such technologies that minimize operational cost and waste management burden. Keywords: Energy use, capability, emerging technology, efficiency, energy/power density, waste.


    This paper first objective is to provide sufficient information to appreciate the energy portfolio diversity and magnitude of the DND/CAF. The second objective is to highlight the particular energy challenges due to the fully burdened cost of energy (FBCE) that DND/CAF face here for off-grid installations, and abroad for deployed forces in operational hostile theaters. The third objective is to report on performance claims of emerging technologies and show the potential impact of these technologies on DND/CAF capabilities. Then an estimated order of magnitude of recurring and nonrecurring energy cost savings is provided.

    7. Technology wild cards > LENR and more.

  • SHT is mentioned in item 7 along with Rossi and also a really bad article about McKubre, Brillouin and Rossi is in the biblography/references. Someone should write the author and point out all that is known about Rossi and what other beliefs and interests McKubre has. SHT is a silly joke-- a Sterling Allen fantasy. They should know that too. I wonder why this author is so gullible. There sure seems to be a large supply of dupes and marks for scammers to exploit with free energy scams.

    See this really dumb article: http://energycatalyzer3.com/ne…dmits-working-for-darpa-2

    David, what do YOU know about SHT? Anyway I love their acronym. Needs a strategically placed letter "I" though.

  • More skepticism is needed.

    Here is a revealing quote from Solar Hydrogen Impossible Thrends (SHIT):


    According to TRC Solutions test, on input of 415 watts, the generator produces an output of 7,369 cubic feet of hydrogen per hour (electricity equivalent of 626 kWh). The estimated cost of inputs is $1.68 per hour. The electricity input and hydrogen output official test results can be downloaded here.

    Free energy with COP of 1508, which in practice makes it infinite. Good work.

    This stinking bait is happily engulfed by the nitwit author of the paper:


    The high rates of hydrogen production as claimed by Solar Hydrogen Trends (SHT) were confirmed by third party measurements (209 kL/h for 415 Wh, that generating hydrogen at an equivalent of 626 kWh, or at 1500 times the input
    energy used)

    So much for third party validations.

  • SHT is mentioned in item 7

    Nice catch. This citation suggests the author does not have much of a technical understanding.

    Someone should write the author and point out all that is known about Rossi and what other beliefs and interests McKubre has.

    Indeed. They should point out that McKubre is fearless in his willingness to look into claims by people who are regularly the object of ridicule from debunkers on the Internet.

  • The graphs are nice. I just add some info regarding Ecat X: It joins the oval where the Ecats are collected in the last graph. Assuming 400 grams, COP 10, the Ecat X has an energy density of 1.4 * E12 J/kg and a power density of 4.5 * E4 W/kg Net. But it all has to be proven.

  • Alain, there's a nice reference to an item published by you on this forum:

    [20] A. Coetmeur, Leading researcher says he has replicated at least five LENR technologies for US
    Government, admits working for DARPA (Online), 2015, Access date: 23 Feb…

    ah, the punctuation is misleading ;( ... It is just citing an article featuring McKubre (leading researcher for sure) :whistling:

    I should word in bridge mode, because router mode expose my ID. (IP joke :ninja: )