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    OK, I wasn't restricting the argument to just neutrons as is the case in fission - any modelling of a PdD or TiD system whether electrolytic or powder-based has to include all possible particles or EM radiation released by LENR. The fusion reactions observed by Lerner's group in dense plasma focus seem to be restricted to plasmoids which attain extremely high temperatures and densities (c.10>21/cm>3) and are only a few microns in size. The critical density of deuterons within the plasmoids is achieved so fusion reactions can proceed. In electrolytic experiments (F&P) or in eg Brillouin's hot tubes or indeed in AR's E-cats or other powder-based reactors how are such conditions achieved? If we assume that temperature plays little role in fusion reactions in these systems (since we need 15 million degrees C), we are left with very few options. However at one time or other claims have been made for the release of just about every known fusion product, particle or EM ray from LENR perhaps contributing to 'strange radiation' - so we have a list of likely suspects: neutrons, protons, tritium, helium 3, betas, alphas and gamma rays - to which could be added kaons, pions and muons (from Holmlid's recent work) assuming the gammas released (from a primary fusion reaction? or Bremmstrahlung?) can interact with dense deuterium/proton clusters within the reactor core. All sounds highly unlikely so most sane physicists dismiss it all without a further thought. But the evidence for LENR cannot be refuted - nuclear transmutations, neutron track measurements, excess heat etc etc.

    So why is LENR so hard to replicate? One simple reason I thought was maybe the reactor mass used was too small for hypothetical secondary products eg He3 or tritium to accumulate sufficiently within and increase in concentration over long timescales (eg F&P's D20 electrolysis over several weeks) and so potentiate fusion reactions. Expensive stuff Pd, so only small mass electrodes could be used. But now we know Ti is probably just as effective so much larger scale experiments are (financially) possible. Funny if it turns out its all due to an accumulation of muons within the Ti metal lattice that powers LENR which would return us full circle to A Sakharov's original prediction that cold fusion = muon induced fusion. Not the same idea as critical mass as applies in fission but the underlying principle has similarities.

  • I suppose the good news is that if we are having D-D fusions in LENR then we probably are also generating D-T and D-He3 fusion reactions too, since there is a large overlap in reaction temperatures theoretically determined . Maybe gammas released are capable of stimulating meson release into the metal lattice via a Holmlid - like mechanism resulting in muon accumulation potentiating further fusion reactions.



    what i found interesting was that Klimov is actually friends with Kirill Chukanov and aware of his Angela-4 reactor.

    It has been know that Chukanov was in Utah at some point than had a gig in China. Klimov said that he is in Canada now.

    Entire credibility of the article suffered when Klimov said that annual budget of BRLP lab is 100M but nevertheless it has some interesting facts

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    Video Stream Tomorrow!

    Good day,

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    Video Stream. Revenue per Token

    On May 21 video stream with, Vladislav Karabanov - Synthestech project manager, took place.

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