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    George wrote: &"If you think that any of the statements you quoted, Alain, bear in any way on skepticism about cold fusion, LENR and especially Rossi and other high power LENR claimants, then it goes a long way to explain why you are so insufferably gullible and easily fooled."

    Alain wrote: &"You are an evidence for Feyerabend's relativism."

    Touché, nice move Alain.

    &"Strange quarks are produced regardless if they are needed of not."

    What I meant was that invention of the strange quark concept is not needed to understand proton transmutation. There is nothing strange about a process that's occurring an infinite number of times in the universe. Our limited range of understanding introduces the appearance of strangeness.

    &"I see. Limitless possibilities for unlimited madness."

    George, what's your definition of madness?

    If LENR = nanoscale fusion there is nothing very serious and "requiring profound implications" other than it's simply stellar fusion. Strange quarks aren't needed, the photons produced by nanoscale fusion are easily analyzed spectrally and require no further hand waving conjecturing. I've seen no reports of strange quarks or billions of subatomic particles from nanoscale fusion. My reactor produced photons in a very narrow IR bandwidth.

    &"Do you plan to continue in experiments?"

    I'd like to continue but since retirement don't have the necessary equipment.
    It isn't necessary to repeat the catastrophic meltdown of my reactor, once witnessed it's very convincing. There is no mystery about this phenomenon, basically it is possible to initiate proton fusion with a suitable catalyst. A waste of effort to pursue this "free energy" for general use, there is a lot of oil to burn before being economically justifiable.

    &"There is a very good chance that LENRs are not so unusual as to require total paradigm shifts for reasonably concise understanding and hence to theories of useful predictive power and engineering utility."

    Limited to the argument that LENR = nanoscale fusion, then the reaction is not unusual. My laboratory experiment produced helium from hydrogen fusion. Simply a proton transmutation where a catalyst allowed the Coulomb force to be nulled.

    &"I have spent a fair amount of time on the double slit experiment."

    A fair amount of time is not enough trying to understand quantum time. We're not equipped to understand wavicles and it will take a lot more than a fair amount of time. Coming up with fancy terminology and diagrams won't do it. The basics that establish the foundation of our physics are faulty and we have been fooled from the start. The best we can do is combine the words wave and particle into the term wavicle. Best to not be concerned with what lies in between.

    186000 miles/second is the speed limit and is maintained by adjusting the denominator.
    As observers in this dimension we are wasting time with thought experiments. All our referential material deals with decay and the concept of infinity is completely foreign and beyond comprehension.
    Our viewpoint from earth relies on information from photons governed by this speed limit. That is until action at a distance becomes spooky.

    After all these years there is still no report of actually using this technology for power grid production. Let's keep showing videos that this reaction is possible, it's obviously a very effective stalling effort to maintain oil burning for profit. Not too far off topic the LENR connotations were obvious.

    &"I meant that it wouldn't be simple to run this in a modified piston engine. The modified piston engine part especially.
    However, In a regular reactor tube with external hydrogen feed like you're often suggesting, it would be a simple experiment."

    Sorry I strayed off the post subject. Your correct for fueling piston engines, I was thinking of abandoning this mode and jumping to electric propulsion. The put-put horseless carriage has had its day and moving ahead is long overdue.

    &" ogfusionist: and this would likely also work for the Al2O3-NiO supported nanocatalyst you've often suggested employing.
    It wouldn't be a very simple experiment however."

    What could be simpler? Load an Al2O3 cylinder with ultrafine nickelous oxide suspended on alumina fiberfrax and flow hydrogen gas through the cylinder. Fusion initiates at 830 C.

    Play it safe with a nickelous oxide reactor. A flowing stream of hydrogen will fuse at H2 dissociation temperature with no dangerous radiation produced that is verifiable with a GMC.

    It seems that in addition to the danger of working with hydrogen now there's berylliosis to be concerned about. Problem related to using other than bottled H2 as a hydrogen source. Lithium becoming both chemically and radioactively poisonous as magnified by transmutation. It'll be necessary not to breathe in the room where fusion is underway.