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    As always, when top scientists with advanced equipment test LENR/CF claims, they meet failure. The laws of physics are indeed hard to violate.

    Have you ever thought that may exist laws of Physics that are still unknown ?

    Which laws of Physics you are refer ?

    Did you know any ?

    You cite a company like the bible......

    so why other companies in so many countries are still studying LENR ?

    For the past few days, Rossi has been writing the script for his exit strategy. He is going to stretch out the QX (amazing how we do not even talk about the LT's anymore...just as he wanted) for a long, long time, and slowly let it fade away. By the time you guys realize what happened, he will be enjoying retirement, and having a good laugh at how gullible people can be.

    Bullshit !

    I see that you pretend to be the only non "gullible " guys in the world !

    To retire Rossi would have to sell the QX or his IP (otherwise why not to retire now) and to sell it means that other people will try the technology.

    From the patents we see in this Forum we understand that even IH knows that the Rossi technology works ...... just they were not wanting to spend 89 M$ more to use it.

    Nice try. I suggest everyone that can to test it. Don't take my word alone. But I have made many tests.

    Oh ho the Genius come in ! Tell me guru how hot is your plate ?

    Normal electric heaters go up to about 400 °C and in this (low) range of temperature the Lugano group successfully calibrated their instruments and found no artificial COP with the empty reactor.

    They even measured the emissivity of the Alumina on the pipes remember ?

    So I see that you are here to collect the applause of the professional anti Rossi team but I think that you have done wrong measurements !

    In fact, Levi claimed to have calibrated

    Another Insult ..... to Levi....

    We have repeated here again and again..... Levi has done a measure. And a measure in much better then a label on a box.

    Probably the pump used was tempered or modified. .... but who cares the only important thing is the actual measured value of the flux.

    Now I'm not saying everyone does this, a good scientist will try hard not to, and we can see signs of that in the multiple Lugano checks. But here we know that Levi - who of these profs is the one responsible for the emissivity mistake that provides the inflated COP > 1, has been so not careful. When he was asked to check the error he still claimed there was none. And, as TC and others have shown, that one error is not detected by any of the Lugano checks, because of the various poor methodologies that prevented the dummy test from acting as a control, or even as a test of the emissivity method. This is fact, and I'll lead you through the technical details if you like. If you think otherwise i'd request that you back up your comments with technical detail.

    So, prof from a prestigious European university or no, whether it fits your world-view or no, Levi in this specific matter suffers this specific (human) problem. He is too wedded to his own ideas and therefore does not critique them or engage with critiques from others. It is bad science.

    As usual, an insult to Levi every day keeps the Scientist away.

    You and others die for the TC "report" and pretend that only you are such an Elite of scientist to have understood that all others in the world, not only Levi, but all people that have replicated Lugano have done errors.

    If you are such an Elite why aren't you all working at MIT, Stanford, Cambridge or some other great University ?

    I know that Bologna and Uppsala are not sufficiently prestigious for people like you.

    Or why not a private company, Alphabet or SpaceX may be ok for you ?

    This seems somehow a Madness, or most probably you are following an agenda.

    I suspect, after another 3-4 years of supposed tests/demos/fake customers etc

    and a grand total of zero sales, factories, customers, replications Rossi will take whatever money he has scammed from whoever and just go away.

    If that was the intention of Rossi why to sue IH ? What you are writing is nonsense.

    Your desire that no Rossi follower will be in this forum is only a dream- Sleep well.

    Rossi's motto is "mercato veritas" (in the market is truth). How many years into the future do you think this Rossisays from yesterday just pushed that day of reckoning when the market proves his QX?

    As far as we know that there will be some kind of technology demonstration at the end of October. Maybe you was not knowing that.

    So how does Rossi measure compared to "nowadays"? His data "analytics", "reports", does he "share his ideas among the group in a common trust basis"? Does he have "internal checks"?

    Shane we were discussing of reports written by a group Authors. Nothing coming from Rossi, but the Reports, Ferrara in particular.

    Try to understand the contest before answering.

    For openers, it was done with Rossi. And Levi supervised it. Thomas Clarke documented the infelicities of the assumptions used in the Stefan-Boltzmann calculations. IIRC, others remarked about possible irregularities in the method of measuring input power.

    Lugano (we now know) was conducted by Fabioni and Rossi with flying visits from the group

    Ferrara was conducted by Levi and Rossi with (for the second experiment only) a flying visit from the others.

    All this statements are false and pure disinformation. None of the test was done by Rossi.

    Rossi was present just to operate the reactor, but all the measurement apparatus was under the full control of the Authors.

    As in a previous example is like that in F1 race (Mercedes is Great this year !) you make confusion among the pilot and eventually his team, with race commissars who measure time, performances.

    Regarding TC all of you repeat the story about the emissivity.... etc...... but that was only a fantasy and a false information diffused only by TC, and also the others critics in what you call his paper were ridiculous.

    And BTW who was supervising TC ? You say that even an Angel could do errors why not TC ?

    You seem to take his words like a dogma, or an absolute truth.

    Oversight is because the test is not independent, and one person, even if independent, liable to make mistakes. Were Levi the archangel Gabriel it would still not be proper to accept his unsupported efforts on such a matter. That other scientists trust somone is not the point.

    I see that you have no idea on how thing go on in Science now. Science now days is done by the collaboration of very large groups of people. Data, Analysis SW, reports and ideas are continuously shared among the group in a common trust basis. But common trust does not mean that there are no internal checks and that each member of the group does not verify the work of the others. If you exclude the desire to show false data. then is unlikely that trivial errors will be not revealed in this process.

    When a group of co authors signs a paper is the whole group that takes responsibility.

    For the good reason that people are fallible especially when they have a deep interest in the results (as is often the case, and particularly so here).

    The only interest of Levi and the group of co authors was to make a good measure. They were not trying to prove their own theory or test their own reactor in order to claim the paternity of the results or to fill their own patent. So I don't see how any anxiety could have been "error prone".

    Maybe you are saying that the Ferrara test (done by Levi on Rossi's premises with no oversight or checking from the rest of the team)

    Why Levi should be oversight ? Is he a baby ?

    In any team members can do different activities independently and then put together the results. If the rest of the team accepted the result of Levi mean they trust him and his professional behavior.

    But I see that here an Insult a day keep the scientist away.

    (And btw the TC paper is just disinformation rubbish......)

    Rossi never allowed a truly independent test and never gave up control of the input power to the system and to the method of measuring output power.

    That is absolutely not true. Should I remind you (again and again because you seem to ignore this fact) that IH has done it's own test before signing the contract and paying 11 M$ ?

    In all reports I have read input and output were measured by the group doing the analysis ..... maybe you have read nothing of them.

    Indeed. AR is nobody's puppet. He is the puppet master organizing his own scams/shows supported by sock puppetry, ventriloquism, clownerie, and magic tricks.

    The idea that everyone supporting Rossi is a "sock puppet" is out of any reality and is the last refuge of those who can not understand being wrong and unable to accept the ideas of others.

    Double LOL! It seems that you never read critics about TPRs.

    Oh yes I have read that critics and even read the critics to that. All the critics to the TPRs resulted to be just garbage.

    I see that you find all that very funny but I think that is quite serious.

    I should remember you that IH before paying 11 M$ had done its own test with positive resuts?

    Considering you do not think Doral was a scam, and I know it was,

    Did you really know that ? Show the proofs !

    Should I remind you that the Doral test was perfectly ok for IH during all the year and that Darden had invited investors and rose money from it ?

    And again Rossi was found innocent. No crimes. So all your post is a complete nonsense and a false reasoning.

    In Italy, as it is to a lesser extent in the USA the garbage business under the influence of some very dubious entities. Italian gangs like the Calabrian N'ghedra are active in the recycling (and dumping) business as far north as Milan. I suspect that they had some influence over the Petrolfragon affair, but not in a good way.

    Yes exactly, Rossi probably was disturbing those criminal gangs and payed a price for that.