Randell Mills GUT - Who can do the calculations?

  • without the repetition destroying other stuff.

    Its not destroying stuff THHuxleynew and you well know it

    Don't chihuahua-like yap to the Moderators. with your noise

    Why should I start another thread?

    Your arxiv find Durr et al 2015>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    was right on the topic of this thread..

    -precision and calculation in modelling of physics

    It's just that your precision has been found very wanting and you can't man up to admit that

    you mistakenly assumed 6 digit precision which turned out to be 2 digit precision

    So much for your assumed precision of QED/QCD modelling of nuclear physics

    Another thread as Wyttenbach suggested should be devoted to

    "but we know also now that already tomorrow there could be a better solution/model than we have today."

    perhaps I will start another thread Einstein was right? Virginia

  • RB,

    Please ease up. Kind of embarrassing to see two of our biggest brains going at it in a cat fight. I will leave all the posts in dispute here as of now, but if you continue on this line of argument, start another thread as has been politely requested. I am sure he will answer you there as you insist.