The Omega Puzzle

  • There are certain signatures that seem to appear when LENR reactors are successfully running, namely, anomalous emissions that could be called strange radiation. Very closely linked to EVOs, or Exotic Vacuum Objects, strange radiation seems to emerge from a broad array of systems that range from "classic" LENR reactors (electrolytic and gas based) to exploding wires, electric discharges, and other setups. Regardless what these anomalous particles truly are at the fundamental level, they seem to be something very unique and not currently understood. They are capable of transmuting materials, damaging materials, emitting longitudinal wave emissions, and more.

    Recently, I came across a series of papers where a QiGong master was able to influence matter in a variety of ways. He was allegedly able to slow down nuclear decay rates, manipulate the properties of water, produce fast necrosis of cancer cells in-vitro, and many other interesting feats. All of these accomplishments were allegedly performed with "Qi" energy. In one experiment, he gave a lecture to a class during which he claimed he would be emitting Qi energy across the room. Participants in the experiment, who were NOT Qi practioners, wore LiF particle detectors while they listened to the lecture. All sorts of analysis was performed on the data collected. In short, during the time he was speaking, the sensors recorded thermal neutron radiation at X10 times above background. I strongly wonder if these detections of so-called thermal neutrons were really neutrons at all, but what we would call, "strange radiation" or EVOs.

    If you study PK phenomena and especially topics such as spoon bending, you will come across papers and writings of Jack Houck, a man who held over 400 individual "PK Parties" in which seemingly anomalous events took place. Without going into all the details, during these parties not only were spoons and forks felt to temporarily go soft so that they could be twisted and tied into knots, but various thicknesses of metal rods were manipulated. Interestingly, although it was not as common as spoon bending, many people were able to bend 1/2 inch steel rods - which are almost impossible to be bent with physical strength alone. Amazingly, although people of all ages, genders, and races were able to bend objects, children over 5 or 6 were usually the best even though they would have less physical strength than an adult. Occasionally, which was hard to catch on camera, people would enter "graduate school" by holding a spoon or fork by the very end and allowing it to bend with ZERO physical force being applied. Apparently, this happened during a private session with military brass who were investigating the phenomena for military applications. John Alexander writes about this in his latest book.

    John Houck came up with some interesting conclusions after years of having these parties. First, harder more brittle metals (which would be more difficult to bend) with more dislocations in the grain structure were the easiest to manipulate with the mind. He theorized that the bulk of the PK "energy" was going into the cracks or dislocations between grains. These grains would start to melt and the metal would become malleable. When using expert metallurgists to examine samples of bent materials, often the results would come back claiming the metal looked like it had been annealed to 1300-1400C. This brings up another fascinating issue - when a metal fork or spoon is ready to bend, it often warms up slightly (if a metal with a low thermal conductivity is used) while the nearby air right around the object cools. Energy is being sucked in. What phenomena that we have talked about in this forum can absorb a wide range of energies? Exotic Vacuum Objects! On all scales from Kenneth Shoulders micro-sized EVOs to macro-scale ball lightning, complex space charges absorb energy from the environment.

    Perhaps a very illuminating discovery was that a "field" of some kind is produced during the PK parties that can soften metal. During a series of four parties, he placed very brittle hacksaw blades on the floor underneath a carpet in the center of the circle where the attendees gathered. They were measured for hardness on the Rockwell scale before and after each party. Additionally, a control blade purchased at the same time as the others of the same brand was kept in another location. The result was that after each party, the non-control blades, under the rug, softened while the control blade remained the same. Basically, some sort of field or spray of particles was manipulating the structure of these blades!

    So here is a conjecture: what if the neutrons sprayed across the lecture hall by the QiGong master and the field produced by the PK Party attendees are both actually strange radiation? If so, one must ask where does the strange radiation come from? To possibly answer this question, we need to look at another field of research: experiencers of UFO phenomena.

    Just as, allegedly, being in close proximity to some LENR reactors can make a researcher sick due to "strange radiation" or longitudinal wave exposure, individuals who have been in close proximity to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) or their occupants (ETs) often have severe health consequences, but obviously not always. There are legitimate scientific investigations into this, because there are dozens of U.S. military personnel who are suffering after getting close to such vehicles. Those who are performing research into this seem to have concluded that various types of radiation must be involved to produce the types of injuries obtained, including heart valve damage and ultra aggressive cancers.

    To try and bring all of this together, I conjecture that whenever the vacuum of space is being manipulated by UFO technology, LENR or cold fusion technology, or the human mind/spirit/consciousness, strange types of radiation are emitted. I think it's probable that some of these particles, closely related to EVOs, may already exist in the environment all around us, perhaps in a cloaked or black state (remember how Kenneth Shoulders discussed "black" EVOs). Or, perhaps when the aether of the vacuum is disturbed to a significant extent, various types of structures, including EVOs and/or strange radiation, self organize out of chaos. Another possibility is that some or all types of neutrinos are really a form of EVO or strange radiation, and that these technologies and/or the human mind can bring them into a state where they are interactive with matter, instead of only passing through whole it with minimal interaction.

    There's much more to talk about, but I don't want to make this post too long. Basically, when I have said that the fundamental physics of LENR will open up the universe to mankind, this is why. There is a connection, which we don't yet fully understand, between all these phenomena. However, I'm convinced there are THREE groups who do!

    1) The Special Access Projects working on ET technology obtained from crash retrievals. These projects receive billions of dollars a year in funding yet have absolutely no oversight, obey no rules, and don't report to anyone. I'm convinced they have mastered at least some of these technologies to build vehicles like the Fluxliner ARV.

    2) God and spiritual entities. I won't go further.

    3) The extraterrestrials themselves. If we really want an understanding of how the universe works and how all of this is connected, we need to ask them!

    LENR is one portion of the most extremely important puzzle humanity has ever made an effort to put together!

  • What is the basic fabric of the universe at the lowest level composed of? (Electron-positron pairs?)

    What objects are floating in the fabric of the universe? (Exotic Vacuum Objects or Strange Radiation?)

    How can these energy dense realms be tapped into? (Consciousness, LENR technology, electro-magnetic devices?)

    I propose that there have been dozens of devices built and lost or forgotten over the years that were capable of manipulating the "sea of energy in which the earth floats." These devices could induce LENR reactions, produce transmutations, extract energy from the vacuum, manipulate inertia/mass/gravity, transmit information in unusual ways, etc. I suspect that a universal signature of manipulating the vacuum is strange radiation.

    There are countless experiments that could be performed not only to produce SR (strange radiation) but also to see if it allows for enhancement of LENR systems or PK ability. Some of these would require a certain level of money to buy the equipment and others would be much, much cheaper.