ASTOUNDED - Atypical Spheromak Triggering Of Unambiguous Nuclear Derived Energy Discharges (Rossi's Mirror Effect Reactor and more!)

  • Interesting magicsound! Would you like to tell us more about this spark plug and how you were planning to use it?

    I think for such a discharge copper would be an interesting metal to use, because Nikola Tesla discovered that copper electrodes could produce dartlets that could fly out. I suspect they were EVOs. He was hit by one an almost killed. However, when he switched to aluminum electrodes the problem went away.

    I developed this design as part of my Simple Cell reactor, about 4 years ago. The complete project notes can be seen at:

    I put the project aside while working on the GlowStick series, but I have all the parts on hand, just needing final machining. It's a fairly good platform for plasma mode research, but doesn't allow for meaningful calorimetry. So experiment design would therefore have to focus on materials science and possible detection of reaction products.


  • I've went through Bob's videos and extracted the info to prepare a LION reactor.

    1) Extract diamond embedded nickel discs from Green 3M "Diapad" abrasive foam pads. Removal and cleaning of discs performed with modeling knife.

    Thought: Should alcohol or other solvent be used to remove remaining surface coatings? This was not done in original experiment. We should be csreful about adding variables or other fuel elements.

    2) Place discs in aluminum camping pan and bake exposed to ordinary atmosphere in household oven at 200C for one week.

    3) Before they can drop in temperature, drop hot discs through funnel into 100ml bottle of room temperature 99.8% purity deuterium oxide and allow them to soak for unknown duration.

    Thought: A brief heating of the pads to a higher temperature and dropping them into colder deuterium oxide could produce greater thermal stresses that may increase surface fracturing allowing for greater deuterium absorption.

    4) Stack ten soaked discs into a stack and wrap with copper magnet wire (enamel still on and not removed) directly in contact with the discs. Copper wire not always used inside the tube.

    Thought: I'm unsure how well the discs would hold together for the winding process.. Perhaps a small vise or clip should be used to secure them? Also, how should the winding be terminated?

    NOTE: I've been informed that this interior copper isn't used by LION in all of his tests and it is not required.

    5) Insert stack of ten discs wound with magnet wire into single ended LFH alumina tube of 136mm in length.

    6) Insert 7-7.5cm long bolt into alumina tube to eliminate free space and keep discs at bottom. Seal bolt with high temp epoxy or alumina cement.

    Thought: What is the exact composition of the bolt?

    7) Wrap bottom 1-1.5cm of alumina tube with silver foil. ( x-ray emission foil)

    8) Wrap two layers layer of copper wire over the silver almost the entire way up to the sealed bolt.

    9) Take temperature up slowly to 850c (?) - over maybe 12 hours - Cycle from 500-800C for days.

    Thought: We need to check the decomposition temp for diamond so that we obtain a do not exceed temperature. This depends partially on the atmosphere - low in oxygen - very high in a vacuum or H2/D2 atmosphere.

    For the record, I'm not convinced 100% that the claimant is conveying all the info needed to replicate.

  • Director,

    before being thrown into the "clearance items", I want to tell you that you remind me "biblical precepts" from Hank Mills, where he explained with strong prophet's conviction all stages of his cooking to make XH..

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    I urge everyone to look at this video. It displays plasmas in zero gravity self organizing in spirals, helical DNA like structures, and even toruses. This is even more evidence that the geometry of the EVO or spheromak is fundamental to nature.

  • Here is why I think me356 had such success with Ni 200 alloy wire.

    1) This alloy precipitates carbon in the form of graphite at high temperatures.

    "It should be noted that long exposure of Nickel 200 to temperatures in the range 800/1200ºF (425/650ºC) will result in graphite precipitation. "

    2) When bombarded with hydrogen atoms, doped graphite shows greater secondary electron emission.…cle/pii/S0022311506801947

    So when heated graphite structures appear on the surface. In other papers, I have read they can be in the form of nano or micro rods. The signal me356 applies to these wires generates plasma which bombards the surface and dopes the graphite. I expect that the electric signal and heating then make these tiny sharp tipped emitters produce EVOs. If there is a touch of lithium around, the work function will be dropped further and even more EVOs will be produced. If stimulated at high power, strange radiation may escape the reactor and activate the environment as me356 reported.

    We basically have the most important theory portions of Rossi's and me356's know how now, we just have to use it!

    So when heating Ni 200 alloy wire tiny

  • This could explain the Lion reactor.

    Water-Induced Negative Electron Affinity on Diamond (100)

    Xingyu Gao, Lei Liu, Dongchen Qi, Shi Chen, A. T. S. Wee, Ti Ouyang, Kian Ping Loh, Xiaojiang Yu and Herbert O. Moser

    Physics Department, National University of Singapore, 2 Science Drive 3, Singapore 117542, Republic of Singapore
    Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, 3 Science Drive 3, Singapore 117543, Republic of Singapore
    Singapore Synchrotron Light Source, National University of Singapore, 5 Research Link, Singapore 117603, Republic of Singapore

    The Journal of Physical Chemistry CVol. 112: , Issue. 7, : Pages. 2487-2491Publication Date (Web): January 29, 2008

    DOI: 10.1021/jp0726337

    The interaction of water vapor on clean diamond (100) has been studied using ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS), X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS), X-ray-absorption near-edge structure (XANES) spectroscopy, and high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (HREELS). It is shown that water dissociates at room temperature on clean diamond forming C−H and C−OH bonds, resulting in a surface dipole layer which produces the condition of negative electron affinity (NEA). The strong polarization dependence of the O K XANES could be associated with the out-of-plane orientation of the OH bonds. Density functional theory (DFT) calculations confirm the existence of NEA on this surface with a mixture of hydrogen and hydroxyl (OH) terminations.

  • I've read a lot of papers that seem to show NEA from diamond without mentioning nanotubes or anything precipitating. They have modeled the physics, ran the sims, and performed tests that match. However, I think in many cases nanotubes and nanotips are at play.

  • Although to state certainty without running multiple tests isn't ideal, it sure looks like we now understand the keys to ultra-high powered, spheromak stimulated LENR. Everything seems to be coming together. Now, we simply need to find out if there is anyone or a small group of individuals who are willing to perform a series of tests and with complete and total transparency publish the results. Looking around, I see very few people who are candidates to do so. The established pattern is for people to get inspired by material found on various websites (including this forum), very quietly perform a series of tests, speak a little about their early successes, and then go dark as soon as inventors syndrome sets in. To be blunt, we need replicators who care about proving this phenomena and publishing the know how for many more replications to follow than somehow achieving monetary gain. I don't know where to find such individuals.

  • Hello Everyone,

    After more thought, I'd like to say that I think the MFMP and Looking for Heat represent two of the most open and honest organizations out there. I really think both of these organizations have a sincere desire to get the truth out there. I only wish these two organizations had the resources and staff to perform long series of tedious tests to get down to the bottom of the EVO/LENR connection. However, from what I understand neither the MFMP or Looking for Heat have a single person with the time to obsessively compulsively run tests day after day after day like me356. For the record, this is not their fault. They operate on a shoestring budget and are investigating a large number of claims at once. They simply don't have the manpower needed. I sure wish more people would volunteer to help the MFMP and LFH. You'd think that with their notoriety in the field they'd have their doors busting down with volunteers. From what I here, almost no one offers to help. And the people who do visit only do so for a few days/weeks at a time and then leave.

    I'd volunteer to help, but I'm no where near either of these two locations.

  • @Director I worked with some folks that were growing diamond films for the NEA as electron sources in field emission display development. That's where they discovered that the facets of the diamond allegedly having NEA, instead had CNTs growing out of that face that were responsible for the emission. The CNTs were too fragile for reliable long life emission even in the best possible gettered vacuum. This was a commercial activity and probably wasn't published, planning instead to keep it a trade secret.

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