Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion

  • I think you discovered Rossi's team of experts.! (or a part) .. they build their own science around ECAT .. is a real source for AR tremendous advances in physics.

    Both Axil and Vibrator talk at length about their own physics theories to explain Rossi's miraculous results. However they argue amongst themselves that each others theories are wrong, and both agree Rossi is wrong. But they both believe in Rossi still. It makes perfect sense.

  • I believe Rossi has what he says he has and is not a scamming con man.

    Leonardo Corporation (LC) has not taken any money or recieved investment capital that we can find a record of, nor monies for a product offered or licencing agreement for such.

    Unlike Brillouin or BLP, or even GEC, LC operates with anomolous energy. Like the eveready bunny he keeps going and going. The question is how?

    A few important facts I keep in mind while considering this. Advanced CMNS has led to LENR Energy technologies (LENR-Heat, LENR-Electric, LENR-Transmutation) being emergent along many fronts, in many countries from different organizations. Leonardo Corporation and Global Energy Corporation are the only groups offering (LENR-Electric) products; electrical current flowing from CMNS nuclear processes.

    I believe they each have what they say they have.

    In the meantime...

    Fractal geometry, self organizing plasma, nano physics, meta materials, weak and strong force nuclear harmonics, nuclear batteries, quasi-fission quasi fusion, dendritic phases, cosmic rays, muons and the study of regolith moondust.. These, and other fairly new, related arts of science are where we are advancing this science.

    In many ways though, new physics builds on old physics while changing it. New arts are always surprising us... providing insight. Some people keep up on this never ending process, while others don't.

    Yes, LENR Energy Tech is emergent along many fronts. GEC and LC will follow through with LENR-E products or get beat by others with LENR-Heat, LENR-Transmutation, or perhaps even LENR-Electric products.

    In the meantime I read alot and wonder about things like this. It is likely most here, on this thread, will not Google, study or attempt to grok it.

    This is of interest. Might something like this be occuring on the nano scale in the low energy nuclear reaction environment?

    It was also presented/published at MIT, titled "Fractal Reactor Re-Creating the Sun" Todd Siler 4/12/2007

    "Fractal Reactor An Alternative Nuclear Fusion System Based on Nature's Geometry" Todd Lael Siler 2007

    The Fractal Reactor concept uniquely combines both magnetic and quasi-inertial confinement mechanisms (see Figures 3-5). The fractal magnets are designed to approximate the gravitational forces in a star that contribute to the compressional heating of plasmas in conjunction with the common dynamo phenomenon; this event commonly occurs when the self-organizing, superheated plasmas generate their own intense magnetic fields, which, in turn, sustain their high-temperatures and density.


    Sahin, S. (Gazi University, Technical Education Faculty, Ankara (Turkey)); Gazi University, Ankara (Turkey); Bahcesehir University, Istanbul (Turkey). Funding organisation: Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Turkey); Turkish Atomic Energy Authority - TAEA (Turkey); Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council - TUBITAK (Turkey); International Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies of United Nations Industrial Development Organization - UNIDO ICHET (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)); International Science and Technology Center - ISTC (Russian Federation); 286 p; ISBN 978-975-01805-0-7; Worldcat; 2007; p. 239-246; 13. International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems; Istanbul (Turkey); 3-8 Jun 2007; Also available from the author by e-mail: [email protected]

    A bit of history...…in-this-1950s-science-kit

  • Everyone (if they are really not Rossi's protectors) should know perfectly that if a shady guy was in business with a shady company (and then he says they wanted to cheat him) this doesn't change the fact that he's still absolutely shady even if the company wasn't an angel.

  • I learn something new every day.

    The unexpected...

    I trust everyone to be themselves.

    The expected..

    Perhaps a Leoardo Corporation thread exploring monies taken, monies earned, monies returned and estimated/documented cash flow over the past 10+ years.

    Beyond the oddly conducted IH fiasco...

    Liability and legal expenses for ongoing lawsuits should be included to get a fuller picture.

    This stills begs the question... Money?