The Long Awaited Dec 9th 2021 Ecat SKLed and SKLep Presentation Thread

  • Some folks aren't really ready to discount the Bologna report. I think you are being unfair and presumptuous in characterizing others - I am at least micro-rational and micro-competent.

    However Rossi has stated that he's happy with the presentation quality and the number of orders (around 70000 thus far).

    I'm not quite sure what these two comments add up to: I guess it depends which Bologna Report. Every single Rossi demo has issues, in most cases the error is clear (as for Lugano and one of the Bologna reports). For the other the error can be guessed (there is a plausible mechanism that fits the data) but alas not proven.

    As for Rossi saying things: Rossi is a bare-faced liar (self-admitted) and he has throughout this saga claimed happiness with devices any one of which - if it worked even a little bit - would mean worldwide fame for Rossi. Rossi is ambitious in his desire to find 1,000,000 people so uncritical they will give him $25. His success or failure in that says nothing about whether any of his devices are over-unity.

    The negative evidence is not limited to one rubbish demo now, it comes powerfully from previous much more clever demos which fooled (not competent) scientists for quite some time and which if true would be immensely valuable. Yet they are all abandoned by Rossi. The only possible explanation is that none have ever worked, which is expected given how very many of the demos have known errors. I will leave off the matter of whether Rossi is fooling himself as well as others - it does not matter. Additional evidence against Rossi is his continued assertion of claims about how simple two-phase calorimetry, simple electricity, simple optics works in his experiments that are contrary to physics.

    Levi, Rossi long-standing friend and collaborator, has been central in all of the "independent" testing except that done by IH (which showed Rossi devices not working). Levi has shown himself to be scientifically illiterate and unable (2 years later) to review and correct his errors on the matter of Lugano and the non-equivalence of band emissivity and total emissivity. That complete inability to correct a glaring scientific error, pointed out in strong terms, makes Levi either completely incompetent or complicit in a scientific fraud.

    I use strong language here based on provable facts. Those who know me on this site will realise I do not use words like scientific fraud often.


  • I'm assuming for the whole smorgasbord to have any functionality the HID control voltage has to be modulated in some way which creates an electromagnetic output from the plasma, but that is purely reliant on the testimony of Giuseppe Levi, and my fickle imagination.

  • The visible electronic boards and HID ballast do not seem to be even powered to me. Whatever happens is probably within the power supply and the white box. I could be wrong, though.

  • The wiring schematic seems honest in this regard:

    The control system has mains power as well (not shown in the schematic).

    But all that is needed is for the earth wire to go through the Current Sense hole in the meter rather than the neutral wire in the actual test. Rossi v capable of this. In fact it is even compatible with the schematic given its lack of detail.

  • The power meter was something like this:

    And it was wired like this during the SKLED test (here indicating the proper consumption for the regular LED lamp):

    However it isn't clear how the wiring was during the other test. The view was cropped:

  • h_l : it looks like only the black wire is connected of that pair, but it still may or may not be doing anything.

    jox : I did consider too the possibility that the "AI" is not doing any useful work. I don't see how any of the measurements could be trusted under this context, though.

    By all means have fun with the analyses, and thanks for the efforts.

    But the fact is that Rossi does not do scientific experiments, he does demos.

    Crappy demos with deliberate efforts to complicate, mislead, and confuse.

    This is not the work of a scientist.

    It is the work of either a paranoid inventor or a scammer.

    As far as anyone can prove, Rossi has certainly made lots of money but never actually sold a working device, that suggests the paranoid inventor option is unlikely.

  • I thought this comment from ECat World was interesting.

    "There is no obligation to actually buy it with any pre-order. I don't understand what security 1 million pre-orders are supposed to bring him when theoretically everyone could also cancel afterwards. Or does production not start until everyone has paid? That would also be unrealistic. The whole story sounds kind of strange, sorry."

    Bearing in mind that the YouTube link for the Rossi demo only has around 8,500 hits then the dreams of hitting 1 million pre-orders sounds as delusional as many here assumed.

  • ZenoOfElea

    Levi's measurements were also made on the same setup (including the industrial power meter, indicated as…0Rail%20Power%20Meter.pdf in two of the reports); I'm not only referring to the video.


    [...] The measurements that were made involved the power input and output from the system. Input power was measured directly from the 220V 50Hz outlet using an industrial power meter.

    [...] The input power, measured using an industrial wattmeter[5], was measured first by disconnecting the apparatus from the power supply and then with the apparatus on so that losses due to the power supply could be subtracted. In the case of prototype A this measurement led to evaluate the absorption of the system at the value of 1.1W while in the case of prototype B the net absorption was too low to be measured. During the functioning of the apparatus the wattmeter has always been in operation reporting a constant power absorption.

  • AR cold have put all electrical garbage in a black box and stop. He did not, and from this follows that visual garbage exegesis is completely useless for meaning, provided there is one. Remember to exercise mercy, anyway.

  • Not the antenna for the remote control relay board?

    Now that you remind me, that was a funny story as well. All the E-Cats in the world remotely controlled and serviced from a condo in Miami. Readers on JONP were already busily proposing names for it. It was finished, working super reliably and ready for robotized mass production. Then it vanished, what a shame.

  • What do we think? About another week of searching for a pony in this pile of excrement and then on to the next incarnation of this world-changing technology?

    I dunno. Rossi has been losing steam for a while now. He has his lawsuit to get ready for in spring.

    I suppose he will try to rally the troops but the march has been to long.

    Some people are still planning their SKlep installs to pump energy into the grid, but again there always a few late to catch on…

  • I like Rossi's design. I like laying circuit boards on top of other circuit boards haphazardly. That is the best way to insure a common ground. And all those looped wires are great to create constructive induction.

    Not the first Rossi device to function perfectly fine even with something critical unplugged or missing.

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