• I am not sure what I am supposed to say. I apologized and took responsibility I was under the misconception that by flooding the queue with non-chinese we could rally the troops. Try to see it that way. I got that 'whineing where are the mods' was cause for irritation. Seriously unless there is something else I have done recently maybe my tone or something else caused alarm. I will stop any moralizing on what happens here. You have your hands full. I understand. This can be a crazy place sometimes. I will also continue to read but not post for a bit. If you respond back about the admin post I think I would try to help with the DDOS not being the mind/mouth police.

  • @Rigel

    Don't keep apologising, You remind me of a girl I knew in school! :) It isn't necessary! You thought you were doing the right thing -who knows it may have helped a little (in some undefined way) but it isn't that important. At 5AM I can get very pissed off about next to nothing. Dont beat yourself up over it.