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    "I just noticed this, sent to me Monday, in "conversations." It speaks a lot for the sender. Are any admins concerned?



    So, it's a one man show ....

    Sockpuppets to the rescue!


    Dr. Rossi,

    a) how is going (TM) the number of your team members right now?

    b) from which continents are the members of your great team?

    c) are there now more women in your team?

    d) have you a specialist for AI in your team?



    I guess I will forward this to Researchgate , for their investigation file.

    Rossi has activated his sockpuppets to save the day ...

    (Just a random selection: "Jeffrey"

    • Jeffrey June 25, 2019 at 6:41 PM

      Hey, Andrea!

      Update of your stats on Researchgate: full readings 26750, recommendations 1737, research interest index 592.5 !

      Note that the recommendations and the research interest index are made by professors and researchers that put their face and, as I saw, they are from every part of the world’s universities and laboratories. This is some peer reviewing !

      The readers also should know that Researchgate is written by 15 millions scientists that write their publications on it and compose the statistics of every publication. This makes very important the success of your paper.

    "This makes very important the success of your paper."

    I'm not a native english guy, but hey, I've read a lot of Rossi's posting's and have listened to a lot of his audio recording's.

    Remind's me, WHO is speaking and HOW he is speaking. Just missing the usual audio uhh, ehh, ahh...

    "This makes very important the success of your paper."

    Is not like a native english speaker, who call's himself "Jeffrey", would post!

    BTW: Jeffrey is a "One Time Poster".

    Sockpuppet's to the rescue!

    Italian tongue style!

    Dott. Rossi: You're getting old! In the past, you were doing better!

    Maybe JPR, Prof, Raffaele Bongo or a random female avatar will be activated to get rid of this ?! :-)

    Famous last words ? :-)

    NOT :-(

    From technological point of view maybe California beaches and tennis clubs are better than in Florida.

    Probably he’s looking for a new passtime.

    Hmmm, maybe only in CA there are really great brains to measure Rossi's stuff:

    Aha, here is the JONP explanation (emphasis added):

    • Fred June 2, 2019 at 2:14 PM

      Dr Rossi:

      Your paper on Researchgate is important: Researchgate is the sole scientific publication whose peer reviewing is made democratically, in open source and this is the reason why the New York Times considers it one of the most important scientific carriers. As a matter of fact, a publication on Reseachgate is peer reviewed from all the scientists, professors, researchers that read it and they express their opinion on the publication freely. Your publication is very difficult to understand and it is restricted to nuclear physicists, so a full reading is very heavy. The statistics are rigidly controlled from the moderators, so that the result of the peer reviewing is there, clear and undisputable. Hundreds of full readings for one nuclear physics publication in one year are considered a successful peer reviewing. You got 22 300 and counting in less than 5 months.

      Congratulations, this is not a success, this is a revolution in the making.

      All the best,


    But, wait:

    As a matter of fact, a publication on Reseachgate is peer reviewed from all the scientists, professors, researchers that read it and they express their opinion on the publication freely.

    For the normal stuff, but not he Rossi stuff:

    [...] Your publication is very difficult to understand and it is restricted to nuclear physicists, so a full reading is very heavy.

    Someone like Josef M. Gaßner (German astronomer, mathematician, physicist) is RESTRICTED, because he is no nuclear physicists?!

    He is part of the "Urknall, Weltall und das Leben" team, running a YouTube channel( >100.000 abo's), capable of explaining all mainstream theories from "Aristoteles to Stringtheorie" in now 45 episodes...

    ... is RESTRICTED?!

    I don't get that ...

    JoNP sockpuppets to the RESCUE!

    "They" are surely reading here on LF, the above post on JoNP is a is clear reaction to my and other posta :-)

    Oh, I forgot, ONLY nuclear physicists on Planet Rossi are ALLOWED in that E-Cat stuff.

    Like the ERV (a Rossi invention for "Expert Responsible for Validation").

    Penon! How is the weather there in the Dominican Republic?


    Steven N. Karels
    June 1, 2019 at 6:16 AM

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    It seems that you are pursuing a commercial path that provides a service, the generation of heat and possibly electricity, without clearly demonstrating the technology behind the service. You have done demonstrations that show the effect but these are subject to criticisms.

    Can you clearly tell us why the following could or should not be done? Using one of your mature technologies, run an eCat reactor that produces enough thermal energy to heat low efficiency electrical power converters to produce electricity, conduct the electricity to a battery, invert the battery power to AC power and use the AC power to run your controller unit. Suspend this on non-conducting cables (so it is not sitting on anything and cannot be secretly powered) and power a light and let it run for some long period of time with free inspections by independent observers – look but do not disassemble/touch. Perhaps boil water with the waste (unused) heat. If it continues a sufficiently long period of time to exclude a chemical means of energy generation, you would prove the technology to the public. The scientific community would take notice but would remain skeptical until they did replications/independent testing. But business people are not scientists.

    Andrea Rossi
    June 1, 2019 at 7:58 AM

    Steven N. Karels:

    Thank you for your opinion.

    Warm Regards,


    Steven, keep on asking for it!

    I'm not certain about ResearchGate but on many social apps including Twitter, facebook and Instagram, you can buy clicks, as many as you want, for not much money. [...]

    Shure, you can buy "clicks" aka "page requested from client <IP>: counts as "page visited"

    You can also buy/count "Document requested for download from client <IP>: counts as "doc downloaded"

    That's all countabe!

    But: "Full readings" is IMHO something you can't count.

    You simply can not measure, if an entity realy reads a page or a downloaded document.

    Yes, zorud, that's what I'm asking sam12

    And now:

    What is "Full Readings" please?!

    How is that measured?!

    Can someone please explain that?

    Sam, thank you for the feedback.

    I was asking about your opinion about all that "One Time Posters" on JoNP, not the usual and frequent posters.

    It was posted as a follow up to Colin Waters original Post on Steven N. Karels comment on Rossi blog.

    Steven seems like a smart guy.

    What is your opinion about him.

    Sam, Steven is a regular poster on JoNP since years.

    And he is the one who was asking Rossi about self sustain, e.g. powering the system with an accumulator, charged by the output of the Cat.

    Rossi's anwsers to that simple question, in the past, were redicoulous. But Steve asked again several times.

    What I can say, he is IMHO not sockpuppet.

    Is he smart?

    Dunno. How to define that?

    He is a IMHO a believer or better said, interessted in Rossi's work.

    What do you think about the one timers, the single named (female and male) users/postings on JNoP?