Ruby's comic now an e-book available soon, plus Edo Kaal's 'Structured Atom Model' available now

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    Well, you didn't ask for it - but we made it anyway! The story of cold fusion in graphic form is now available for order from the U.K. publisher Curtis-Press Publisher of Science. You can order a copy now and they ship out Sept. 21.

    The Limited Print Edition has a laminated cover, so it's a little more sturdy than your average comic book, but the 32-pages of B&W art with color cover provide a true-to-life portrait of two chemists who created a whole new field of science. Artist Matt Howarth did an amazing job of capturing our heroes as they make their discovery and deal with the consequences. It is sold in the U.K. at British pounds. Here's a currency converter to help figure the cost.

    Attached to this post is a short .pdf with the comic book cover and a couple sample pages. These sample pages are the most "sciency" that it gets, and there is much of the drama that ensued after the news conference. There are cameos from the whole community of scientists who were first to try to replicate the experiment, though all the characters are more Icon than Individual. Sources for the text are listed on the informational website LENR-forum gets a shout-out in the inside back cover with an invitation to readers to visit and chat, too.

    If you are able, please buy extra copies and give them to your friends, family, and neighbors. Drop one at the dentist office. Mail one to your governing representatives. Drop one at the Boys and Girls Club, the high school science department, the college quad. People will pick it up and check it out for the artwork alone, and get a dose of new science and history along with it.

    Mike McKubre and Mel Miles consulted and gave lots of suggestions. However, all the story decisions made were mine and the artist's. Any flaws are my own.

    This thread is open for your critique and I can't wait to hear what you think. I know that nobody holds back here!

    It was just a year ago this month that I was able to debut this project at ICCF-22 thanks to LENR-forum. I am so grateful to have had that opportunity to get feedback from the cmns community on this. I took suggestions and acted on many of them. THANK YOU to everyone who made that trip possible.

    With all that is going wrong in this world, I'm glad to offer something fun to hang our hope on.

    Here's a banner to share on your website and post around:

    To Your Health!


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    I have decided to have virtual comic book release party!

    I'll schedule it in and post details here after they start shipping and I receive my copy. I don't know if I can get the artist Matt Howarth to join in - he's a bit of a technophobe - but I want to hear your thoughts and critiques personally. Meet me online and let's chat!

    I'll be drinking some bubbly so it won't hurt at all.

    Here's a post on E-CatWorld:…by-carat-and-matt-howath/

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    Virtual Comic Book release party Lucky Friday November 13 at 12NOON Pacific!!!

    Details on the platform to connect on to come.

    That's a little early for me to be imbibing, but it will be evening in Europe and, sadly, 4AM in Tokyo. :(

    World Time Buddy…date=2020-10-17&sln=20-21

    Copies of the comic book have shipped and are in the mail now! I get 10 copies complimentary for being the author and I ordered 2 more cause I got so many I want to send out. I'm so psyched to have something fun to advocate with. I will send JPBiberian one to send to Stanley Pons. I sure hope he likes it.

    I was asked about the digital version and I know there will be a digital version coming out sometime late in 2020 or early 2021 - I am not sure exactly. I had told the publisher I wanted hardcopies first. Give me those atoms to hold on to please! But then again I am a bibliophile from way back.

    The hardcopy is a little pricey, shipping from the U.K. is a big chunk of the cost, but this cover art by Matt Howart is gorgeous, and is laminated too, so a little more durable and brighter than a normal comic. It's suitable for framing!

    When you get it - post your review here. I can't wait!!!

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    rubycarat, I intend to purchase one for me and gift two others, I already did the exercise to calculate the shipping cost to my location and it goes for 16,5 GBP, Do you know if the shipping into Europe and to the USA is around the same cost? I am wondering because I can only pay via PayPal and I have to do all the math before injecting the money into PayPal.

    Edit to add: I want the gift books mailed directly to each recipient, it will be faster than receiving them and then sending again.

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    Cubina, I am not sure about the shipping differences. I know someone who ordered 1 copy to send to California on the west coast of the US and the whole things was $22. The shipping is more than the comic. I imagine that it is cheaper in Europe, only because it is way closer to the U.K. than the US.

    I think you will have to send the publisher a separate note about the shipping to different locales. I am not at all sure on how that works. I would first contact the publisher about how to do what you want. Here is a contact form. See what they say, and find out how you can go about that.

    If you are unsuccessful in contacting them, I will send an email too, and what's up.

    Well, I got the two comic books I ordered - so it only took a week! - and I ordered 10 more to send out. I just emailed the publisher and he will be sending me 10 complimentary comic books to send out, as well. I had hoped he sent them already. So I will have 20 to mail out!

    If I will receive a couple hundred dollars for this, it looks like I'll be spending the whole nut on comics!

    It's for Art, Glory and a better future for all remaining life on Earth.

    THANK YOU for supporting this effort, and for all you are doing in your work, too.

    Yes, we are re-writing history, only to reflect a truer picture of why LENR scientists and the people who need a new energy technology are still struggling today.

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    Ok rubycarat, is more or less the same fee outside of the UK then, as 22 is what will cost my copy. Now I know I have to load USD 70 in my paypal to be on the safe side and we are good to go for the three copies. Paypal works in Chile only through an intermediary, but I have not held a Credit Card since 2007, and don't intend to for the foreseeable future (long story).

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    UK to UK postage charges were very reasonable -Around $6.00 total to post me 10 copies, and the good news is that they just sent me a notification that they are on their way.

    Shipping goes down the more you purchase.

    One person who purchased one comic book to be mailed to northern California paid ~ $22 US for the one comic. That's high. But I believe that when he gets this amazing piece of Art, it will be worth it!

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    Now I know I have to load USD 70 in my paypal to be on the safe side and we are good to go for the three copies. Paypal works in Chile only through an intermediary, but I have not held a Credit Card since 2007, and don't intend to for the foreseeable future (long story).

    Wow Curbina, That's a sacrifice for three comic book gifts. However you've got the best gifts in the world for your pals.

    THANK YOU. I am so grateful to you.

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    Virtual Comic Book Release Party

    with Ruby and Friends

    Lucky Friday, November 13

    12Noon Pacific Left Coast US

    Round Table Discussion on Re-presenting History

    A Dramatic Reading

    Games Like "Who said that line?" and "Guess that Icon"

    It's History in the Making!!!

    Zoom access link will be posted here on LENR-forum and at the morning of the Event.

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