• Thanks Bayak

    Dialectical materialism (DM) ignored the heart of man which can be infinitely diabolical..or graceful

    which explains why DM is not as infinite as the electron or proton..and lasted not so many days

    I can grasp the ladder problem. and solution..thanks

    For the torus and Lie algebra I might need some ladders

    I am still trying to ascend to the 2nd heaven of SO(4) theory which might be useful in LENR..

    but I need more ladders,,,

    And then there is Lawson's conjecture

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  • Spiral staircases are more suitable for understanding the algebraic structure of space-time. This thesis can be illustrated with a quote

    "Note also that the trajectories described by perturbations of the vector field have a regular helical shape only in vacuum, that is, in the absence of fields (distortions of the globally minimal vector field), while gravitational fields change the pitch of the helical lines, and calibration fields are responsible for twisting the helical lines. The dynamics of the trajectories of the features should also take into account the evolutionary dynamics of the globally minimal (vacuum) vector field, which is why the characteristics of the helical line of the feature (pitch and twist rate) are a function of the evolutionary parameter." (p. 17)

    As for the origin of dialectical materialism, as follows from my theory of everything, it is generated by fluctuations of minimal vector fields of the seven-dimensional sphere.