IWAHLM-14 - Conference and Presentations.

  • We do not need magic numbers because SAM has a very different approach and already solved how to see and know the stability of these configurations. Just like we do not need a strong force. or positrons. There is no need for this at all... That is why it is simple and easy to understand. But as we state, we do not use QM principles and postulations at all! SO no point particles, no strong force and no positrons and neutrons are not fundamental but a combination inside the nucleus according to a specific structure.

    So anyone can state therefore SAM is not correct at all.... Sure, you could do that. But explain why the numbers match for all elements and isotopes, or why any nuclear reactions perfectly fits! No cheating needed nor allowed!

    We can state the following, This model (SAM) is a competitor of the QM models and the existing nuclear models. Which are all fundamentally flawed to begin with, contradicts each other and cannot even explain mentioned things.
    QM needs a strong force, because it denies charge inside the nucleus, despite the fact there is such a thing as electron capture. talk about contradicting.
    SAM makes a whole bunch of predictions, but one needs to be wiling to look at it....

  • So many Italian beauties gathered to roll out the red carpet for you :P :)

    More seriously, do you know a way to just recover only a paper ?

    I would like that of George Egely.

    I am very much looking forward to traveling to Italy again. I am hearing good things about the meeting and that it was a success.

    I don't know of any papers released at this time. They will be collected in a JCMNS issue likely.

  • Czerski was not negative in relation to your work, only for reasons probably related to the current virus, you could not be there to answer.

    In general, we are all well aware that the current nucleus model is very incomplete. I know, as all, a lot of people who are defending new ideas in this way.

    It would be interesting to just do especially a workshop, one day, on this topic, if both of them would be able to not be dominated by their ego.

    From what is said, you and Jurg, for example, would not necessarily be good examples on this subject ?? The hallways speak, you know that.

  • Jacques Ruer's report on IWAHLM-14.

    Lettre N°27
    IWAHLM 14 et nouvelles du Japon
    Jacques Ruer
    Comme je l’avais signalé dans la lettre précédente la conférence baptisée
    International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals N°14 s’est tenue à Assise
    du dimanche 29 août au mercredi 1er septembre.
    Contrairement aux éditions passées cette conférence n’a réuni que 25 participants à cause des
    limitations liées à la pandémie. Tous les participants étaient européens mais il était possible
    de suivre la conférence par internet. 20 communications ont été présentées. Le nombre de
    personnes présentes était réduit mais cela a été un grand plaisir de retrouver le contact
    physique avec les confrères bien connus. L’atmosphère conviviale doit aussi beaucoup à
    l’organisation de nos dévoués et sympathiques amis italiens.
    Les présentations orales peuvent être écoutées via l’adresse :

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    Le livret des résumés des conférences est également accessible, mais tous les papiers n’ont
    pas été présentés :
    Lors de cette conférence il a été possible d’avoir des nouvelles du projet européen
    CleanHME. Le professeur Konrad Czerski et son équipe de l’université de Sczcecin en
    Pologne ont parlé des expériences sur accélérateur de particules qui montrent que la
    probabilité de réactions entre deutérons est améliorée par l’écrantage des électrons qui
    entourent les noyaux ainsi que par des phénomènes de résonance quantique des noyaux
    Plusieurs présentations ont eu pour sujet les montages qui génèrent spontanément de
    l’électricité. Deux électrodes différentes dont une chargée en hydrogène sont séparées par une
    faible épaisseur de gaz. Un faible courant circule entre les électrodes, phénomène de faible
    amplitude sans grande application pratique pour l’instant mais qui est inexpliquée et mérite
    pour cela qu’on s’y intéresse. L’histoire des sciences est riche d’exemples dans lesquels des
    phénomènes de faible ampleur ont conduit à de profondes remises en cause des certitudes
    Notre association était bien représentée avec des présentations de Jean-Paul Bibérian, JeanLuc Paillet, Philippe Hatt, Fabrice David, Jacques Ruer
    De l’autre côté du Monde les japonais continuent à progresser. Je vous laisse découvrir les
    dernières nouvelles et les surprises en visitant le site de Clean Planet remis à jour récemment :
    Bien à vous,
    Jacques Ruer
    Président SFSNMC
    Email : [email protected]

    And in translation...

    Letter N ° 27

    IWAHLM 14 and news from Japan

    Jacques Ruer


    As I reported in the previous letter the conference baptized

    International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals N ° 14 was held in Assisi

    from Sunday August 29 to Wednesday September 1.

    Unlike past editions, this conference brought together only 25 participants because of

    limitations related to the pandemic. All the participants were European but it was possible

    to follow the conference by internet. 20 papers were presented. Number of

    people present was reduced but it was a great pleasure to find contact again

    physical with well-known colleagues. The friendly atmosphere also owes a lot to

    the organization of our devoted and sympathetic Italian friends.

    Oral presentations can be listened to on YouTube- see above for link

    The conference abstracts booklet is also available, but not all papers have

    not been presented:


    During this conference it was possible to have news of the European project

    CleanHME. Professor Konrad Czerski and his team from the University of Sczcecin in

    Poland reported on particle accelerator experiments which show that the

    probability of reactions between deuterons is improved by screening the electrons which

    surround the nuclei as well as by quantum resonance phenomena of the nuclei


    Several presentations focused on montages that spontaneously generate

    electricity. Two different electrodes, one of which is charged with hydrogen, are separated by a

    low gas thickness. A weak current flows between the electrodes, a phenomenon of weak

    amplitude without much practical application for the moment but which is unexplained and deserves

    why we are interested. The history of science is rich in examples in which

    small-scale phenomena have led to deep questioning of the certainties


    Our association was well represented with presentations by Jean-Paul Bibérian, JeanLuc Paillet, Philippe Hatt, Fabrice David, Jacques Ruer

    On the other side of the world, the Japanese continue to progress. I let you discover the

    latest news and surprises by visiting the recently updated Clean Planet website:

    We have increased the number of outside directors and part-time corporate auditors to strengthen corporate governance. | CLEAN PLANET Inc.


    Jacques Ruer

    President SFSNMC

  • Alan Smith

    Changed the title of the thread from “IWAHLM-14 Confirmed. Call for Abstracts etc.” to “IWAHLM-14 - Conference and Presentations.”.
  • Francesco CELANI asked to have his two presentations at the conference linked here. This is another system that shows direct production of electricity, and also one which according to Francesco is evolving rapidly.

    (PDF) First results on wave form and frequency dependence of AHE stimulations of coaxially-coiled constantan wires, under H2 gas, by High Power-Voltage pulses at High Temperatures
    PDF | On Aug 29, 2021, francesco Celani and others published First results on wave form and frequency dependence of AHE stimulations of coaxially-coiled…


    (PDF) Clear and simple evidence of correlations among Open Voltage values and AHE in Constantan wires, DC operations under H2 gas, after long time conditioning at 70 and 100 W of input power
    PDF | • Introduction. a) Sketch of reactor core: coiled constantan coil, with long and thin wire coated by Low Work Function (LWF) materials.... | Find, read…