MFMP:LFH - LION2 100% Replication well beyond LION1

  • Will the green foam material dissolve in some kind of solvent?

    Even if it can't really or if it's impractical to completely dissolve the entire foam, perhaps it could be softened to make pad removal easier.

  • Variable heat hot air gun on the pads?

    With a hot air gun for soldering using the smallest nozzle you can apply localized heat.

    But that may not be necessary. The important thing is that the pads come off clean.

    At the right temperature you can pry them off with a small knife.

    Of course, removing the pads is not the big problem ...

  • No -that is only the start of the problems - actually I have some perchlorethylene on order. That should prove to be more effective.

    Periodically, for various things, I use a product called "Brake Kleen", an automotive brake parts de-greaser in a spray can. It contains tetrachlorethylene. It dissolves just about every adhesive I have tried it on, even when dried on for years (stickers, etc). Not too expensive. Evaporates rapidly without residue, needs good ventilation.

  • I dismantled the reactor after the '48 hours at 1000C test ' of a copper wire wrapped alumina fuel tube as produced by LION's last run. The copper is nothing like the copper on the 'post event' tube that BobG has. Here are some still images, showing the glassy silver grey state of the CU wire, which is almost like a solidified mass of very hard ceramic. In a couple of places the wire and the quartz liner in the reactor were stuck together, so bit of copper are adhering to the quartz, and bits of quartz to the denatured copper. It should be born in mind that here we are only at 50C or under the m.p. of Cu. There will be video of the whole thing when it is edited. Next step is 'rinse and repeat' at 800C. The liner shows zero signs of melt damage though - and is still perfectly round, though cracked and chipped a little. The detached (snapped off) part of the fuel tube happened during extraction, it was so firmly bonded to the Quartz.


  • Well, not in Ethyl Acetate, Hexane, Heptane or Limonene - tried those without effect. Chlorinated Hydrocarbons are the kind of thing that would probably work. but they are hard to get now.

    I tried some Jasco paint stripper, which contains Methylene Chloride. It didn't soften the green resin top layer, but after an hour it seems to be weaking the resin bond to the cloth substrate, where the diamond discs are attached.

    Other common chemicals including NaOH (oven cleaner), concrete etch (HCl) and Carburetor cleaner (Acetone and MEK) had no visible effect.

  • Missed the beginning of all of this, but why are you removing the diamonds from the pads instead of just buying diamond grit? It is sold for lapidary and industrial uses.

    A Google search for "diamond abrasive powder" lists many suppliers including this one:…mond_abrasive_50-60_mesh/

    They sell 100 carats (20 g) of synthetic 50-60 mesh diamonds for $130. That would eliminate the cleaning step and may reduce the long baking time.

  • Missed the beginning of all of this, but why are you removing the diamonds from the pads instead of just buying diamond grit? It is sold for lapidary and industrial uses.

    These diamonds have a history Robert. They have been acid-washed, held in an electroplating bath and bombarded with Nickel ions and so on. It may be important, we don't know. Normally we can find our arse in the dark, but in this instance it's someone else's, so we aren't looking.

  • Here are some photographs and microscope photographs from the 1000C/48 hour experiment, showing the of inside of the copper wrapping and the dismembered fuel-tube. There is a close-up of the area where much of the silver foil has gathered (first photo), of the highly crystallised copper, still retaining some of the form of the wire, and some general shots of the whole thing. Worth noting that there are no visible traces of unoxydised copper anywhere. Plus an image showing the new test at 800C underway, there is very close correlation between tube temperatures (2C approx)

  • Here's a short video of the teardown...

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  • I love the excitement of the build-up as much as anyone -to a point. Can someone tell me when Oday is? Not being critical, as I think LENR is as much art, as it is science...unfortunately. Maybe a little salesmanship may actually do some good nowadays. Who knows. Worth a try at the least. Interest in LENR is fading fast according to Jed, so I am for anything to attract attention,

  • I have not been commenting on this: will await with excitement the revelation. ATM - I've got no idea what Effect this is or how its signs are determined - but I'm a patient guy - and the pics look fascinating! a bit like faberge eggs.