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  • Sam, as our official conduit to Rossi, can you ask him if (he claims) this controller runs directly from power from the ecat, and not plugged into the mains? And even if it was running "closed loop" for some period, how much of that 4 kW was it using for that time? If it was around 4kW, that would make sense.

    Yes I can ask.

    But would it not be better if you

    ask him yourself.

    One thing I know about you is that

    you are not a shy guy.

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  • Bob#2,

    See Weak Minded post above

  • A couple interesting comment one

    of them from BG.


    Alain Samoun9 hours ago

    Well, I will wait for the September surprise to call my skeptical friends, I have been burned before..

      • Avatar Bob Greenyer  Alain Samoun4 hours ago

        I'll wait until I see it tested on a battery of known capacity with a realistic load which is self evident (not increasing temperature of water when you have to rely on the set up for the 'facts', but something like raising a water volume to a known height by a specified pump) for a sufficient time with a credible independent party sharing transparent data. After which, I will study the data.

  • Rossi is not harvesting heat to generate electricity. Rather it seems he is directly harvesting the voltage differences between plasma layers, although he has not said that outright.


    Do you have any idea of how many crackpot, cockamamie and outright insane theories about the latest “Rossi-ma-Bob” have been floated in the ether since 2011?

    I mean really?

    “Harvesting voltage differences between plasma layers”?


  • “Harvesting voltage differences between plasma layers”?

    Your ignorance is showing badly. This is basic plasma physics.

    " A double layer is a structure in a plasma and consists of two parallel layers with opposite electrical charge. The sheets of charge cause a strong electric field and a correspondingly sharp change in voltage (electrical potential) across the double layer. Ions and electrons which enter the double layer are accelerated, decelerated, or reflected by the electric field. In general, double layers (which may be curved rather than flat) separate regions of plasma with quite different characteristics. Double layers are found in a wide variety of plasmas, from discharge tubes to space plasmas to the Birkeland currents supplying the Earth’s aurora, and are especially common in current-carrying plasmas. Compared to the sizes of the plasmas which contain them, double layers are very thin (typically ten Debye lengths), with widths ranging from a few millimeters for laboratory plasmas to thousands of kilometres for astrophysical plasmas.

    Other names for a double layer are: electrostatic double layer, electric double layer, plasma double layers, electrostatic shock (a type of double layer which is oriented at an oblique angle to the magnetic field in such a way that the perpendicular electric field is much larger than the parallel electric field),[6] space charge layer,[7] and “potential ramp”.[8] In laser physics, a double layer is sometimes called an ambipolar electric field.[9] Double layers are conceptually related to the concept of a ‘sheath’ (see Debye sheath)."

  • Your ignorance is showing badly. This is basic plasma physics.

    Another subtle :thumbup: for Rossi!

    How about your thoughts on Rossi's other actually ridiculous claims made on this subject over many years? You really believe he made 10,000 hand solder joints? Any quotes about ignorance of Rossi on this blatant crock of crap? Basic sense indicates one would not be making 10,000 hand solder joints. :/

    Interesting indeed.... the often subtle defense of Rossi by criticizing those who point our Rossi "stupidities" and yet nary ever a word of challenge or criticism of Rossi's ridiculous statements or claims! :rolleyes:

  • It is wrong to criticise Rossi for units of kWh/h. This is a unit of (average) power and some technical people use it (maybe steam engineers I'm not sure).

    Anyway I'm sorry Rossi has given up delivering grand demos where it requires some scientific ability (as in - noticing that a steam plume is low velocity) to show they do not prove what he claims they prove. it looks from this measurement of 4kW electrical output that he is still measuring power in his own inscrutable way as voltage X current, but not voltage across and current through a given circuit element.

    It is a bit annoying that he continues with his delusions of teams, robotic factories, soldering heroics. More it is sad. It is much more disturbing that there are a few serious people on this site who seem convinced some how we should cut him slack because "his stuff works really" based on some idea that it corresponds to "the real LENR thing".

  • The concept of Third Party Testing of believers corresponds to someone strictly part of Rossi’s fan club payed by the illusionist or his cronies that says “it works” without even seen it, in full Penon style.

    We have seen other times before the usual farce of Rossi’s TP tests.

  • Hopefully the Partner picks the

    right one.Anyone remember who

    7 of 20 used to recommend for testing?

    Part of Rossi comment after his testing below.

    In September, Covid 19 permitting, we will have an important third party nominated by a Partner that will control the measurements remaking them.

    Therefore for now you are just taking my word, right or wrong as it might be, albeit I think I am right.

  • Sam12,

    Rossi also told IH he had a "customer" that had to have the 1MW plant running within weeks and that it HAD to been in Doral.

    He told his web fans (you) that he had an independent customer who was using the 1MW plant for production. He told his web fans (you) that the customer was satisfied and the plant was putting out 80 COP! He told his web fans (you) that he had an independent "ERV", his term for expert responsible for validation that was taking all the measurements and readings with their own instruments. He told his web fans (you) this for a year!

    It was all a proven lie.

    It was all a proven scam.

    There was no customer that needed production in weeks. They did not need it in Doral Florida. There was NO customer, it was purely Rossi himself. Note HIMSELF.

    There was NO production in the Doral warehouse. There was no factory, There was no customer. It was only Rossi HIMSELF.

    There was no independent "ERV". Penon is a long time associate of Rossi who has been in on his shenanigans for several years. Even then, the Doral, under oath depositions brought out the fact that Penon did not take the measurements, did not use his own instruments and certainly was NOT independent! It was Rossi HIMSELF that took the measurements, it was Rossi HIMSELF that used HIS OWN devices and it was Rossi HIMSELF that sent "data" to Penon.

    So my point? There is no "partner". It will only be Rossi HIMSELF! There is no independent third party validator, it will be Rossi Himself!

    The only truth Rossi has said in your post is that "you are just taking my word, right or wrong as it might be,' and that will be ALL YOU EVER GET!

    Rossi has done this for 11 plus years now. The exact same pattern, the exact same story line, the exact same repetitive lie.

    You have crossed your self imposed deadlines multiple times and each time you ignored your own proclamation and continue to support Rossi!

    It is time to simply admit.... you will support him no matter what he says or does! That at least would be honest with yourself as you are not going to let ANY facts sway you!

    Again, please provide ANY verifiable facts, no matter how minor that give credence to Rossi's claims over the past 5 years!